I promise this will be the last owl-related post . . at least for a while . . . but I just had to show you this version of the sweater, made and worn with great style and aplomb by my friend Kate B, who, along with Hannah, was one of the pattern’s original test knitters.


It is knitted in Rowan cocoon, which makes for a deliciously luxe, warm sweater. And check out Kate’s fantastic owl brooch too . . .


Kate’s owls spent the morning knitting in Falko, and then made their way over to the meadows, where, with the assistance of Ysolda, they attempted to take flight . . .


thanks for your help, Kate B!

Since a few of you have suggested it, I am going to set up an owl gallery . . . or more properly, a parliament of owls (see tabs at top of page). There will also be a competition, into which every member of the parliament will be entered. Your owls could win a prize!! Here’s how the competition will work: please email a digital image of your completed owl-sweater to the address you’ll find at the bottom of the pattern. Include your name, location, and the date you completed your owls. Your sweater will then join the parliament, and be entered into a draw to win some beautiful Scottish yarn, a handmade knitting bag (sewn by me) and some other tasty goodies. The closing date will be March 1st. Show me yer owls!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to put my haggis on and prepare to toast the bard

24 thoughts on “a parliament of owls . . . and a competition

  1. Hi there. I love (times a million) the owl sweater! I won’t have mine finished in time for your contest close date, as I have a couple of other time- sucking projects going. But I will send you a picture anyway! Thanks for sharing.


  2. Oh no! Now I really have to get going on that pattern! I’ve wanted to make it ever since I saw it on here the first time, but never got around to buying the yarn. Now that there is a contest of sorts I have to get on this….


  3. Hello Wazz, my friend told me to email you if I wanted to be on the sign-up list for receiving your pattern for the sweater. Will it be a free pattern?
    It’s truly wonderful. I already made your gloves.
    I just love owls!


  4. ooooh, love this version ! I already started mine or I would totally splurge on some Rowan Cocoon right now… As it is, I’m using some stash yarn and it’s knitting up really fast so far. Thanks so much for sharing this pattern, it’s beautiful !


  5. Nooo ! please don’t stop posting about owls! they are so addictive!!! The owls parliament is a great idea, can’t wait to see it online.


  6. You can’t write too many posts about the owls in my honest opinion! I love your owls sweater, and I really am going to make one for myself! I love it, love it! So very very cute. I just have to be a better knitter first, I think. So I am off knitting now. So I can reach the sweater stage of knitting!


  7. You’ve shown such stoutness of heart by resisting the temptation to call this pattern something silly like “Owl Be Around.”


  8. I’m desperate to start on this sweater but I have so many things on the go right now but gosh, its so darned cute, and add to that the prospect of a prize from you? Must get knitting!


  9. I’d better finish my current two projects and get crackin’ on this :D I had some veggie haggis a few nights back, yum. Thank you for sharing your owls :)


  10. What a beautiful colour for that sweater! I’ll be doing the haggis thing (veggie) Stateside …..and I’ll be doing the addressing which I need to practice as I realize I’ve never read it out loud before!…(my American friends won’t notice if I mis-pronounce something)!


  11. Happy Burns Night! I don’t know about haggis, but I’ll raise a glass of scotch in his honor. I just got yarn for my owls sweater and hope to have it all done in time to enter the contest!


  12. Have a good haggis! (meat or veggie?)

    Despite my mother sneaking a copy of Burns into my bag the other night (Aberdonian and worried she produced very English kids…) and my partner (similar Scottish identity issues) almost being inspired by the guardian to make his own, we’ve settled on curried parsnip soup followed by something based around the marmalade Kirsty made this weekend. Curried parsnips and marmalade are Scottish in a colonial way I suppose – maybe not quite so worthy of poetry (though I’m thinking of reading a bit of Carol Ann Duffy to the marmalade, it is very good).


  13. I love that pattern! I don’t think you can write too many posts about it.
    And I really want to enter for the parliament, but I’m thinking of spinning the yarn for this sweater, and I have no idea how to manage that till March 1st. I’ll try though.


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