No peeking! Yes you! You know who you are! You said you wouldn’t look! . . .

Actually, those who I’ve placed under a three-day blog embargo are good at keeping their promises, and if I don’t blog this now I probably never will.

The seasonal craft wagon trundles ever onwards. Very soon, it will grind to a halt, and so, my dears, shall I. For I have been making gift-stuff for what seems like an aeon. Ties! mittens! hats! cowls! You know the drill: every year I promise myself that I won’t get in this situation. I will begin in June, or I will just turn out fewer things. But somehow, whatever plans I make, these days toward the end of December always end up as variations on a theme. How well I remember the horror of arising before dawn one Christmas morning to seam up a man-cardigan. What seasonal fun ensued when when we realised it was a garment only Mr Tickle would have been proud to wear. A monumental cardigan! ho ho ho! This year there will be no knitting disasters, but I may well start to dream in cushion.


In this endless parade of log-cabin thingumabobs, I seem to have devised my very own version of Psyche’s tasks. Can I stop making them now? Please? Can I? Anyway, if you are female, or under 10, and in some way related to me, one of these babies will appear in your stocking. Unless, that is, I perpetrate a grim and unseasonal act of anti-cushion violence. I can’t actually rule this out. . . .

7 thoughts on “oi!

  1. I too am done with the Christmas Knitting Make and Do Bonanza.

    I woud comment more but I must hastily cast on a hat which may well end up being given to recipient in an unfinished state with an IOU note attached to it.

    Why do we do this to ourselves?!

    For beauty, that is why. For look how bounteous and lustrous, how desirable and beautiful and delicious your cushions look. Do you not wish to roll in them just a bit, before wrapping them demurely and gifting them onwards?


  2. Can I sign up to that pact too? Have still got one scarf to finish, plus a pair of gloves and a hat to knit before Christmas day. Luckily everyone is going out tomorrow so I’ve got all day to get some serious work done!


  3. They look fabulous. Love the use of the robot fabric as well. Felix and I have just been making a pact that we will finish all our christmas shopping next august, then we will spend next dec drinking mulled wine, making decorations and knitting. I appear to be saving the economy singlehandedly.


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