It is fair to say that I’m feeling a little overwhelmed and humbled this morning — thankyou so much, all of you, for purchasing the book and supporting my endeavours. It is incredibly exciting to see the orders coming in from all over the world, and Gordon and I are now working really hard to ensure that you all receive your packages very soon. I have to mention, though, that the volume of orders really is extremely high, and it may take us some time to work our way through everything. We have a good system in place, but please do be patient, as I imagine the orders we currently have will take several days to process. All overseas orders are being sent by airmail, so could I respectfully ask customers outwith the EU not to purchase more than four books at once as this takes the package over the airmail weight limit. Some of you placing large multiple orders may have been overcharged for shipping, and where this is the case I will refund you via paypal after your package has shipped. There are plenty of books in stock, so please don’t worry (as some of you have apparently been doing) about us running out over the next few days. If you place an order this week we will endeavour to ensure that, wherever you are, you have it in time for the holidays.

Well, I’d better get off to the post office with the next trolley-load of parcels. See you later xxx

81 thoughts on “thankyou!

  1. Fantastic! Though there was never any doubt that your book would be extremely popular :-)

    But do look after yourself – I’d much rather know that Kate is whole and healthy, and receive the book after Christmas, than get my book nice and quickly at detriment to you… (and I’m sure Mel doesn’t want Gordon broken either! :-) )

    1. I agree with Happymousefairy!
      Please do not overtax yourself. I thought this would happen giving the excitement over at Ravelry!
      Congratulations Kate on what looks like a beautiful publication.
      Lisa from the US

      1. Ditto! The whole time, I was actually thinking and hoping that you are not going to be overwhelmed by fulfilling all the orders….as I can imagine how many of us are out there!!! :)

        Please take your time…pace yourself :) As long as we know we will receive a copy at some point :) Take care!!! Kate, you are amazing…inspires all of us!!

    2. Take your time Kate. I will be ordering the book after December, this way, I’ll enjoy it during the cold months of snow :) Take care of yourself. This book is to savored and enjoyed slowly. The patterns are beautiful. Everyone that loves your work understand that it will take time to arrive at our mailboxes.

  2. Thank YOU, Kate! While I’m admittedly impatient to see your book I think we all knew the orders would come flooding in and we’ll be understanding of any delays. Congratulations!

  3. Good morning Kate. I think the wonderful previews of your book have made us all a bit manic.As with cook books I love when knitting books give the background to patterns.
    Hope you had a good night’s rest and remember pace youself.

  4. Congratulations to you and your team! I am really looking forward to my copy, it will be my Christmas gift to myself and I intend to spend Christmas Eve casting on for one of the projects in the book..

    I do hope your first book will be so popular that you decide to publish more in the future. Must admit that I would LOVE to se some aran design a la Kate Davies!

  5. Good morning and congratulations on the wonderful reception of your book. I am almost sad that the rumours of outselling isn’t true, though it means my book will get to me that much quicker :)
    I’m sure we are all impatient, but in a very patient way, so do take your time and remember to take care of yourself!

  6. Thank you ! And don’t wear yourself out indeed; I’m happy enough with the knowledge that a copy will be on its way in due time and meanwhile there’s still all you published on your blog already to look at again and again…. ;)

  7. I’m so happy for your success (not that there was any doubt) and I can’t wait for my copy to arrive (though like everyone here, take care of yourself, there’s no rush). The Shetland Islands are definitely on my bucket list of places to visit but I’m not going until I’ve knitted the appropiate Kate Davies wardrobe. I think the islands might not know what’s hit them. . .

    Again, congratulations – we’re all so pleased for you.

  8. Wonderful to hear the sales are rocketing! Keep up the good work, but don’t overdo it: you need to be able to enjoy Christmas, too. I can keep my impatience at bay by looking at your patterns…

  9. Yours is the first knitting book I’ve bought. I’m not really much of a knitter, but I made owls as my first project and really really enjoyed making it and it turned out really well. Are all the patterns really advanced? Or is there a good starting point, do you think?

  10. As others have said, although I am thrilled at the prospect of receiving your book, it mustn’t be to the detriment of your health. Look after yourself.

  11. Congratulations, Kate.. enjoy this wonderful moment….and do pace yourself. Not one of us will be able to enjoy the book if we feel you harmed yourself getting it to us.

  12. Congratulations…as everyone says, please don’t wear yourself out! I am really looking forward to seeing this, I enjoy your essays on here and in places like the Rowan magazine so much, as well as your wonderful patterns (and I have pleanty to keep me going with a Snawheid, a Boreal and a big o w l s, for now…!)

  13. I am so pleased to hear that orders are flooding in from everywhere–but not a bit surprised! The patterns are all amazing, so I am really not sure which I will tackle first (I worked on restoring a historic lighthouse here in New Jersey, so want to make the Stevenson sweater, but those Puffins are just so darn cute!). I will be happy to wait a bit while you catch up with the large volume of orders. After all, I still have the border of my rams & yowes blanket to finish! Happy holidays to you, Tom, Bruce, Mel and Gordon.

