snowballs and other mysteries


Hiya! It is I, Bruce. Today there is SNOW. I like SNOW because when it arrives we get up early and go for fun walks in my favourite places.

One of the many mysteries of taking a walk in the SNOW with humans is how very different their priorities are from mine. Kate, for example is endlessly preoccupied with taking pictures of the SNOW. . .


. . . as well as photographing other humans lost property . . .


. . . and muttering in vague rhapsodic fashion about how Edinburgh looks beautiful in the SNOW.


I on the other hand know that SNOW is best for frolicking . . .


. . . and that if you are good in the SNOW, BISKITZ magically appear.


However, one thing that is very odd about SNOW is the thing that is called SNOWBALL.


While other BALLS may be chased after, retrieved, and chewed, SNOWBALLS are mysterious and elusive. They smell of next to nothing, and, when thrown and chased after, they are somehow able to conceal themselves in an extremely vexing fashion!


And worst of all, on the occasions that you manage to catch a SNOWBALL in your mouth, it just makes things cold, and then it disappears! Beware! These SNOWBALLS are not at all like other balls, but are confusing and not to be trusted!


Personally, I find a STICK to be a much more steady and reliable creature, even when it is covered in SNOW.


And one of the best things about this particular SNOWY walk is that it visits a selection of my very favourite sticks. Do you remember that I once told you about the sticks that sing? Well, here are the singing sticks, singing in the SNOW.


The obvious conclusion: sticks beat SNOWBALLS paws down.

Hang on . . . she’s off again. . . . I’d better catch up . . .


See you soon, love Bruce xxx

83 thoughts on “snowballs and other mysteries

  1. You had a great post again today, Bruce! But please be carefull with those sticks! Sometimes they can hurt your mouth terribly! Thats why Jeppe and Sil, my dogs, prefer special dogballs above snowballs. But I can tell you, they love the snow as much as you do!

  2. SUCH A DAY! Singing sticks, a total treat. My woofs and I are about to go out on the lake, quite frozen and nice and quiet…actually quite Boring for the doggers cuz NO smells!!! It’s 10 degF, (-12 degC). You tell that fur-fur of yours that he is one lucky dog!!!! Enjoy.

  3. We’ve been caring for a friend’s Akbash lately. VERY large dog. Snow? She does somersaults and then makes snow-dog-angels. It appears that Bruce has quite a different, and equally wonderful, approach to the stuff. Our Tussah-dog, of indefinite variety and very mature, is just happy if she can keep her feet under her. Our Border collie likes to eat it.

  4. I initially read your lovely blog for the knitting/yarn, but Bruce’s posts are becoming some of my favorites! Looks like the entire UK had some form of white in the last few days.

  5. Hi Bruce – Toby the Dachshund here – I have the exact same problem with snowballs. When Carol or Tom throws one and it lands on the ground I dig and dig and dig for it – nothing to be found – SO frustrating!!!! I agree – sticks are it for me too!!

  6. Hi Bruce…Shadow the Papillon in Canada here. I love snow too, but this winter has been silly, lots of snow one day, then it’s gone! Yucky rain in its place and I hate the rain. I can smell the black and grey squirrels, plus some cats have the nerve to come into my yard. I’ve never had snowballs, I chase running things, but then they disappear…very frustrating, where do they go?

  7. Dear Bruce,
    Thanks ever so much for the update. Your world looks enchanted.
    Enjoy the beautiful day with your bipedal friends.

    Philadelphia, PA

    Oh, and we are all trying to keep up with that wonderful Kate Davies!

  8. Hi Bruce! Its Gus and Finn here, two Labradoodles who live near Gettysburg Pa. We want to come play with you! We have had no snow here, but plenty of mud that we manage to cover ourselves in. Our Mom LOVES the photos; she wants to visit someday….

  9. Thanks for sharing your frolic, Bruce. It offers perspective on how life is to be enjoyed in the moment and not to put off what there is to do in the immediate, or it may be gone…like the snow. Will take a beach walk in a minute and think of your inspiration to see the beauty in the day. Doggie blessings to you, sweet companion.

  10. Aw :) This reminds me of taking my old dog out to the snowy park the winter we lived in New Jersey. Fun! Sweet memories… even the times I had to warm his feet to get ice and snow out of his paws because he refused to wear booties….

  11. I LOVE Bruce. He is such a good looking dog and I felt like I took him for a walk and threw him sticks and snowballs. My fav. photo is with Tom giving him a treat with the city in the background.

  12. Bruce, you be a true brother in the fur! Here in southeast central Oklahoma, we do not often have enough snow for serious frolicking. A couple winters back, we had a big one (14″) which made a tall ridge drift across the patio. It was ever so much fun pushing the top of the ridge off. Now, I know many a Lab and think you are fine fellows. I am a Dane. Do enjoy. The nice snow lasts such a short time. (It isn’t as much fun when it has a crust of ice on top.) Thank you and your human for a loverly post and pics! (I haven’t been to Edinburgh but my human has.)

    As ever, Tigger

  13. Hi Bruce, Daisy and I love to see your posts. Daisy is having a good time in the snow here as well, she’s particularly fond of rolling in it and then racing off as fast as her little legs can carry her, such fun.

  14. Love, love, love your sensible post on SNOW. Two-legs do not understand.
    Love from Quince, Lady-of-Lemon, ( Cocker Spaniel)
    c/o Lindragon

  15. Thank you for sharing your very grand morning out! To experience something like that must be magical (says she who lives where snow is a once-in-30-years occurrence). It’s amazing watching Bruce grow from a cute puppy into a dog in his prime. He’s a fabulous specimen of doghood.

