I’ve been yearning to get properly outdoors all week. I find that a customary sort of melancholy takes hold of me when the clocks go back, and that my daily routine of rising and returning in the dark starts to seem a bit relentless. So it was very good to take advantage of a lovely golden day, and go walking in the Eildons. As we took the path out of Melrose, we spotted this message on the hillside.


Clearly the proposed crematorium is unpopular . . .


The Eildons are very pleasing to walk in at this time of year. The hills themselves are shapely and interesting, and there’s a great variety in the landscape: blustery tops, steep scree-lined slopes, heathery moors, and rich, rich woodland. The latter was particularly glorious today. When one is feeling a wee bit grey, it is so good to absorb oneself in Autumn’s crazy colours. I love to see the last leaves go out in a blaze of gold . . .


. . . . the wine-red haze of berries on bare branches. . .


. . . outlandish lichen . . .


. . . seasonal oomska . . .


. . . and the fabulous prospect view across the border. . .


. . . all most restorative.

Tom’s legs were also in need of a good stretch: last Monday, he ran the Dublin marathon in 2 hours 58 minutes! Both the legs and their owner are feeling very pleased with themselves.


Enjoy your Halloween, everyone! There’ll be no guisin‘ here: I am looking forward to an evening of rabbit pie and Winstanley. . .

18 thoughts on “Eildons

  1. Hi Kate – you should have let me know – I would have had the kettle on to make you a pot of Yorkshire tea – I can see the Eildons from the house!! Regards Anne


  2. Give me a shout next time you’re passing through Melrose way, and I’ll provide a restorative cuppa after your exertions. Stuck at home most of the time now.
    The glowing leaves have certainly been wonderful this year.


  3. I truly enjoy your walkabouts and photos. I had no idea that there was so much lovely outdoors to be found in Britain. Living in Colorado with the Rockies out my back door, it’s easy to become quite the mountaineering snob… but I envy you the softer mountains.


  4. Thanks for taking us along on your day out- lovely sights and I can imagine how clean and fresh that air must smell.

    I like the cozyness of the fall and seeing the houses alight in the late afternoon when I am out with the dog. But, I know that the extra darkness is hard for many.


  5. Your photos are fabulous and offered me the chance for a vicarious adventure. It started out cold, rainy and very windy today and everything in sight is covered in yellow golden leaves. The sun made a brief appearance in late afternoon, and is soon to set. And now the kids are just starting to arrive for Halloween.


  6. Beautiful pictures! I am dreading the time change tonight. It messes up my internal clock and kittehs go nuts.

    Congratulations to Tom on a marvelous finish!!!


  7. Oh, what breathtaking photos! I feel as though I haven’t been out “properly” in a while either – though I suspect we have different definitions of what that constitutes :-) Today wouldn’t have been a good choice for a hillwalk in Dublin (or environs): it started out beautiful, but the afternoon featured some fairly spectacular squalls. I’m enjoying the leaf-fall along the road where I live, though.


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