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(One of my favourite layouts from Yokes, pages 18-19) I think that these are really interesting times in knitwear design and publishing. I’m someone whose interest in hand-knit design directly lead to my establishing myself as a (very) small publisher. Having previously written several academic books and articles, as well as various editorial features, bits […]

As the weather grows more chilly, things are becoming very busy round here — in a good way. I have been knitting and designing and writing for weeks now, in advance of a few new Winter releases. In a few days I will be publishing the next design in my Edinburgh Series of garments (which […]

I always find it exciting when different iterations of my patterns are posted on Ravelry. This is particularly the case when knitters’ colour choices and personal modifications really transform the look of a design. Some amazing Ursulas have begun to appear which, because they have a completely different feel to my original, and also because […]

Today I’m very excited to announce the release of the digital edition of Colours of Shetland! This means that those of you who wished to purchase a digital-only copy can now do so here, and that all of you who have already purchased the print edition can now use the ‘unique download code‘ in your […]

(image via Morgan Morgan) Number of different countries to which Colours of Shetland has now shipped: 35 Number of US States to which Colours of Shetland has now shipped: 50* Number of pompoms I need to make for my new design samples: 8** Number of stitches I failed to increase when working from my own […]

Here’s what Mel, Gordon, Tom and I have been doing for the past couple of days. . . . . .when I tell you that this pretty pile is about 10 boxes shy of the total amount of orders we have processed just this weekend, you will have some sense of the scale of operations […]

. . . to say that today is the last day to order a copy of Colours of Shetland if you would like it signed by me. I’m very sorry about this, but signing large volumes of books is proving to be extremely physically demanding as well as time consuming, and I’m afraid it can’t […]

It is fair to say that I’m feeling a little overwhelmed and humbled this morning — thankyou so much, all of you, for purchasing the book and supporting my endeavours. It is incredibly exciting to see the orders coming in from all over the world, and Gordon and I are now working really hard to […]

Well folks, let me tell you that this is all rather exciting. I am very happy to report that a muthaload of books arrived yesterday, and that they really do look bloody amazing. Today we’ve been getting a head start preparing for orders. Here I am in Colours of Shetland dispatch central, aka, Mel and […]

So, I suspect it won’t be hard for you to guess what provided the inspiration for the last pair of designs in the collection . . . ¬©John Moncrief Photography These two designs really were an awful lot of fun to work on . . . For what is more fun than a puffin? ¬©John […]