Here’s what Mel, Gordon, Tom and I have been doing for the past couple of days. . .


. . .when I tell you that this pretty pile is about 10 boxes shy of the total amount of orders we have processed just this weekend, you will have some sense of the scale of operations here at Colours of Shetland dispatch central. When the postie comes to collect them tomorrow, these books will be winging their way to Hawaii and Tokyo, Hamburg and Goteborg, Baton Rouge and Vancouver.


But worry not, everyone — I’m getting lots of sleep, and next week I’m definitely returning to some knitting.

87 thoughts on “Industry

  1. OMG, did you hear me shriek with laughter?? That is bloody wonderful……..i’d have had a sore arm signing as well…….next time (and there will be a next time) buy a stamp!!!

  2. Congratulations, it’s amazing! I got mine in the post yesterday and I’m really impressed, it’s stunning!!! :) well done you and all the team behind you, especially Bruce :)

  3. A little mouse whispered that I´m getting this for xmas …maybe one of those umpteen parcels are for me? …note: I have, of course, forgot who I forwarded this wish to! #lookingforwardtoxmas

  4. So, that looks like about 500 books there, plus another 300 in the boxes we can’t see … Yowza! You must be so thrilled at the reception you are getting for all your hard work. Congratulations!

  5. Wow! I’m so excited—my book is in one of those parcels—I feel like part of the process. I can’t wait! Glad you’re taking care of yourself best you can. Very excited and happy about you’re success.
    All the best.

  6. I am so happy for you. That’s a whole lot of books. One is headed my way, too, here on Vancouver Island. By the way, the more I see the close-up of the Puffin colourwork at the top of your blog, the more I love it. Lovely blending.

  7. I am so happy for you, Kate! And when I looked at all those books, packaged and ready to be mailed, my first thought was, “Oh my, no wonder she had to stop signing them!”

  8. Wow! That’s both awesome and kind of scary. I have to pack up only a few gifts to mail for holidays and I’m feeling intimidated. As an excited recipient waiting for one of those packages, I’m very grateful.

  9. Thanks Kate for doing this , it is amazing . I’m excited to think you package them all your selfs. Can’t wait to get my copy it’s my Christmas present to to my self.

  10. Fantastic, what an enormous exercise to undertake, you must be very proud. Got my book last week, it is so beautiful, feels lovely, looks lovely, and the patterns are amazing – way beyond my knitting skills, but I can dream!


  11. Amazing! I see the assembly line now: you signing, Mel & Gordon packing & Bruce licking the labels. Great job, all!

    1. Sorry, missed Tom among the shipping department & cheering section. We are all so proud of you all for this massive effort.

  12. Just wonderful! I, for one, don’t need to know the total you’ve mailed – this is a success, no matter the number.

    And then, back to your regularly scheduled knitting next week …

  13. Holy moly, Kate. That is a lot of books. I can’t wait to get mine in the mail…all the way to London, Ontario, Canada. The world over is SO excited for you. Well deserved. xo

  14. Yow! That array is even bigger than my mind’s eye had pictured it. I do wish I could lend a hand in the packing and shipping!

  15. I would offer to help but:
    *I am in the western US
    *more so, I would most likely open one up, sit and read – nothing else!
    My heartfelt congratulations on such a successful endeavor – it will last forever in our knitting hearts!

    1. Yes, I can see a couple of us “volunteers” sitting under the shipping table reading the book as chaos swirls around us.

  16. What excitement!! I’m waiting for one winging it’s way to Chicago. Did the postman have to bring a special truck to pick them all up?

  17. Well done, Kate! (for the book, which looks fantastic (can’t wait to see my copy at Christmas) and also for processing so many orders – you have been a busy, busy bee!)

  18. I guess mine is sitting in the boxes waiting to be delivered to UK mainland … so can’t wait. An early Christmas present to myself for not decapitating my children and other half so far this year :)

  19. Whoa! That is a huge bundle of packaging that you and your team are doing. I am very impressed, and I am very happy for you. After all the paper handling, your fingers will be so happy to dance with wool next week!

  20. Congrats Kate, this is absolutely fantastic and you definitely deserve all this positive resonance. I am so excited to get my copy, and I absolutely adore your work. An, of course, I adore Bruce, what a guy! Take care!.

  21. Absolutely love the book, it is just perfect. I was curious about the scale of this operation too, so thanks for the insight!

  22. Looking forward to receiving mine here in Australia too ! Thanks for all your hard work, now go put your feet up. Merry Christmas !

  23. OMG! That is one big load of books – and that must be a later batch as I have received mine already and it’s ONE BEAUTIFUL BOOK. Thank you Kate. Enjoy you knitting break!

