(Old Bridge, Dumfries)

This weekend was the first time this year we’ve had the chance to really get outside — by which I mean, not just go for a walk, but get in the tent. I can’t tell you how happy this makes me. We’ve had such a nice couple of days. There were ruins to explore . . .

(Dundrennan Abbey)

(Sweetheart Abbey)

(grave at Dundrennan)

. . . there were textiles in the Dumfries Museum for me (I like local museums and this is a very good one.)

(‘receipt’ book. 1840s).

. . . there was a hill race for Tom. . .

(Warming up for Criffel Hill Race. . . )

And best of all, we found a well-placed pitch, complete with red squirrels scampering in the trees above. Watching squirrels from my tent with a giant cup of tea! What could be better?


14 thoughts on “first pitch

  1. Looks like so much fun! Am slightly envious as my crazy, irrational fear of bears here in British Columbia (where they’ve even been known to come into some city back yards) prevents me from pitching my own tent.


  2. Oooh tea and red squirrels when camping, how lovely! J doesn’t like camping but I think this post could at least tempt him. I love the photo of you camping in your kit!


  3. I love seeing the “receipt book” since I just acquired a similar document through a remarkable series of events. I’m fascinated that the knit swatch in your photo seems to be lace – my book has mainly lace patterns as well, and for some reason I always assumed that lace knitting belonged to a later time period – I’m thinking high Victorian – yet the book you are showing is 1840s. Hmm. Food for thought – thanks!


  4. How exciting! I contemplated Dumfriesshire for our day out on Saturday (would have fitted in nicely with the Burns class on Friday), but we settled on Abbotsford and Melrose instead – the best of both world: Scottish literature and history for me, and Gothic and Gotic revival for the boy.

    You look extremely cosy in your tent. I’m more of a B&B person (as is the boy), but the squirrels are definitely a selling point!


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