Bláithín (junior)

So, here is Bláithín (junior)! This is the kind of cute child’s garment that makes me want to intone “almost too wee” in the manner of Whisky and Brandy Bolland examining Prince’s wardrobe (about a minute into the clip). (Ahem).

Bláithín (junior) comes in sizes from 12 months to 9 years, and has many of the same design elements as the adult cardigan – but obviously on a much smaller scale. For that reason, it would be an ideal project for a beginner to try out some of the techniques I discussed in my steek tutorials, before taking the plunge and steeking an adult-sized sweater.

Just like the adult cardigan, the junior version features i-cord buttonholes . . .

. . .steek sandwich facings . . .

. . . and neat little inset pockets. . .

The yoke features the same floral design as the adult version, but is simpler and shallower.

This sample was expertly test knitted by Eimear Earley, who you may remember as the designer of the shawl pin I mentioned in this post. Thanks, Eimear!

And, like the adult pattern, the junior version was tech-edited by brilliant Jen Arnall Culliford.

So, if you know a small person who would like their very own wee Bláithín, the pattern is now available here or here

I’ll also shortly have print versions of both Bláithín patterns ready for my yarn-store stockists.

I’ve been working on these designs for a couple of months now and am really pleased with them – it is great to get them out of my head and into the world! And, intrusive health-issues notwithstanding, I am enjoying designing tremendously at the moment. I think I can now mention that I am now working on a collection of new designs (yes, an actual book) that should be out by the end of the year. I’ll tell you more about this as time goes on. . .

48 thoughts on “Bláithín (junior)

  1. This is too, too tempting! I was just thinking that my little girl needs a new cardigan and it really is about time I tried steeking…thanks for another great design, very excited to hear about the book.
    Hope you continue to be well and enjoy your fabulous creativity.

  2. Kate! This is beautiful. I’m so excited for your book. You are inspiring in so many ways! Now to get your things stocked across the pond (a girl can dream can’t she?)

  3. Wow it’s so beautiful! I can knit this junior version as a start to try steeking… and my niece will look adorable in it. I’m really looking forward to your book, it’s so exciting!!!

  4. Gorgeous – my bigger little one definitely needs one of these now she has grown out of her owls. Please can you tell us where to buy the yarn in retail quantities – I can only find wholesalers online. Thanks.

  5. I’m very excited by your book announcement, greatly looking forward to it. The wee cardigan is charming.

  6. A charming little sweater – a neat child-sized adaptation of the original design.

    I’m glad to hear of your book plans!

  7. Oh no!!! I only have two boys and no girls but will definitely make this and then find a deserving little girl amongst my friends…… Can’t wait for the book!!! I own a bookshop so will definitely be stocking it. xxx

  8. Such excitement! A book! Also, this Junior cardigan is possibly even more charming than the first. thank you for your designs and your blog! really wonderful stuff.

  9. Just so pretty and special….what a sweet garment. Can’t wait to knit both versions…..and best of luck with the book….we will all be waiting with open arms.

  10. ahh maybe i’m gonna have to get back into the challenge of knitting with more than one colour at a time… ahve been doing a little bitof surfing into how to but if the junior blaithin is less scary maybe even i could manage it?!? just need to find a child sadly all mine are ‘single minded’ teenagers now. tempting so cute, byeee. ps good luck with the book!

  11. How wonderful! A book! The sweater is darling. I’ve finished Sheep Heid and am enjoying Rams and Yowes very much. Thank you for all the lovely designs and the tutorials.

  12. Ha ha, I love that from Reeves and Mortimer. There’s a really small house near us and we always call it ‘Prince’s House’. You are so clever!

  13. This is beautiful, and I know lots of little people who would love it, including my daughter so I’m definitely buying the pattern. Yes! A Book!!! At last!!! I will be buying that too no doubt…. you have found your true calling – blimey, what a route to get there though….. (I’m a Jungian psychotherapist, so I work with this kind of thing a lot and would never underestimate the pain and hardship, but nor the gold within…. ) Big Knitterly Love to you xx

  14. So looking forward to your book. Just make sure it is sold on this side of the pond too!! Perhaps I can put your sheep on the little sweater for my grandsons instead of the fleurs!!

  15. I love the wee version. Since I’ve printed out the many of your designs that I’ve purchased, I already have a Kate Davies’ “book” (it’s a binder really), but that doesn’t mean I’m not rabidly excited about the prospect of a volume 2!!!

  16. Excellent! I was just searching around for a pattern to make for my 4-year old Phoebe. This is perfect, even the colors you chose would be perfect for her. Love it!

  17. Yay! I had my fingers crossed for a wee cardigan pattern because I miscalculated and could make a women’s size XXXXXL with the wool I ordered. The wool looked lovely in the photos and I wasn’t a bit sorry,except for feeling like a needed a math refresher course.. A smaller “practice” version solves two issues. Now I can tell myself I was not really dumb, but rather prescient.

    Can’t wait for the book!!! More details? More wool history? More vintage photos?

  18. Oh goodie! Will this book feature lots of interesting historical ramblings about knitting, yarn and fabrics, as well as patterns? I’ll be definitely keeping an eye out for it. Love your two Blaíthíns, by the way.

  19. it’s a lovely wee cardie (damnit, don’t know any little girls that size). But ooh bookbookbookbookbookbook!
    I can hardly wait!

  20. After seeing your adult version a few days ago, I kept thinking a little girls version would be fabulous! I love how you downsized and slightly simplified the design – so adorable. So glad you are finding new opportunities – wow, a book! You continue to be an inspiration to me as I leave an academic life beyond and move forward into the unknown.

  21. Absolutely charmingly adorable. I think it is brilliant to include the child versions of the sweaters !!! I think a great idea to do for every one of your sweaters. I’d love to know what program you use to get all the size ranges, or if you employ a simple calulator.

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