  14. Dear Kate,
    Great news- I have received the notification about the book posting. Thank you and your team for sending it so quickly. I am feeling very excited about it and in great expectations mood but I would hate myself for beeing so “hungry” , if I know that you get health issues caused by the pression of work related to book purchases. I hope all these e-mails could reassure you that you can take it with some amount of calm, also in order to enjoy the sucess your endeavour.
    I admire you and your work a lot. Sorry for my bad english, my mothertonge is portugiese and normally I do not comment, but this time I have to write to say thank you for all the joy and beauty.

  15. Good things come to those who wait, so no problem! I am very happy for you and the popularity of your book. Anticipation during the holidays is part of the fun!

  16. Your designs are going to make a lot of people very happy – so a big thank you from me Over Here – in sweltering 37oC today – no knitting right now!!!

  17. So excited for you—it’s all so wonderful. Looking forward to receiving mine! Please take care and don’t over do it trying to get everything done. I’ll love the book regardless of when it arrives.

  18. It has been so exciting watching this book happen Kate, the slow release of the patterns last week and I was on tenterhooks by 8am on Monday. Now an e mail to say the book is on its way south and west to Devon so thank you. But like others I wish you gentle days in the midst of it all.

  19. Congratulations, I’m so glad it’s such a success (though I never doubted it would be), as with everyone else don’t wear yourself out getting them out, take care of yourself and save some energy to enjoy your success :-)

  20. Huzzah! I knew it would be a success, and I do look forward to getting my copy, but don’t wear yourself out. Good things come to those who wait, and my ravelry queue is very long already!

  21. Hurrah – it sounds like you have a very efficient production line underway there. Hope the orders continue to come in and the books continue to fly out!

  22. All of us who put our orders in yesterday are just happy to know we have a copy reserved, so that’s the main thing. Whether it comes for Christmas is secondary and shouldn’t come to the detriment of yours or your team’s well-being. So just take it easy as you all work through the orders. If most of us weren’t so far away, you can be sure we would be with you to help. What an assembly line that would be! LOL So, how many orders did come in on the release date?

    1. So true – we’d all help you pack books and tote them to the post office if we could. Congratulations on your success, Kate. We’re pleased but not surprised!

  23. I am so very happy for you Kate! Your patterns have brought a lot of knitterly joy into my life, and your story of overcoming your stroke has been so inspiring to follow. I can’t wait to get my copy of your new book!

  24. Do please take care of yourself, Kate, and do not work too hard! We can all wait a tad, with pleasure, if we know it means you will stay in good form! Thanks so very much for all your hard work, your great creativity, and splendid writing. I am eagerly anticipating the book and choosing the first pattern. Wishing you and yours the best of holidays!

  25. Congratulations on your book’s great success, and may it go into a second and third printing in due course. Do take care of yourself — I can wait very cheerfully if I know you and your team are not taking chances with overstressing yourselves. Wishing you and yours the best of holidays!

  26. Congratulations on your success! When the time comes for me your book with be a treasure right next to all of EZ’s work.

  27. I’m so happy that it is the success you so absolutely deserve, and please do take all the time it needs to send the books out!
    I must admit I have bought the book (as a late birthday / early Christmas present) to read your texts as much, if not more, as to knit the designs; I love how you provide a context and background to your design work.

  28. I ordered two books on Monday, and I received acknowledgement from Paypal for my payment, but no acknowledgement from the website – is that OK, and has my book order come through to Gordon’s Dispatch? Sorry to be a nuisance as you are so busy!

  29. I’m actually *waiting* to place an order for when things calm down for you. I knew you’d be swamped, and it will be just as much of a treat for me later as it would be immediately.

  30. please, please, please pace yourself and DO NOT OVERDO!!!! We, your fans,
    will wait. Have some tea and take Bruce for a walk.

  31. That’s so wonderful!! I can’t wait to receive my copy.
    Also, *happydance*, you said ‘outwith’!! Such a lovely uniquely Scottish word :)

  32. Thank you Kate, Recieved comfirmation that the book is in the mail.So thrilled to be able to get it. Take care of yourself. Christmas wishes to you and your helpers.

  33. Congratulations on your book’s success so very well deserved. You are such an inspiration to us alI.

    I eagerly anticipated the release of your book. I set my alarm to wake up early on the west coast in the US to place my order!

    As others have said, please do take care of yourself. Celebrate and enjoy this moment.

    Best wishes for a healthy, happy holiday season.

  34. Huge congratulations on so many orders never doubted it, you give so much in your patterns not just the garment but the story, just fabulous. Please take it easy so you can savour the moment. Many thanks to your team too.

  35. I’m with all the others who chimed in to say that we’d rather receive our books later than have you run ragged with the effort of posting our orders. Good things are worth waiting for and your book is one of those things. Many deserved congratulations.

