. . . was of the best kind. To meet with a friend . . .


. . . enthuse about objects and ideas . . .

(cherry pi. Thankyou, Felix)

. . . and enjoy the evening light.


7 thoughts on “monday’s walk

  1. Ah Kate,
    ’twas most amazingly excellent to see you in the Toon and I am already scheming away about how I can make it happen again.
    You are brilliant and it was enlivening and joyous to see you again.


  2. Argh, Kate – just spent WAY too long reading thedomesticsoundscape. Argh. How am I ever going to finish my chapter if you keep posting interesting things about interesting people and interesting places? (try to post something about originality in 1750s Scotland, will you?)


  3. BUT! BUT! BUT!


    That’s our BRIDGE, Kate!


    You’re visiting with us “DownUnder”?

    BRILLIANT! We have some great Walks for you.

    One of the best is around the coast of Port Phillip.


    ps. :) your bridge has a wonderful lightness


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