I am two

Hiya, it is I, Bruce. I was born on the 27th May, and now I am two years old. This weekend we celebrated my birthday at some very fun places called Inner Hebrides. To travel there, you have to get on noisyboat.

As everybody knows, I am called Bruce. Yet apparently I have another name that no-one ever calls me. This other name – Finlaggan – was hitherto unknown to me and it belongs to Kennel Club. Now, as far as I know, a kennel is a sort of dog prison, and belonging to a club of kennels does not interest me at all. Also, if this other name is my “proper” name, then why on earth am I known as Bruce? Clearly, being two years old means that the humans can now bother me with these confusing and pointless issues of nomenclature.

This other name – Finlaggan – also belongs to a place on the island of Islay. Kate told me that this place was once the seat of the Lords of the Isles.

Finlaggan is surrounded by water: good. Finlaggan is a Historic Site: bad. What is the point of all this lovely water if you cannot run about and jump in it?

Kate told me that Finlaggan was my spiritual home. Though it is a very nice spot, I think it may actually be more her kind of place than mine.

If you ask me, what every birthday needs is somewhere you could hold a really good party. I think I might have found just the place.

This tidy pile is currently on the market for a mere 1.6 million donuts. I think it would suit me down to the ground.

Imagine me, if you will, bounding unconstrained through the twenty four bedrooms, and wreaking happy havoc in the deer larder.

Truly, a hoose for Bruce. Unfortunately for me, my humans’ tastes are a little more modest.

But even so, I think I’m lucky to have them. We always have fun.

. . . though sometimes you do have to question their sanity.

Anyway, despite not even knowing what a birthday was before last week, I had an excellent one. I’m now looking forward to many more with the humans.

Pretty exhausting, really.

See you soon, love Bruce x

97 thoughts on “I am two

  1. I love your Bruce. We used to have a black lab called Loomis! He was a wonderful dog, but he’s gone now! Enjoy every minute with him!

  2. Happy birthday Bruce. Lucky you being on Islay. I wonder if you took the CalMac noisyboat that also shares your name Finlaggan cos it’s utterly bling and makes me giggle.

    Jura next door is my most favourite place on earth.

  3. o lucky Bruce you are on a perfect holiday what more could you need – a beeach with an ocean and then a mobile house on wheels to driv eyou to another beach. looks heavenly, enjoy.

  4. Happy Birthday to Bruce from Tika. I am half a Labrador and I have just had my 15th birthday but I still have fun with my humans too.

  5. Happy Birthday Bruce, I am Oreo, another black lab, though I live in the States. My human just adores the photo of you on the front of the doorstep of your chosen party mansion! I think it would make a good party house too. We could call it… animal house. Haha. OK, doh……….

  6. Happy Birthday Bruce! from Rebus, black lab in Courtenay BC, Canada. You look perfect in front of that house.

  7. Many happy returns Bruce xxx I wouldn’t worry too much about the Kennel Club name. My dad was in the Royal Marines (a kind of club for boys) and they couldn’t be bothered to give out names so they gave everyone a number instead! How rude. Even now he has at least 3 names – Grandad, Dad, and John. I don’t know which one he likes best, but he tells new people he’s called John, so I guess that’s his favourite. Anyway, it is lovely to see you having so much fun chasing your humans :-) xxx

  8. Happy, Happy Birthday to Bruce. What gorgeous photos. I LOVE the name Finlaggan….hmmm….maybe a design one day?

  9. Oh Bruce Finlaggan, Happy Birthday! Our neighbor has a black lab whose name is Jack. Older than you Bruce, but also a lovely, loving fellow. Many happy returns! I think that house is a perfect match for you. Sorry it seems a bit too large for your humans.