  16. Bruce! My Casey has the same concerns about the snowballs. This morning, while walking just before dawn, Casey could not find a stick. But, he did find a dead squirrel frozen solid in stick-shape that made for a nice walking companion for quite some time before I – his human – noticed. Eww.

  17. Hi Bruce, your paws are freezing and ours have been roasting! We think that you are having a better time though, our humans scuttle back inside and we don’t get nice long walkies in this heat wave … 46deg (115deg) on Friday, love and licks from Jules and Jim, the Aussie poodles.

  18. I am new to your blog, I bought your wonderful new book after reading about your knitting. What a wonderful post Bruce has written. I also love the cold and snow. On Friday, Sydney had its hottest day since 1923 of 45.8C, thank goodness the humidity was not too high, give me cold any day.

  19. Hi Bruce: It is I, Tucker, a sort-of-setter in Canada. Snowballs are my favourite thing, and my human throws them high in the air and I jump for them. And even catch them. If it’s the right kind of day, there seems to be an endless supply! In the autumn, I like to jump for leaves when they’re thrown. I basically love jumping. Enjoy your snow–ours has disappeared for a while.

  20. Hi Bruce, I don’t know anything about snow, but where I live the best fun is chasing a possum up a tree and then barking for my humans to come and see it. They don’t always come. They didn’t come at 4am. Cheers, Buddy

  21. Hi Bruce –

    I love the photo of you facing off with Tom. Obviously you are trying to train him with that biscuit. The scenery is breathtaking.

  22. Bruce,
    We haven’t had any snow here in almost two years (Washington D.C.). Kipper (the black standard poodle but I can’t tell the difference) tells me that it is fun, fun, fun but that ice can get between my paws and then I might get cold but I want to try snow and play with Kipper even if she is getting too old.

    Gracie (chocolate standard poodle)

  23. Dear Bruce–you are such a precious fellow!! We have no snow yet and only live vicariously through our granddog, Greta, Shelter Queen.

  24. Such pretty snow pics, especially of the city. Here in Canada by this time in the season we’ve usually had enough, although this year what we had has melted and Lake Ontario is still open. I think it must be climate change. Still cold enough for the woollies, though.

  25. Dear Mister Bruce,
    I love your recent posts, especially all the valuable information about the snow balls. Thank you for a very valuable lesson. Please keep up the good work. I especially like your contributions to many of Kate’s photo shoots. So when she stops and takes pictures of the snow, you just must be patient. Thank you for sharing.

  26. Hi Bruce, I agree with your posting on sticks and snow, my human takes days off work just so he can see me frolic in the snow and throw snowballs for me. I hope you enjoy more days out in it before it all mysteriously disappears.

  27. A pleasure to read after a busy Sunday, unpacking, and washing. Thank you Bruce. It is fun to see you frolicking in the snow (which is a mysterious substance to me in Australia!)

  28. Kate: This would make the most wonderful children’s book, why not give it a go with your exquisite and exciting pictures of Bruce of course!!!

  29. Bruuuuuuuuuce! What a good boy! He is VERY handsome, and all your photos capture that quite well, which is no mean feat when an animal is all (or mostly) black. Nice of the snow to provide much-needed contrast! I would love to hear the sticks-that-sing too, but could not find an audio of them anywhere on the internet.

  30. Hi Bruce, I really love snow frolicking but I am what humans say’in season’ and so am not allowed to run off for fear of unwelcome attentions. I find this very frustrating as I can see the park out of the window..I am very jealous of seeing you with snow stick and snowball, love Summer

  31. Hello Bruce, thank you very much for this lovely post with your new wise words from you. And you look very handsome in the white landscape.

  32. Bruce, it is true that snow is a gift for Labradors. Your plush fur and webby toes make you quite suited for all sorts of fun in the snow. I will let you in on a secret. . . they do make a snowball that will last for a good long time. My labs loved theirs, but they lost it in the snow a couple of years ago when we had *lots* of snow. Unfortunately, we did not find the snowball once the snow melted, but I am trying to locate more of those snowballs and will keep you in mind once I find them (and I WILL find them). The highlight of my day was not the snow, but the arrival of both Kate’s book *and* a box full of Shetland Supreme.

  33. I love Bruce posts! He is too sweet. If that photo of him frolicking isn’t the perfect definition of joy, I don’t know what is.

  34. Hi Bruce – it’s George Bailey, the ginger wonder kitty here in the Pacific Northwest. I cannot believe how much you like that snow stuff (and you look rather dignified with all of Edinburgh as your backdrop while you wait for your biscuit reward). I, on the other hand, could care less about snow. We don’t get much of it, but the last time we did my human let me out on the deck in it – and it was cold and *wet*. Wet I tell you, and on my paws no less! No thank you. No. No siree Bob. You can keep your frolicking in the snow. I’ll stick to what I do best – sleeping and rolling in catnip a/k/a kitty crack. Take care, Bruce – and do tell your humans they snap mighty fine photos, even if you’re not the center of attention in all of them.

  35. Hello,
    I am a relatively new dog owner and had never thrown snowballs for my dog. This morning, we did. It was so fun! She seemed to be so fascinated and so confused… but so so so excited about them! Thank you for your post.

  36. My sweet black lab mix, Kiera, loved the snow more than anything. She passed away in December at the ripe old age of 17, two days after seeing and playing in her last snow fall. Your post today brought a smile to my face….thank you!

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