Can it be? No, really? Yes, indeed it is the Dorset Cereals eggcup of dreams! Cheers, everyone — your votes were really very much appreciated. A big bloggy thanks to you all! In proper award-receiving manner, I must also thank my postie (who kindly leaves parcels for me on the mat rather than returning them to the depot-of-doom) and Mrs Fairnie from upstairs, (who retrieves said parcels when she pops in to feed Jesus (miaow)). It was an incredibly exciting package to discover when I arrived home. What joy! Oh yes, and thankyou, Dorset Cereals. This morning I actually consumed some tasty Dorset breakfast fayre from a plastic cup in my tent. But tomorrow morning, my lightly-boiled breakfast will be presented in an infinitely superior cup, warmed by a magnificent cosy of Tyrian purple hue! Three loud huzzahs for all of you kind voters, for Dorset Cereals, and, um, for me!


12 thoughts on “Egads!

  1. Congratulations on winning the Dorset Cereals Eggcup of Dreams.. that is a lovely egg cosy indeed. Your blog is lovely, and it is a thoroughly deserved award. :)


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