  24. Yes, Australia – Tasmania to be precise! Thank you SO much Kate, the whole world will be wearing your designs…. Know that you are loved and appreciated globally, and now go and get some rest….! Thanks to Mel and Tom too (and Bruce – I know he’ll have played his part). I am so looking forward to my copy xxxxxx

  25. I’d half expected your site to crash within a few hours of opening and was so pleased for you, it didn’t. Your postie must have had eyes the size of dinner plates with your first load of books. They must shake their heads and grin with each additional mailing. I absolutely knew you’d have a deluge of orders but to see just a slice of the mailings in pictures, I am in AWE!

    We, your groupies are so very pleased for your success! Imagine if every book was a light…the ENTIRE EARTH would be shining as bright as the sun; all at the same time!!!!

    Wishing you many more rays of sunshine to come…

  26. Wow, my book has arrived in New Zealand already. Many thanks for the speedy service..and I am so glad for you your sales are a success. Jan

  27. YIPES, what do ye mean……….a book in NZ and mine not here yet, Idaho, USA……..
    OK, i can wait :) Now I couldn’t stand it and counted what i saw and what you said and got up to 660 books which is awesome!!!!!!! This is one time that word is appropriate.

  28. I always thougt you lived in a lovely little flat with lots of nooks are corners to put yarn you were trying out, lots and lots of books and not huge. I don’t know where you found room for all those boxes to sort through and get mailed! A huge success to get in one weekend! Does this mean you are now in your second printing?

  29. I am thrilled that your book is proving so popular, even if it has meant a deluge of work for you and your tribe. Speaking for myself, I am delighted that investing in your book means investment in real named people rather than some anonymous teams of a giant corporate! Do take care of yourself, and enjoy some knitting and headspace time. Meg – P.S. I love the wildlife photography that has been included in the book. As a gardener and permaculture fan these pictures make my heart sing as much as your gorgeous designs do!

  30. Oh…I was having a bit of a weekend…contemplating what went wrong (my right hand index finger joint is in the most unbearable pain plus the tendon in my right palm/under my ring finger…radiated pain up to under my armpit…) NO KNITTING for me…my acupuncturist said…sigh…

    But as I was feeling sorry for myself on Saturday night laying on the couch…my hubby brought a package that brought me back to the real world…”something from the UK? Nice packaging!”

    Well, I jumped up from the couch…. :) Your work is inspiring :) Thank you…I’m mad I cannot knit…but must surrender…there must be a good reason for this…

  31. KATE! KATE! A sighting in America…the postman brought mine to me in Virginia today…it’s even more special in person!!! What a gorgeous book…now if the yarn I ordered would come so I can cast on (ok,ok…going to go now and finish Christmas presents that need to be done first…).

  32. Looks like a wonderful success! Much deserved as will be the knitting time when it arrives.

    I need to wait to order until after Christmas but all the great comments are wearing away at my resolve!

  33. Got mine yesterday. There was a lovely thump at the front door and I knew just what that was! It’s so beautiful and I can’t wait to get my holiday knitting out of the way and start on the puffin sweater. Congratulations – this is THE knitting book of 2012!!!

  34. Well done and thank you so much for providing such lovely reminders of Shetland. Just picked up my book from the PO this morning and I love love love love it. Ordered it from holiday in Singapore where it was a hot humid 32 degrees and now enjoying it at home where there is snow and ice on the ground. Can’t wait to get started on some knitting from it but what to choose first……?

  35. Kate,
    I just received your book. Thank you so much for the quality of this book.
    I have been following your journey in life with your inspirations, your images and your patterns and I was familiar with your designs, but to see all of them bonded together in a book is another thing..

    I really like everything about about this book, even the packaging is of such good quality. The paper is lovely, the printing, the colours and all the drawings are so properly done. It feels like a precious treasure.
    Thank you so much.

  36. Hello Kate! My book has arrived here today and a first preliminary view tells me that its wonderful. I hope I will soon have the time for a more thorough study. Can’t wait to get reading (and knitting).
    Great work, Kate – thank you so much.

  37. Hello Kate, my book arrived today in Hamburg and I know now christmas holidays will bring loads of work!!! So beautiful colours and I can´t wait to start the first item!
    Thank you so much, this made me really happy!!
    A wonderful book….

  38. Got my copy yesterday and read it from cover to cover. I love the history behind the areas you have chosen and the explanations of how they translate into the knitted pieces. My only sad bit … I am too large for the garments … good excuse to lose weight.

    Plus I picked up a copy of Simply Knitting today and on page 65 … Must Buy of the month – Kate Davies Colours of Shetland.

    Way to go Kate

  39. I am so excited that my copy has arrived–in London, Ontario–already. More beautiful than I’d hoped and lots of extra reading. Congratulations!

  40. EVVIVA!!!! My copy has arrived this morning and I’m really happy…I want to thank you everybody for this hard word and wish you a Merry Christmas ❤

  41. I’m imagining that the two copies that arrived so quickly after I ordered them were among those in this picture. I’m loving the book and looking forward to knitting some of the patterns, just as soon as Christmas is out of the way. And, it makes a great present for knitty friends as well.

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