At the Woolly Brew


Mel and I had a grand day out yesterday, and took all of my Colours of Shetland samples over to the East Neuk of Fife to visit The Woolly Brew. Fiona and Karen opened this shop in a great spot in Pittenweem just over a year ago, and it has very quickly established itself at the heart of the knitterly community of Fife and beyond. I met and chatted to loads of amazing knitters yesterday, and saw some gorgeous knitted items, including two beautiful Scatness Tams in colourways very different from my original. I really wish I had taken a photograph of these tams, and of the many lovely folk I met, but we were so busy that I singularly failed to take any pictures until we started clearing things away . . .


. . . I did, however, manage to snap a pic of Fiona and Karen.


The Woolly Brew is my kind of place — they stock a great selection of British yarns; you can get a proper brew (ie, a good cup of tea) there and Fiona also makes fantastic cakes.

Thankyou, Fiona, Karen, and all of the knitters who took the time to stop by for a lovely afternoon!

33 thoughts on “At the Woolly Brew

  1. Wish I was within dropping in distance of such a lovely shop. Also love the blue sweater on the shorter of the two ladies in the last photo. Very nice. Have recieve my copy of The Book here in New England and am saving my pennies to buy the yarn for the Ursula Cardi, hopefully by spring!

  2. How I would love A Woolly Brew in Greenwich! I am delighted to hear that the ladies have managed to build up a thriving business in the heart of the community in these difficult times. It gives me hope that folk still realise that these skills are valuable & such gems of local stores are priceless for a community!

  3. I live in a small town (about 40K people) in Central New York, USA (Ithaca). There are plenty of knitters here, but few Fair Isers, maybe 4, and I’s say only one is devoted, and that would be me. So yesterday I have to drive 5 miles outside town to pick up my daughter from an overnight with a bunch of teens at their teacher’s house. I am standing in their living room looking, out the window at the very cute Hobbit-like sauna building his daughter helped make when something catches my eye on the back of a chair, and I am stunned. I have to stop him and ask where they got that Kate Davies Rams and Yoews blanket. It was a wedding present from someone to their daughter, who has sheep. I, of course, pick it up and then go on and on telling them how precious and wonderful that blanket is (and it is indeed made beautifully). They didn’t know if it was bought or made and I tell them it was made, that this blanket cannot be bought. I tell them about Kate, give them the website, talk about shetland sheep and shetland yarn, and tell them how long is must have taken the friend of their daughters to knit it, and what it means to make something like that for someone else. I go on and on, but really, I wanted to grab it and run out of the house. To find that blanket that matches the tam on my wall in our tiny remote town in America is a sign of how popular Kate’s designs are becoming. For me, it was a glorious moment because it was like coming across an old friend in an unexpected place, and being so happy to see them.

  4. Aye, the Woolly Brew, a treat in and of itself! You are the lucky one but imagine Meredith Small’s
    excitement/joy at finding Rams and Yoews blanket in the middle of ‘nowhere’! NOT an Insult I live in the middle of ‘nowhere’ also :) but have lots of Fair Isle minded friends! SO lucky.

  5. That looks like such a cheerful and pretty store. I also like the blue top on the lady on the right. Finally, Meredith’s story is terrific!

    1. I was just coming to see if anyone had identified it, if it is a knitted pattern! I love it and it needs to come live with me!

      1. I found it using the pattern search on Ravelry: Louisa Harding’s Skipper using her Ondine yarn. The one Karen (?) is wearing looks just like the pattern model.

    2. Gail was clever to find it on Ravelry. I was afraid a search for ‘Cabled Woman’s Pullover’ would lead to bazillion hits! Skipper is indeed the pattern, and Ondine the yarn used. Very nice to know. Have ordered the pattern and look forward to making a classy Spring sweater.

      1. Thanks. Actually, Ravelry made it easy to find with their advanced search options. I looked for boatneck and cable and got just a few pages of hits. I’ve ordered the booklet too. Now I just have to pick a colour!

  6. Oh, Kate! Thank you for sharing this dear shop! Please introduce us to more shops and wonderful knitters! Those of us across the pond will love taking a fanasy trip with you, and looking at a wall of good yarn is a masterpiece to us! From near Gettysburg, Pa, USA……Dixie

  7. What a wonderful story about the blanket as well as the thriving yarn shop. Im still trying to find a supplier in my area (Chicago) who carries J&S yarns that I can actually see and not order from a card.

  8. Oh it looks so nice. I have been in Pittenween but the Woolley Brew was shut! I peered in the window though, and it looked fabulous…just the place for a quiet knit and a cup of tea!

  9. Well, I am about two-thirds of the way around the globe from you, but I was there in spirit! Sounds like a grand time was had by all. And, as far as Meredith Small’s discovery — amazing. I am in the middle of a relatively large city (Seattle) and haven’t seen any Kate Davies designs…yet, but I have not been out that much because I am knitting! I am keeping my eye out for her designs, and I will be casting on for the small size BMC tomorrow, so soon Seattle will have at least one of her designs. Also, I am sure I will see several fabulous Kate Davies works when attend the Madrona Fiber Arts Winter Retreat in mid-February in Tacoma, WA USA.

  10. Thanks for introducing us to The Woolly Brew. It looks like a lovely store. I was in the area once….10 years ago :) I live in Canada but am in New Zealand right now, visiting my daughter and her family and enjoying this ‘woolly’ country.
    Meredith’s story of the Rams and Yoews blanket was great–I wanted to snatch up that blanket and run, too.
    Please add me to the list of those who would love more information on the pattern and yarn of the blue sweater!!

  11. Both myself and Fiona had great fun on Saturday in the company of Kate and Mel, so much so that it would be lovely to meet them both again as it was so busy that we never really got a chance to chat.
    Thank you for the lovely comments on my jumper, it’s a Louisa Harding pattern, ‘Skipper’ that you will find in her book ‘Ondine’, unfortunatly the yarn of the same name has now been discontinued. Its a DK cotton with a marled effect, as a substitute…a wool/cotton would work well.
    And yes, Serena we do stock Kate’s book, infact we still have a couple of signed copies that Kate left with us.

    1. I found Ondine at Webs, in Massachuesetts, and at an online shop in Britain…Hejhog? Hejpig? They had quite a lot, if you are seriously chasing that particular yarn for that particular pattern.

  12. Looks absolutely lovely! As I am overdue for a visit to our friends in Ireland and have wanted to visit Scotland for ages, now I have even more reasons to make that trip :-)!

    1. Hello Leigh
      Thank you for the lovely comments on my jumper, it’s a Louisa Harding pattern, ‘Skipper’ that you will find in her book ‘Ondine’, unfortunatly the yarn of the same name has now been discontinued. Its a DK cotton with a marled effect, as a substitute…a wool/cotton would work well.

  13. I had a wonderful day, so lovely to meet you after following your blog for so long. Though I will probably never get the trike I covet, I will certainly be doing a version of your puffin Sweater (white dug friendly!!)

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