creatures in the landscape.


places that suffered brutal clearance . . .


. . . neolithic tombs recall these islands’ human losses . . .


Barpa Langass.


darkness in the place of bones.

But outside, a living landscape full of light and colour. . .


yoke-yellow lichen on a fence post.


stuff of the shoreline





12 thoughts on “from the Uists

  1. I’ve really enjoyed reading about your wonderful holiday. We had a fabulous time in Skye this summer. We didn’t manage much walking, sadly, as our youngest was not really up for the walks on offer – It’s been over ten years since I last visited Skye and I’d forgotten how much harder the walking is there compared to the Brecons and Black Mountains, where the kids are happy tramping for miles in wellies. We’ll return, though but with better footwear.

    The thing that surprised me most though, were the conflicting emotions I came away with. Naturally enough we loved the emptiness, but then of course that pleasure was tempered by the fact that the lack of people is a direct result of the clearances all those years ago. And then there are the lovely sheep and their very lovely wool, and my love of knitting, but of course the sheep were in part what it was all about – they are there and because of that the people are not. And on every shoreline we saw acid-coloured seaweed lying in great abundance, once a source of employment and great wealth for the Islanders, now worthless. I found our visit to the Clan Donald centre incredibly moving, and shocking (I went with romantic notions all based around my granny’s Scottish roots – and came away troubled by my ignorance). I can see that of course the emptying of highlands and islands may have happened eventually, but I still wondered how the Islands might have looked today had this not happened. I wondered what you thought about this – you probably know a lot more on the subject.


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