snawheid is here

Good morning! It is I, Bruce. I am here to tell you about the release of Kate’s latest hat design. This hat, which is called “Snawheid” features a large fluffy ball that I’m unfortunately not allowed to savage.

Did you know that I play a crucial role in all of Kate’s photoshoots? Well I do. That’s right — I am the indispensable styling assistant.

The first part of my job as styling assistant is to find a Nice Big Stick and present Kate with it.

Then I fly by with Big Stick just as Tom has set up his photograph.

Finally, I relax and chew Stick while Tom shouts “get out of the shot, Bruce.”

And if you’re really lucky, I’ll even conjure up a rainbow.

Happy Knitting, love Bruce x

Kate adds: with massive pompom-sized thanks to Jen Arnall Culliford, the snawheid pattern is now available here.

54 thoughts on “snawheid is here

  1. Hello Bruce,
    I really appreciate the hard work you put in with your styling duties. It is good to see that Kate at least enjoys your input. My role in my job is to guard the dye-house door, a responsible job that not all clumsy two footers can get their feet round! Ha well C’est la vie. Bisous Fleur xxx

  2. Hi Bruce – great job. You have totally convinced me to knit the snawheid. Now what I want to know is whether you ever help Kate with something called Clothes Shopping. Because I am wondering where she got that dress. And I don’t think I am the only one. Any chance you could get back to us on that?

  3. Yeah Bruce..,,,things just wouldn’t be the same without your input! We are looking forward to our companion making us these big fuzzy balls….she can just leave the floppy part off!

    All the best, Lackie and Daisy, your Canadian Westies Pen Pals

  4. Now it is revealed – Snawheid, of course, but also the fact that there is no gold pot at the end of the rainbow, but rather a wonderful dog – much more valuable!

  5. This hat is in my wishlist…I am a new knitter, so intarsia is still a bit daunting for me. You have been blessed with a terrific assistant :) m.

  6. Love you Bruce, I would be delighted to find you at the end of the rainbow, and well done for helping Kate and Tom with the photo styling – you are a star. Love the hat as well, must add to huge pile of patterns waiting to be knitted.

  7. i adore the pattern and your fantastic outfit so much. the photo of your smile as Bruce chews the stick is marvelous. pure joy.

  8. I too am going to enter the Bruce fan club, well done for your valuable help and input. Snawheid would not be nearly as good without your presence and your sterling work in bringing Kate a stick. I have a feeling my Christmas knitting may fly out of the window while I work on this pattern!

  9. Bruce is special and so much fun!! I am in love with Bruce, the hat AND the dress. The three of them are lovely. And that picture of you smiling with that happy face is adorable. Plus the rainbow…! what else could be asked for? thankssss! a million!

  10. Oh boy, Oh boy…………downloaded and ready to rock and roll!!! No idea how you’d do this without Bruce :) My sister is SUCH a fan and is now into your knitting and designs………..all from Bruce’s input !! I have always been a fan needless to say…………
    Thank you again.

  11. I hope that you do not mind, but I have included one of your pics and a link to your post about the new availability of this pattern in my own Monday blog post. It’s just beautiful! I can’t wait to knit it.

  12. I LOVE Bruce and your hat and your dress! Kate, how about a Bruceheid in the future? I would download that in a flash! Greetings from the west coast of Canada.

  13. i love it when you speak softly, bruce. you are the man. tell kate to make you a pompom, AND a running singlet, like daddy’s. i’d carry a big stick too if i had to go naked in the land of knits.

  14. Wonderful photos. I have just downloaded Snawheid:) This will keep my fingers busy while they ‘twitch’ to knit your book cover hat:)

  15. Yay! I just downloaded it and some other patterns of yours, Kate…thank you…
    This being Thanksgiving week here in the US…I would like to say that I am grateful for the inspiration you bring to people like me :)

  16. I love the Bruce posts, too. And I’ll be downloading the pattern, not having done intarsia before, but wanting to learn! Should be a great way to do so. I love snowflakes. It makes me feel like the holiday season is here already! Thanks Kate!

  17. Bruuuuuuuuuuce! The back story is so funny! Thanks for sharing it. And I think that Anita J is right—a “Bruceheid” hat would be wonderful!

  18. Whoa Bruce! Good One! It was great seeing you dashing thither and yon. I can tell that you have an excellent rapport with your humine (all the best canines do)! I would really like to send you a photo of me, my favorite one shows my is-there-a-treat-for-a-poor-shelter-dog -? face. But I can’t figure out how to work this danged keyboard. It doesn’t fit my paws. And –Oops! I hear Mrs. No-No. I’m outta here!

  19. I was so busy looking at Bruce and your fabulous outfit, I nearly forgot to look at the hat!! However, I shall have to pass on this one – my ears are itching just at the thought of wearing a woolly hat!!

  20. Bruce, I think you, Kate and Tom need to visit the site ‘’ . There are many naughty dogs in this world.

  21. This is beautiful!! I can see a christmas pressie coming along!! your dress is also gorgeous…did you make this??? if you did, where did you get the pattern from??!

  22. Thanks Bruce and Kate for making me laugh. A giant silly pompom, a beautiful bunnet, a great name (bawheid is priceless but I can see why you resisted it) and a dog at the end of the rainbow – what more could one want?

  23. It’s an absolute beauty and it’s clearly an important service that Bruce renders :)

    I think I need a little pompom love in my life, when the current streak of deadline knitting is done.

  24. Oh, Bruce. I do hate to take your simple pleasure away from you but that lovely big stick is very, very bad for you. Please ask Kate to buy you your very own special rubber stick to take on your walks with her.

    Once upon a time, I shared my life with one of your blonde relatives, Her name was Lucy and she was a real beauty. One day I got up to find her sitting with her mouth hanging open. She had a paralysis of her jaw and was unable to eat. Her vet said that nerve damage results very easily from chasing sticks. I had to hand feed Lucy from a large syringe. Luckily, we did well together and she did not lose weight. If she had, the vet would have operated to put a feeding tube in her throat. She might have died. Just because she loved to chase a stick.

    It made us all very sad. because we loved Lucy very much. You would have loved her too.

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