Clearly I have gone blog-post-crazy today, but I just noticed from my all-seeing ‘blog stats’ page that some lovely person (who? who are you?) has nominated me for a Dorset Cereals blog award. Now, generally, I don’t pay much attention to such things, but I like Dorset Cereals and this award involves some homely merchandise (vaguely reminiscent of the stuff I used to be able to acquire with my lost and beloved Yorkshire Tea tokens, ah me), among which is the ultimate, coveted prize of a Dorset Cereals egg cup. My competitive streak has emerged. I would like to win that egg cup. If you would like to help me win it, please support me and vote by clicking on this widget thingy:

Dorset Cereals little awards

If that doesn’t work, just follow this link and look for ‘needled’ (on the first page of nominations, towards the bottom). I will be extremely happy if I win that egg cup and can promise much ludicrous enthusing in the happy event . . .

edit: apparently, if you vote, you may win a “case of Dorset cereals.” Imagine!

22 thoughts on “help me to win an egg cup

  1. You obviously did very well indeed as you are top of the leader board which is how I found you. I on the other hand don’t seem to be worthy of even being in the running. Three different people have told me they nominated me but alas…
    Your lovely knitting makes me want to get my needles out immediately.
    (But I probably won’t)


  2. Hooray, someone else who has an allotment including a vine which they don’t know anything about but love nontheless! Your blog is lovely, so I voted for you, naturally :). May you have every success winning the egg cup of your dreams…!!

    Jess x


  3. I tried to vote but looked like it didn’t work…maybe because I am in USA. However, it looked like you already had hundreds of votes more than your nearest competitor so I am guessing that egg cup will be yours!


  4. Hello
    I’ve voted for you but I am not sure if it will count as I live in Western Australia. Here’s hoping the little cosy will be yours!!


  5. I didn’t nominate you but I would have done if I’d known earlier about this prestigious award! btw does it seem odd to anyone else that the prize essentially promotes a non-cereal breakfast product, namely eggs.


  6. I discovered your blog and Dorset cereals about the same time some months ago, and I love them both. I guess I can’t win the prize, and since I’m not a UK resident my vote won’t count, but I’m rooting for you,


  7. Of course I voted for your wonderful blog. It is my absolute favourite. Might win lots of goodies too! That really is win – win.


  8. HI—you are a scream , but you want what you want eh!—-hope you win the egg cup

    – I love boiled eggs and toast —just the comfort food

    –thanks again for your great pattern —off to cast on [ I voted before I saw the uk resident thing ]

    —–do like that hikeing hat

    cheers —-pat j


  9. Apparently voting is only open to UK residents (have to read the terms and conditions by the free prize box)… otherwise be assured I would have boted for you most heartily! Good luck!


  10. Of course I voted for your wonderful blog. But then I went on to explore the delights of the Dorset Website and found that I could only enter to win a kitchen full of Cornish ware if I were a resident of the UK. Alas.


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