Nipped down the allotment this evening and couldn’t resist sampling one of these — now, no laughing, please — for this tiny neep fills me with an immense happiness. It is the first thing to come out of the ground that I have grown from seed on our allotment, and I am very proud of it. Just look at it! I love little tasty turnips, and am all too apt to drift into Cobbett-like rhapsodies about them . . .but I shall resist this here and just mention that this particular neep was gleefully incorporated into tonight’s vegetable stir fry supper and it was exceptionally, wonderfully turnippy.

8 thoughts on “neep

  1. Miniature food is extra tasty, isn’t it?

    Yo–I voted for you and am certain that you will win the egg cup because I have bizarro premonitions about such things. And when you do, please knit a tiny egg cozy for it…


  2. I love turnips! Our local farmer (yes, we have a couple in the Arizona desert) grows a variety of delicious turnips and radishes which we eat sliced raw in salads. And the turnip greens are edible (and yummy), too.


  3. dude!!! it’s beautiful.
    off topic, but i wanted to add this link to your list of british wool people. this is a permaculture woman who is trying to avoid selling her wool to the wool board, and went to france to learn to make duvets of her wool. got a grant for wool use studies, etc. interesting.


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