Lauder morning

We got up early, and drove down to the Borders. It was a beautiful crisp morning.

When we arrived in Lauder, the sun was already turning the frost into a magical, dewy haze.

Today, the Autumn colours seemed even more deeply saturated. I want to knit everything in these tapestry blues and golds.

While Bruce and I were enjoying our morning walk, Tom was making preparations. . .

Today was the first race in this series. A hand-knitted running vest is, of course, obligatory on such occasions . . .

Off he goes!

Ah, Cross Country season . . .

33 Comments on “Lauder morning

  1. I just sent this to my daughter in Dubai who is an avid runner like your husband. Loved the photo of the legs and also the hand knit running shirt.

  2. Small boys and mud puddles; big boys and cross country running???? I suppose I shouldn’t be so swift to stereotype. Girls could fit into the category as well!

  3. It’s amazing what some people do for fun! Way to go Tom! I too love gold/blue in combination.

  4. Beautiful photos the walk you and Bruce took ~ I’d love to be there.
    Love Tom’s vest and the photo of mud splatered legs.

  5. Love the photos, especially of the muddy legs at the end. Oh the colors of fall; no wonder Bruce was running with such abandon – ears all aflutter, breathing hard.

  6. I am also seeing tapestries wherever I go, leaves, mosses, grasses …. all just woolly ‘stitching’ in nature.
    There is undoubtedly a lot of luck in each stitch of the brown racing jersey you made Tom –Rowan ‘Calmer’ yarn as I recall was what you used — and ‘calm’ being a very good trait for a racer to have indeed. Go Tom Go !!!!

  7. I see a new design coming out of these photos….gorgeous colours for gorgeous weather. I wish our Ontario weather was as appealing. (the “S” word has happened….snow already!)

  8. What an excellent idea…a wool vest! It looked like the day was just perfect. m.

  9. Loving the muddy legs! Hard core running! Do you have any Ravelry notes for the vest? I think it is the sort of thing my hubby would like!

  10. I admit: every time I see your pics, I feel a huge urge to spend a long season on Ireland… (siiiiiigh!)
    Brazilian kisses (with more than a 100ºF today)

  11. Loved the vest. The J& S wool might be the right weight. I agree with the previous request for notes on the vest. Thanks for the great photos. The fall colors are great to see as the first snows sift down here in Vermont.

  12. That last shot of all the legs is priceless, and put quite a smile on my face. Love the hand knitted vest too. Lucky man.

  13. Isn’t this Tom’s Lucky Vest that he wears to all his races? The colors are lovely!!

  14. Yes, yes, we need a pattern for the running vest, please. It might stop my hub from stuffing newspaper under his shirt while cycling. He claims it soaks up the sweat and is an excellent wind breaker. Yeah, right. I have some Calmer just waiting for a project.

  15. Would love to see what you make of the colors in knitting. A few years back, I drove to Meg Swansen’s knitting camp in September and kept being struck by the combination of the colors of drying corn in the fields and ripe sumac seedheads. It stuck with me until I designed a hat in those two colors of J&S, with motifs like cornstalks and the seedheads – I wish I knew how to link to Ravelry, where there is a picture. I just knit it for myself, and it pleased me so much to carry out my idea. That’s why I admire designers like you! If anyone wants to check the hat on Ravelry, my user name is donice.

  16. Oh my Lord!! The hand knitted running vest! I love it! Chariots of Fire indeed…you really are a special one, keeping the handmade-with-wool love alive, even at the Cross Country!

  17. Ah yes – those muddy legs. When both my boys were part of the cross country team at school they too would come back sporting those muddy legs!

  18. As I drove out of Lauder on Sunday morning I was thinking what a lovely frosty morning, it would be good to go out and take some photos. Thanks for taking some great frosty photos of my stamping ground. Hope the three of you enjoyed your day.

  19. Shhhhhhhhh! Or Jim will want a knitted running vest too. But then maybe I could persuade him to knit it for himself… That might work!

  20. lovely pictures, thank you. Whenever people wonder why I spin, I wonder why people run for fun, but some clearly do. Love the COF reference too.

  21. I lived in the Borders for 6 months (worked at the Borders General Hospital) and it was one of the happiest times of my life. It was so beautiful and I didn’t have a car so had to walk or catch a bus and spent hours in the countryside. I also discovered the House of Lymond series which was my secret addiction for several years. Multiple re-reads.

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