It is curious what mist can do to one’s sense of place. A little cloud descends, and familiar hills one has climbed many times before are transformed into strange, alien moonscapes. The whole narrative of the landscape suddenly becomes lost in its details.


Having missed our Highland walking with Felix because of seasonal colds (bah! boo!) it was very nice to get out into the Pentlands this morning. A good walk really is the best way to break in the new year.

And if you are thinking that the sweater on my back looks a wee bit familiar – yes – it is indeed the Owls. The poor beasties were well-nigh frozen up there in the foggy, frosty hills — but they certainly kept me warm.


They were very nearly snowy owls as that haze of moisture began to turn to ice.

Since Hannah’s impressive and speedily knitted Owls appeared over at Ysolda’s, lots of you have been asking about the pattern. It is imminent! I promise! I’m away for the next few days in a wonderful place without computer access, but shall release the owls as soon as I return. The pattern will be free, and I’ll stick it up on Ravelry, as well as emailing those of you who left a comment on the original post. And I should also mention that myself and these lovely people are now developing a kid’s version of the pattern which will be available in kit form.

Happy 2009 everyone!

34 thoughts on “owl release

  1. The owls are sooo sweet, I cannot wait! Thanks for sharing the pattern. Also thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures, they’re very inspiring.


  2. How generous of you to provide your lovely pattern free. I can hardly wait to get started — a beautiful and witty design!


  3. Looking forward to that pattern! Thank you for sharing. I just caught wind of your blog and I’m adding it to my subscriptions. Lovely pics.


  4. Thank you! And happy new year!

    Not sure if I commented on the original owl-jumper-post… but it’s really very pretty and looks lovely in your pictures (makes me want to go hiking…)


  5. I have just discovered your blog and have now placed it in my favorites list. I will look forward to the release of the owl jumper – I think its lovely (although a little bit out of my league, I think I am still classed as a novice knitter, but I am going to give this a bash and hope that it turns out ok).



  6. Lovely photos. Happy New Year!

    Thank you for making the pattern free – how generous of you. I should like to send you something in thanks – would appreciate it if you’d contact me privately.

    All good blessings to you and yours!


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