Now, you know I am a sucker for many tea-related things, and in this instance I couldn’t help myself. I was wandering through the food hall in Fenwicks, and a box just spoke to me . . .


This stuff is made by Stockport DJ, cartoonist and tea-obsessive, Mr Scruff. His small company has great ethical credentials, from the tea’s fair trade sourcing to it’s recycled packaging.


“Very nice,” said Tom, when I showed him my new purchase, “I see the box has a picture of you on it, but is the tea any good?”


Happily I can confirm that it is. The breakfast tea is a robust organic Assam — strong and malty — my kind of cup of tea. Cheers, Mr Scruff!

13 thoughts on “tea!

  1. ah, and in a Herdy mug too – my tea always tastes better out of mine and I like the sound of Mr Scruff’s.
    Maybe we could launch a ‘Tea and Textiles’ Festival…..


  2. I love Mr Scruff and have drunk tea at many of his gigs. I knew you could buy tea related merchandise from his website and gigs but I didn’t know he was doing actual tea in shops. How very exciting!! I hope such things are sold down south…


  3. Yum! I recently had a cup of tea at a friend’s house that literally made me stand up and take notice. It’s a special blend you can only get if you are a member of this club from his college, but still…to know that tea can taste that great made me re-think my coffee addiction.


  4. That looks brilliant! I love tea. I’m currently working my way through a box of lapsang suchong. And I really wish I’d bought one of those sheep mugs at Woolfest! Maybe this year…


  5. Ah Kate Fenwicks, it’s all a distant memory to me now… Stuck at home with lots of snow at the moment. I think it’s the most we’ve had since winter began.


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