  10. Happy birthday, Bruce! I’ll bet you’d be willing to forego the 24 rooms for just the deer larder? Perhaps your humans have a spare broom closet they could hang a string of sausages in. An improvement over the deer larder, really – no hair to get stuck between your teeth! ;)

  11. Bruce and I share a birthday, hurrah
    Looks like a great weekend for you all, that’s one happy dog.

  12. You are very lucky to have a birthday all to yourself, Bruce. Our lady-pup Lola was born on 29 June, but when we got Buddy the Rescue we didn’t know his birthday. His previous people couldn’t even remember how old he was in years! At all! I can’t believe that. So we decided at first it would be the date we got him. But it turned out to be a bit of trouble to remember. So now he has to share with Lola (sharing with Lola is about his least favourite thing in the world). But it is good for the humans because it means everyone gets birthday bones on the same day. Less fighting.

  13. What a lovely post. That picture of you with Kate and the family shadow shot, brought tears to my eyes. Yes, I am a dog person. Your one lucky dog. Take care of your humans.

  14. Happy Birthday Bruce!!! My favorite dogs of all are Black Labs and you are one handsome fellow. I love seeing pictures of you forlicking with your humans {they look like fun people}. If I was there I would hug your neck and kiss your head. I’ll go kiss my dog instead.

  15. Happy birthday, Bruce. It looks like it was wonderful. I’m a yellow lab mix named Ellie — and my ears fly just like yours do when I run.

  16. Happy Birthday, Bruce … from George Bailey, the orange tabby cat. I would love to run around in the high grass like you did, but my human doesn’t let me go outside. Not even on the deck, because she knows I’ll jump off for an adventure!

    Maybe we could scheme our way into that amazing party house you found. I bet our humans would get used to it after a while … or a few pints.

  17. Happy second Birthday Bruce. You looked particularly handsome in front of that lovely house by the way xx

  18. Gidday Bruce, I would certainly chase a ball or two into the ocean with you if I was there. I am six months bigger than you! Today, I found some yummy stuff on the road verge, my human got a little testy about that. Sadly, they have also discovered that I sleep on the sofa every night. It’s taken a while for them to notice as I am always alert for the sound of footsteps, now they put the cushions up. However, I drive them crazy with toilet trips at 2am and scratching around on my meagre pure wool green patterned environmentally friendly dog duvet! Have a Good One for me. Woof, woof, lick, lick and sniffs. Hope you find a tasty something on your walks! Here’s a few barks from around the world… WOOF, WOOF, WOOF!!!

  19. I too love Bruce posts! Happy birthday to the sweet fella! Looks like a beautiful weekend-great photos, kate.

  20. happiest of birthdays to you, Bruce!!! these lovely photos remind me of our honeymoon just over a year ago, part of which was spent on Islay (in fact, our lodgings were quite near Finlaggan). happy days to remember :)

  21. Hi Bruce/Finlaggan
    I wish you a happy birthday. Consider yourself fortunate – the two-legs I love forget my birthday every year! Suppose I can’t whinge too much; they spoil me rotten every day of the year so it’s a moot point what they could do special on my birthday.
    Of course I am many years ahead of you. I am almost almost 8, and to think you are only 2 but already about 4 times bigger than me. Not that that matters, I love all other dogs regardless of size or colour. I have brown hair, curly too. Two-legs always gasp and say silly stuff like ‘chocolate poodles are so rare’. I say back, I am not chocolate I am dog, but they take no notice.
    I am glad to meet you, even if it is in cyber space. It would be such fun to be able to meet properly, but I live in Australia so I guess it won’t happen.

    love, licks and sniffs
    Charlie (I am a girl, believe it or not).

  22. What a beautiful guy…who has had as many birthday wishes as the handsome Bruce?
    It is a testimony about how many people love you, Kate.
    Joy times two, times again and again.

