we made a book!


Well folks, let me tell you that this is all rather exciting. I am very happy to report that a muthaload of books arrived yesterday, and that they really do look bloody amazing.

Today we’ve been getting a head start preparing for orders. Here I am in Colours of Shetland dispatch central, aka, Mel and Gordon’s dining room . . .


. . . I’m signing every copy . . .


. . . so that they are ready for Gordon to post out to you on Monday.


With massive thanks to Mel, Jen, Nic, Tom, Gordon, and (of course) Bruce I can now say:

We made a book!


The bookshop will go live at 8am on Monday morning (UK time).

111 thoughts on “we made a book!

  1. oh goodie! You mean I can get a “signed copy” too?
    Now I’m even more excited!!——Looking forward to Monday’s release date.

    Thank you, my dear.
    x-x-x Teri Byrne x-x-x
    Parkdale, Oregon

  2. How exciting! I hope you have more books than are shown on the desk. I just realized that to order at 8am your time means I have to be at my computer at 3am!!

  3. A joyful treasure, thank you Kate. All good things to you all. Our day began here with glorious birdsong in the drizzle. A day to drink tea, knit Snawheid and think woolly, peaceful thoughts.

  4. Congratulations on bringing this wonderful idea to a reality – a gorgeous book! I am so very happy for you and the people who have helped. Hugs to Bruce too :)

  5. Congratulations, Kate. I am so happy for you. I can’t wait for your first post after day one of sales….I think it’s going to be an amazing day.

  6. Wow! this is exciting! :) I have been following your blog for ages now, so I feel like I have witnessed the making of your book, via reading your blog :) I’m so happy for you! congratulations, I’m really looking forward to hold one signed copy in my hands :) it will be like reality meeting the virtual world or something… I expect some sort of explosions, fireworks, and my computer to melt or something :D

  7. As always…and using one of your own words…bloody amazing!! I want the one at the front nearest the window with the natural light shining on it…great pics, great result and great team support for your marvelous effort…how great is this!! You give us all hope for our dreams to come true but we knew you could do it. Yes we did!!

  8. Well done, congratulations! Of course I’m buying a copy — and so is my good friend WHO DOES NOT KNIT but loves your work, too! We hope it comes to us here in California quickly. Very impressive!!

  9. Aw, I’m nearly teary about it, having follow’d your blog for several years now, and seen you blossom ! I’m seriously full of admiration, to bursting. Congratulations Kate.

  10. Congratulations!!! I’ve really enjoyed following your journey over the past few years. I’m so pleased to see things come together like this.

  11. Oh, all good and great congratulations!!!!! I expect you must be beside yourself with anticipation. It’s going to be a big hit, I have no doubt. Give extra scrunches to Bruce for a first mate job well done.

  12. Assuming my numerous hints have been acted upon, I look forward to receiving a copy for Christmas! (But can I contain myself until Christmas?)

  13. I can only imagine the happy dance you have all done around a lovely book FILLED table…hearty congrats!!!! Did a test peek at the order page…fingers are ready…don’t know if sleep will come…until Monday. OOOhhh the excitement!!!! So very, very happy for you!!!

  14. I just found you very recently via Juniper Moon Farm (I’ve ordered a shepard&shearer sweater). I’ve thoroughly enjoyed visiting Scotland several times & plan to order your beautiful book as soon as I boot up on Monday morning (Virginia USA time). Some people read cookbooks for pleasure….then there are those of us who read knitting pattern books. :)

  15. Warmest congratulations! Know that you’ll make countless knitters and fiber enthusiasts so very happy this season, and beyond. Thanks.

  16. Congratulations! From the peeks we’ve seen, it’s gorgeous. I’m super intrigued by this puffin map you wrote about. I’ll certainly be hitting the bookshop Monday AM.

  17. Congratulations!!! I am in love with your patterns and can not wait to get my own Colours of Shetland.
    Thank you in advance for the beautiful book.

  18. Congratulations with your beautiful book. This is something bigger than just a book. The beginning of a new happy knitting designer-life. You deserve it.
    With love from France

  19. I am getting this as a Christmas present from my husband. I am asking for it to be wrapped and hidden away, so I don’t get it until Christmas morning. Everyone needs a longed-for book to cuddle up with at the end of the day on Christmas, once the kitchen is clean again and the bustle is behind you, and all the family have retreated to their private pursuits. Your prose, and the research behind each story, is such a pleasure. If I get antsy for the book I can go back and reread the story behind your Betty Mowat cowl.