  36. My mom always said if you work hard enough, you can succeed at anything you set your mind to! Proof positive is your book. Your (almost millions of fans by now, I’m sure) are soooo very pleased for you. We celebrate, that you have such a fine team behind you and we hope that all of you take enough rest periods.

    My physiotherapist grinned broadly yesterday, when I said the one thing I’ve learned since my injury is that I have *no choice* but to pace myself and take breaks which I “hate” (sorry, but I really really hate…lol) but it pays off by not having to stop for days what I truly love to do…KNIT!

    Your fans will be so thrilled to know you are taking breaks and pacing yourself, so you can celebrate for a really long time after the rush slows a tad.

    I’m just tickled to bits for you. Many, many congrats! Well done YOU!!!!

  37. ECHO, ECHO. ECHO starting with happymousefairy’s remarks. A teeny tiny bit of stress is good but after that? forget it!! We will get our ‘fix’ when we get it. Knew you’d be swamped and cheers to your helpers, Mel and Gordon, Tom and Bruce.

  38. Take care of yourself, there is no rush but please dont endanger your health or the health of your crew. Be excited, be happy and enjoy your achievment. We shall cover the world with people knitting and wearing your designs. I also really enjoy the photography and your essays and Bruce is a real winner every time. The book will be wonderful whenever it comes

  39. May I wish you health, wealth and happiness as it is so deserved, but don’t risk the health, we are all happy to wait a little longer!

  40. Hooray on the grand and glorious sales reception your book is receiving! I’m waiting a bit too, as I suspected this would be the response. Too bad Bruce doesn’t have opposable thumbs, because I have no doubt he’d be faithfully helping you fulfill orders.

    I’m certain you know by now that everyone is more than patiently willing to wait to get their books so enjoy this part of the process as well. Take time for your health and welfare, and thoroughly have fun sending your words and designs out to places far and wide. Yippee!

  41. Kudos to you on a job beautifully done. My husband, saint that he is, stayed up until 3am on Monday morning (in NYC) to order the book for me when it came online. As anxious as I am to receive it, I can wait patiently if it takes a little longer. Pace yourself (as I’m sure you know how to do by now!)

    Take it all in. You’ve done something truly remarkable. Thank you for sharing your glorious talent with all of us.

  42. Great to hear that sales are going well! Take care, if the book gets here after the holidays that will give me something to look forward too!

  43. Thank you! take care. I am so happy to know that one dat it will be here. But we all can wait. Congratulations on being overloaded but take it easy on you. You deserve it all!!

  44. Waiting for your book is a delightful “problem” to have. As much as I’m looking forward to seeing it in person I wouldn’t want you or your team-mates to exhaust yourselves in getting it shipped out. I hope that things are more euphoric than stressful! Congratulations!

  45. So pleased for you that your book has taken off as it clearly has! Can’t wait to receive my copy but completely understand it may take time in the initial few weeks – very reassuring to read you have plenty of copies. Good luck and happy Christmas definitely for you ths year! Sue xxx

  46. I think ‘parcel’ must be the loveliest word in the English language. Old fashioned images of brown paper and string and deliciousness inside (whether of edible or woolly variety).

    I’m working on my knitting skills so that I may soon be able to knit some of your patterns, which I am very much enamoured with – especially the sea and sky coloured shawl.

  47. Mine has arrived too and I’m so impressed. I particularly like the way the designs are linked to the landscape, and the fascinating background information. A lot of research has gone into this book and your love of both Shetland and it’s knitting traditions really shows.

  48. Had a really terrible day at work got home and YAY your book has arrived, forgot all about the day, how beautiful it is, hubby now ringing for a takeaway :-) thank you so much it’s wonderful Kate

  49. I cannot wait for my book to arrive but since I am in the US and live in California, I am quite a few miles from you. I ordered as soon as I got up in the morning on Monday, afraid you would be out by the time I ordered so I am happy to here things are going smoothly and you published enough for this run. I am looking ahead to getting your book and starting out some of the designs. More wool, yikes!

  50. Mine arrived today, thank you. What a wonderful book, I’m proud to have a copy of it. Congratulations to everyone involved, animals included.

  51. My beautiful book arrived in the post, this morning! Totally unexpected that it arrived so quickly, and I am blown away by how lovely it all is. Thank you, Kate, you are a star! xx

  52. So utterly delighted to be able to take part in your project by buying a couple of your books. Your new direction is so inspiring and I wish you all the success in the world. You certainly deserve it.

  53. Since there are so many orders, I bet a signed copy might not be possible. But if mine is signed, I will send you Abernethy biscuits in the mail since my last name is Abernathy and very Scottish I might add:) Am enjoying all of the comments-everyone so happy for your success!

  54. With all of your orders to fill, I wonder if you are still able to send signed copies. If mine is signed, then I will send you Abernethy biscuits since my last name is Abernathy and very Scottish indeed. Have enjoyed reading all of the comments. Everyone is very positive and happy for your success. Wonderful.

  55. I’m excited to hear the book is such a great success. In time, I will order one myself too. Congratulations from Argentina!

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