Well, you know Spring is here when the clocks go forward. And last night, my subconscious decided to mark the occasion with a series of strange dreams. In the most disturbing one, peculiar birds pecked holes in my knitting. Pecking beaks! Ruined knitting! Horrors! Then one particularly evil birdie flew off with this:


I’ve been working on two new o w l s — one that will fit kids aged 4-10, one for bairns aged 9 to 36 months (the latter in a lighter-weight yarn). In my conscious mind, issues of sizing were merely an interesting conundrum. Little arms. Square bodies. Big swedes. I’ve spent the past week staring strangely at the heads of infants in the supermarket. I have carefully measured the dimensions of the kids of friends and colleagues. I have knitted yokes and necks several times over to determine the best fit and shaping. Owls have appeared, disappeared, and reappeared on my needles. Personally, I thought I was just getting on with it — and, in fact, had finally cracked the sizing puzzle when I went to bed last night. But I suppose it must have been the source of some unacknowledged anxiety, or my subconscious wouldn’t have invented my avian knitting nemesis — a kind of evil cuckoo to my goodly owl. I awoke with a start at 6am (5am in ‘old time’) and had to go and check that my prototypes were OK. Both mini owls were happily blocking in the living room, free from the unwelcome attentions of either bird or beak. I had a few cups of tea. Then I went to meet my wee pal Eva.


Eva is a sensible, no-nonsense individual. She just stuck one of the sweaters on and assured me it was all going to be OK.

26 thoughts on “b s t

  1. Eva does look very sensible. I need someone like that around – I woke up this morning from dreams of cutting pattern pieces to the wrong size, and having no more fabric for the order that is due today. This despite having finished the order successfully last night.


  2. Very nice owls – what yarn did you use? I love that colour blue!

    Weird dreams happen a lot to me. They’re usually funny though – not scary like your’s.


  3. I just got the idea that I could make owls for the whole family. Which means you need to make a mens’ version too or at least suggest how to modify the existing pattern (Or some other more skilled person than I could). It would be most awesome family picture ever, matching handknit sweaters. I don’t know if my husband would actually wear owls, I will have to see.

    The kid version looks wonderful, I can’t wait.


  4. I look forward to making this for my two year old, it’s a gorgeous pattern. I’m afraid you can never underestimate just how big a childs head is in relation to their body. My daughter has a big head with a tonne of hair and a body like a toothpick, needless to say this causes a few wardrobe issues.


  5. Hooray for wee owls! My friends are having babies all over the place, but they’re all having boys. One or two need to pop out a girl soon, because while I could probably foist a lovely owl onto an unsuspecting young male, I’m afraid the paper dolls are really better suited to young girls. *sigh* Stupid gender norms messing with my knitting!


  6. Your little model looks absolutely adorable in her owl jumper. I am pretty sure that my little girl would love an owl junmper too, maybe one for me as well I think… Hope that the rest of week is free from crazy dreamin!! X


  7. I love this pattern, and am very disappointed that I didn’t find you in time to be part of the Parliament! However, I’ve ordered the yarn and extra needles I need for it (I had no circular chunky needles before) and am looking forward to my nice blue-with-a-white-fleck yarn arriving before Easter. This is going to be my Easter Getaway project as I can knit in the car while we travel but I can’t crochet – travelsickness:-( .

    I also have the weirdest dreams, and frequently wake up and need to check that all is good with the world (it always is)! This jumper is one which would cheer you up on the downest day though, so thanks for making the pattern available for us.


  8. Kate that’s one of your most stunning photographs. What an amazing little girl. I look forward to seeing Owls for bairns in kits soon. I have a couple of godchildren for whom it will just be perfect.


  9. Awesome! I just got the wool I need for a purple version of Paper Dolls for my 4 yr. old daughter. She will be thrilled with an Owls!(I think I’ll make one for us both)Thanks so much!


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