So, I am imagining that some of you won’t have heard of Ronnie Hazelhurst – the meister of British light entertainment who has given his name to my new design? Tom and I are both children of the 1970s, and, for better or worse, the tunes of Ronnie Hazelhurst have featured largely in our lives. Hazelhurst composed the themes to Sorry, The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin, and Are you Being Served – neat little tunes tinged with characteristic melancholia – but he was also responsible for the atrocious ditties that introduced Blankety Blank, and Terry and June. Love them or loathe them, the problem with Hazelhurst’s theme tunes is that they have a tendency to get stuck in your head and stay there. In fact, I think that there is a whole special portion of Tom’s brain that is entirely devoted to Ronnie Hazelhurst – he often finds himself plagued with Hazelhurst earworms, which he then inflicts on me. (What? You don’t constantly whistle / hum / sing ’70s theme tunes while going about your household routines? Clearly it is just us, then?).

So what is the connection? Well, I found knitting and designing this scarf strangely reminscent of a Ronnie Hazelhurst theme tune – it is simple and memorable and I just couldn’t get it out of my head.

In a way, this infinity scarf marks the end (or the beginning, depending on how you look at it, ahem) of a train of thought I’ve been following through other recent designs, such as the Funchal Moebius or the Mucklemuff. I have found myself interested by the graphic potential of simple, colourwork tubes – and this is the simplest of all.

Knit as one long tube, on a small diameter circular needle, this scarf showcases a gridded check that is more often used as the background or filler to more complex colourwork designs, but which I think looks lovely on its own. The pattern is fixed in the head after less than one repeat, after which you can just work away while watching [Borgen] (insert name of your preferred well-written Danish drama) — you will never have to move your eyes from the screen or subtitles to the chart, and the scarf will quickly take shape in your hands. When your scarf reaches half the length you want it, simply pause in your knitting, reverse the order of shades on the chart, and continue onwards. At the end, you just graft the two ends together, and BINGO! You are now the proud owner of a graphically-pleasing infinity scarf that can be worn in several different ways.

Because I know you will ask me, I’ll tell you that the coat was a recent bargainous acquisition in the Toast sale – a good quality, herringbone tweed affair that I have simply jazzed up with some vintage buttons down the front . .

using a couple of different types at the cuffs and back tie . . .

. . . pleasing!

Like the Funchal Moebius, this finished scarf has a woven appearance – in this case reminiscent (to me at least) of old-fashioned gingham. This even-ness of appearance is of course due to the lovely Poll Dorset yarn from Renaissance Dyeing – shown here in shades Carmine and Ecru. The scarf uses just two skeins, with a yardage cushion to add a few repeats, if so desired.

Anyway, if you’d like to make your own infinity scarf, the Hazelhurst pattern is now up and available here or here. As with the Funchal Moebius, Andie at Renaissance Dyeing will be stocking kits for this pattern. She also has a special offer for those of you who are interested in purchasing yarn and pattern together in a kit – I’ll be back shortly to let you know the details.

In the meantime, thanks so much for your comments on the last post. A few things have been said to me in person recently that have rather hurt me. Your kind comments are the complete opposite of these inconsequential thoughtless remarks . . . and not for the first time, I feel lucky to have such wonderful readers. I take a lot strength and heart from your supportive words. Thankyou.
Anyway, I’m afraid I rather outdid it the other day with my walk / angry stomp, and have been feeling the consequences a little. I’ll be more chipper in a day or two. Till then . . .

110 thoughts on “hazelhurst

  1. This scarf looks like great fun to knit! I’m still working on rams and yowes (I’m up to the next to last row of ewes). It’s good to hear from you.

  2. How on earth did you come to own such a great variety of lovely buttons? Hours of trawling through shops or the internet? Inheritance from some previous crafter? I think you always seem to have the perfect button for everything!

  3. Totaly Cool design and soo want to knit my own and love your styling too. The worst comments I have said to me is, “Your’e always got something wrong with you” (nice) or when you totaly feel like shit and have been in constant pain all week without any relief..” You know there is someone worse off than you” ( andI am thinking fuggoff)

  4. The infinity scarf is gorgeous! I love the red, those tones go so well together. I’d love to knit that.

    Whosoever DARES to annoy you will be shot at dawn. Don’t they know you have legions of friends out here?