  23. Hiya Bruce/Finlaggan
    I am glad you had a happy birthday – the two-legs I love forget mine every year, but since they spoil me rotten all the time I don’t mind.
    It is strange to think of your being only 2 but about 5 times bigger than me and I am already nearly 8. My hair isn’t black and glossy like yours, it is brown and curly. Two-legs are always making silly comments like ‘chocolate poodles are sooooo rare’, and I try to say but I am not chocolate I am dog.
    I would like to meet you properly, not just in cyber space (whatever that is, I picked it up from my two-legs) but since we live in Australia I don’t think it will happen. Ah well, enjoy your birthdays and other days over there on your islands.

    love, Charlie (another silly two-legs thing, I am a girl for heaven’s sake)

  24. There ain’t nothin’ like cross-species love. I love my humans, too. Happy birthday, Bruce.
    Love, Bunny

  25. The elegant pile is an excellent hoose for Bruce, indeed! Suits you to a T. You also write a fine blog post, my furry friend. Ghillie (our black labrador) sends his best Birthday greetings and wishes you a year filled with sticks to retrieve.

  26. I dunno, Bruce. A house that large requires a lot of dusting. No time for deer at all. Still, Happy Birthday. I think you were born under a lucky star.

  27. Happy birthday Bruce! Lovely pictures. I have a labrador too, she´s 12 yrs now, my black beauty…
    Thanks for the best blog! :)

  28. Happy Birthday, Bruce, or should I call you Finlaggan? I enjoy your posts so much and especially the pictures. ΧΡΟΝΙΑ ΠΟΛΛΑ! from Greece!

  29. Happy Birthday, Bruce! I wouldn’t worry about your other name. If you stay out of trouble, you’ll likely never hear it again! ;)

  30. Hi Bruce, happy birthday. You are a very clever two year old, knowing words like nomenclature!! Should I win squillions on thhe Lottery, I will buy the house for you!! Anne x

  31. Bruce since your humans remember your birthday i hope you remember there’s as well, you are lucky to have such understanding humans, so take good care of them and enjoy the rest of your birthday holiday

  32. Happy, Happy Birthday Bruce Finlaggan. What an amazing place to be spending your birthday week. Say thank you to your Humans for sharing the memories with us all.
    Many Happy Returns. xxx

  33. Happy Birthday Bruce Finlaggan. I’m Molly, the Spollie and I moved in with Laura yesterday. She tells me you are a very lucky dog getting to enjoy her favourite place with Kate and Tom. What a birthday treat!
    It’s my birthday on 1st and I’ll be 5. She’s going to take me to that favourite beach next month. Perhaps I’ll see you there one day. I love water… I love to jump into any bath or puddle
    x x x

  34. Hi Bruce

    Please would you pass on a message for Kate? We visited the Open Gardens in Stenton (East Lothian) on Sunday and one of the garden owning humans has four shetland sheep (3 chocolate brown, one more coffee) which are about to be clipped. She also has the fleeces from last year and doesn’t know what to do with them… If Kate is interested I can send her a private message with more info so she can try and get in touch.



  35. Happy 2nd birthday Finlaggan (I like your ‘proper’ name very much… it suits you well)!
    Looks and sounds like you had a smashing birthday weekend. Sláinte!

  36. Hapyy Birthday Bruce. I love your guest blogs. And what a lucky boy. Islay is one of my favourite places. I always go to Finlaggan when I am there. Hopefully the weather will be as nice when we are there in September.

  37. Happy Birthday, Bruce! I told Rosie and Lucy (the yellow labs across the way) and they woofed many fond greeting and wished you happy returns on your birthday. By the way, your excursions are far more interesting than theirs!

  38. Good of you to give Bruce a special day. I just found this:

    “Dogs are our link to paradise.
    They don’t know evil or jealousy or discontent.
    To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden,
    where doing nothing was not boring–it was peace.”
    – Milan Kundera

  39. Lovely story of Bruce’sBirthday ( my youngest son’s is on the same day)
    Beautiful photo’s, and fun, love the long shadows at the end, syas so much about time and tide. Love that you share these Kate.

  40. Happy Birthday, Bruce! That looks like a fine wee house for a pup to live in! My pups think there would be room for them, too, they send kisses!

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