I made monkeys! Just like everyone else. . .


But how I love em!

Monkey love!


Monkey dance!


The wonderful Sue made me a superb pair of blue Monkeys last summer, which have served as my staple walking sock ever since. It was time to make myself a new pair before I walked hers into the ground. I don’t make socks very often, but they really were a delight to knit. These are made from old maiden aunt sock yarn, in the cherry colourway. I knit them on one 2.5mm circ. I am also sporting my favourite shoes, for maximum monkey fun.

9 thoughts on “monkey see, monkey do

  1. hi there – the “old maiden aunt” herself delurking here to say wow, those look gorgeous! i wonder if you would let me use a pic of your finished monkeys on my (yet-to-be-finished, but soon) web shop, to show how the yarn can knit up? let me know if that would be ok – i’m glad you enoyed the yarn!

    xo lilith


  2. Well you know how much I love Monkeys… but I better never get any shoes like those or monkl will steal them clean away!
    Your newly knitted socks are lovely.


  3. The monkeys look fab – I have been looking at the maiden aunt for quite a while thinking how beautiful it looks. I might treat myself in the near future.
    The shoes are AMAZING – I have a long term obsession with monkeys and would love to be able wear some on my feet! Happy feet!


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