    Some people (ie: your tormentors) never learn what it is to be decent people. Pity them.

  5. It’s so hard when people say unkind things. Do they know the damage they do? People are primates, meaning we are designed to be connected social beings and are therefore hurt physically by verbal cruelty from others. Sure, we sometimes do the damage ourselves, and can only hope we get the chance to apologize. But for some reason it take the nice comments from 100 people to even begin to make up for one mean comment.Those seem to stay etched on our brains.

    On the lighter side, maybe take a look at The Small Girls Guide (blog with my 14 yr old, almost no reading, lots of laughs we hope, and my that girl has great eyebrows. My last name is Small thus the title).


  6. Wow, what a great design, great colours and am most jealous of coat with some buttons you just “happened” to have around … hmm the button tin here is very sad and sorry looking … maybe an excuse for some random button shopping. Oh and also great photos, as usual. Thanks for your postings, I really enjoy them.

  7. How can people be so mean. Never make a comments to hurt you, let them walk a mile in your shoes before they past judgement. I just do not know how you do it. I have come to know you here virtually and I can say your gifts are so far and beyond and I am glad to support your work and read into your life. This is a strong process and you have proven to be a woman of strength.

    I love the scarf and will be making my purchase. I brought Boreal and I am trying to decide what yarn to use from my stash. Love your inspirations and glad you have invited us in your life to experience it.

    Stay strong and surround yourself with your inner circle than can elevate you and not drown you. Let other sink in their own boats. :-).

  8. I checked for a Needled update before I went out for my very short walk with the dogs…..when I come back, voila – a lovely scarf design – simplicity personified! Love those buttons too!

    It’s so easy to overdo…….take care of yourself.

    Time to put my feet up, drink a cup of tea (which one to try next) and start my Boreal sleeves…….thanks again.

  9. I absolutely love this scarf. I can’t wait to purchase a kit from Andie….I love her Dorset yarn. Congratulations on another beautiful pattern.

  10. That’s beautiful, Kate! I have so loved seeing your Meditations-on-a-Colorwork-Tube– and the three of them all go so well together. Bravo, and congratulations!

    I too find myself singing theme songs around (mainly, when something ‘mysterious’ happens at the farm, the theme from Foyle’s War), and it’s good to know I’m not alone in this!

    I’m truly sorry that people have been so unkind– so many people are thoughtless. Ignore it.

  11. It always amazes me that people can be so unkind. Even if I thought unkind things about someone I would never voice them aloud. I hope that they are not people whom you have previously counted as friends.

  12. This scarf is quite beyond words. Love the design and color. I may have to order this kit, soon.
    Swans, you’d have thought ! ! ! Wonderful surprize on your coat.

    ♥ ♥ ♥ this photo of you striding down the pathway, Kate. You put a smile in my heart.
    You both work hard and it shows.


  13. I absolutely love your posts – athough I rarely send you comments as it seems like a bit of an intrusion to do so. But I just wanted to let you know that I only look at 3 blogs – the wonderful ‘Spitalfields Life’, the daily picture & description by Persephone books, and yours

    So wonderful

    Am currently knitting some detachable sleeves for a friend y who has MS and cannot get into ordinary jackets – using an adaptation of one of your designs

    Incidentally went to Shetland for a weeks course on knitting with a knittting belt about 10 years ago, and am thinking that it would be fun to come to this years wool week if I can afford it

    Fingers crossed

    Lots of love

  14. Gorgeous scarf, and I can see that you’re modelling it outside our old flat, Dean Village seems to be popular for crafty photoshoots!

    Sorry to read you have been on the receiving end of hurtful comments, not surprised an angry walk was in order.

  15. Love the colours and the design! I’ve finally started on my Sheep Heid- and I’m loving that too! Thank you for the wonderful talent you share with us :-)

  16. this is one scarf that does not look boring to knit! when i have a little more knitting time, this pattern is so going into my rav. cart. thanks for sharing!

  17. I love it all! The mobius, the coat, the buttons, everything is perfect. Clearly while your head doesn’t work the way it used to, it still produces some pretty fine work.