  20. I’ve seen some of your designs on Ravelry and really looking forward to having your book! I’ll be at your shop tomorrow morning!

  21. I hope you have enough for me , I won’t be able to order till Monday morning here in the U.S. Save me one please. Can’t wait to see the lovely photos and read the text while deciding which one to knit first.

  22. Thank you for the previews! I can’t wait to order a copy tomorrow (if you will ship to the US!) One of m my favorite things about your patterns, besides the actual patterns that is, is the story you tell of the inspiration and the history of the pattern, yarn, etc. Good luck!

  23. Congratulations to you and your special helpers, nobody deserves this success more than you. You are a truly remarkable lady on many levels. Cheers keep your amazing talents and positivity flowing.

  24. SUPER! and It’s coming Soon. Hope I can stay up late enough to order early!! And i just read 60 North Winter. Thank you, thank you and to all your helpers.

  25. 12mn Colorado time. I might just stay up:) Yes, you had better printed a lot of copies because I don’t think they will last long. So what sweater of yours do YOU wear on opening day?

  26. Congratulations!!! Been following your blog for years and am so thrilled for you! Your patterns are gorgeous…am looking forward to getting the book!

  27. I’m sooooo excited!!! It’s a workday for me tomorrow and I start really early….BUT I MUST wait up! :) Midnight is not too bad…hope that we will not all crash the system :)

  28. I just ordered my book – well, two copies actually… It seems there was 21 minutes to go, but the order went though anyway…. I am SO excited! Thank you so much for producing this…. I can’t wait to receive it now… thanks to everyone involved in this beautiful book – from flock to postage, and Bruce of course. Having written two books myself, I know how much work it all entails. Here’s to many more xx

  29. Yes! I’ve just ordered mine too! So excited! And I’m ordering the wool from Jamiesons to knit the Puffin and Stevenson jumpers. But it shall all be packed away until Christmas – oh my! what a Christmas to look forward to :-)

  30. Can’t wait for my copy to arrive and two weeks off to get some serious knitting in, so excited and a big well done Kate and your team

    1. Woohoo! Not ‘none left’ at all but merely a software glitch. Have ordered my book and eagerly await it’s arrival. I must thank my husband for buying me such a lovely book for Christmas!

  31. Bloody well done on your book! – I’ve lurked but haven’t commented before. Your designs are beautiful and amazing and all look really wearable. Wish my basic knitting skills were up to making them! Must try harder…

  32. It looks really bloody fantastic and I can’t wait till my order gets here (though I’ve heard rumours of a sold out stock… oh well, then I hopefully will get a copy from a second print) :)
    Your book is as amazing and inspirering as you!

  33. I woke up this morning with only one thought : “I want that book !”
    I got one, I’m so happy !
    Very soon here, in south of France, a little part of Shetlands sublime lanscapes sharing Kate’s genius…

  34. thank you Kate, in just a minute I was able to buy a dream, a treatise and an item of incredible beauty. I am hoping we get a little update on today’s gran total and it would be great to knowto how many different parts of the globe the book is winging its way.
    Marg in Beautiful Powell River, BC, Canada

  35. Congratulations, Kate! You can be very proud of yourself. And I am happy because I have ordered the book and can’t wait to hold a parcel from Scotland in my hands. Thank you so much, Kate.

  36. Congratulations, indeed! I’ve promptly ordered my copy and my partner has agreed to buy the yarn, when we are in Scotland, to complete the (first) project of my choice from your book. To finish a book is quite an accomplishment, and you deserve all the praise you receive and more. What a way to cap off a year!

  37. Congratulations, Kate! Writing and making a book is an enormous achievement, one you can add to your many achievements past and those to come. I just purchased my book and am anxiously awaiting its arrival. Kudos!

  38. Congratulations Kate. I have just ordered my book and look forward to starting some knitting. A hat is first on my list. I used to send for wool from Lerwick 30 years ago, I knit Sash Kagan patterns with it.
    Looking forward to knitting again, something from this book.

  39. I have ordered it!! and I am already sooo happy that one day it will be on the mail box. I have been thinking what I want to knit from what we have seen on the blog. I will check the Jamieson page see if they would mail the wool you use this way even though it does not seem very likely… but I will give it a try. I would really like to knit the bird mantle and “the wrap with the different blues” which seems might be for an experienced knitter. Who knows?!

  40. Hoorah! Well done you. Looking forward to receiving my two in Queensland, Australia, one for me and one for my best friend who is a big fan of yours. Can’t possibly share. So two it is.

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