  18. Oooh, that’s pretty. It must have taken downright ages to knit, though! Lovely yardage on the Ren.Dyeing yarns to get that much out of so little. I’m seeing lots of infinity scarves lately, in ready-to-wear and all. Not sure how I feel about them in general but I really like the wound-up-short look, as you are wearing in the second-last photo.

    Also very keen on the shape of that coat.

  19. Gee Kate I must say that you never cease tO amaze me! My husband and I wait with baited breath for you next post. For my husband its the Scottish landscape, for me it’s the amazing patterns and fiber history. My kids of course wait for pictures of Bruce (the dog) I do hope that all of your tests come back with good results with easy and safe answers. Thank you so much for your honesty and openness. ….::and your knowledge of fiber. You’ve really given me a new direction for my knitting! Thanks again!!!!

  20. I love this scarf! It is so simple but so elegant. I have such a large stash that I dare not order any more yarn, but perhaps I might have room for 2 more skeins…… I am so sorry that some unkind words reached your ears. For some reason, chronic conditions are not well understood by people in the general population, even by one’s close friends, and while they may be compassionate for a while, after a bit, when it does not go away, they can be downright cruel. Having been in this position for over 40 years I can tell you with certainty, it is ALL about them, and nothing about you, even though it does hurt, and the words may remain in your brain for a while. Try to turn them around if you can. It is the only way they know how to push away their own fear that something might happen to them. But do drop them as friends, nicely of course, but there is no reason to have contact with anyone who would treat you that way, friend, acquaintance, medical professional, store person, or whomever. That has been my experience, and that is how I have handled it, with great success over time, although not always easily.

    You have a great sense of style Kate. I see you in your own shoppe with vintage clothing (all wool of course), yarn, classes, many books written by you and others, workshops and wonderful things. Possibly your own monthly magazine which has already begun.
    Keep going. You are a emerald among mere diamonds.

  21. Lovely design!
    I grew up in England in the 70’s as well. I remember all those old shows so well! They take me back to the best days of my life….

    I love the setting for your photographs. Beautiful!!!

  22. I love this scarf! Red is my favorite color and you are my favorite designer! I have said it before and I will say it again, Kate Davies, you are a GENIUS!!!!!!

  23. I’m staggered that anyone would be mean to you after the epic struggle you’ve had putting your life back together. Shame on them!

    I love this scarf. I don’t knit a lot of colourwork (I’m more of a lace girl) but I feel compelled to add this one to my Rav queue.

  24. i love the scarf , i am going to do one for next winter to jazz up my “investment buy” coat which still looks new after 4 years and i am bored to death with it, the coat could walk to work on its own.

    I was sorry to hear that people have been saying hurtful things to you , they are probably jealous of your considerable talent and also the way you have rebuilt your life after your stroke . i know how upsetting it is i get deaf jokes whenever i have an ear infection as they make my hearing go down a lot – and its really not funny when you are a girl who has had many ear operations in child hood but it just shows what sort of people they are doesnt it ?
    your owl pattern has persuaded my sister to pick up knitting needles and she hasnt done that since we were eight and granny was teaching us to kint :-)

  25. Great to see you bouncing back with such stylish grace. You look amazing. Love Hazelhurst, but I’m not thanking you for the fact that I now have the Terry and June theme tune going around in my head….Gahhhh! Make it stop!!

  26. Beautiful work Kate. I just love the simplicty of your design. I am also ashamed to say that I am consumed with coat envy!!! Terry and June, now, in my younger days Terry Scott used to make me laugh so much I cried .I remember him as the pantomime dame in many a Christmas panto,goodness, that is nearly 50 years ago now! Anyway, Terry and June was very funny as was the sad Reginald Perrin. Who could forget the clothes left on the beach? So, yes, the ditties in our heads go round, round, round….

  27. While I love the scarf, especially when twined a couple of times around your neck, the coat is staggeringly beautiful. I have serious coat envy. It has the same class as BBC’s Sherlock’s in the way it swirls as you walk. Glad to hear your blog commenters have been so supportive. Isn’t it wonderful that we can be part of a community without ever having met in person?

  28. I am so glad I am not the only one who has 70s jingles running through my head…

    The scarf is lovely and perfect: precise and soft both at once. A project to look forward to!!

  29. Lovely scarf, lovely coat, lovely buttons… And a lovely lady ! Good to read you.

    I wish I could help you cope with bad comments you may hear here and there. I had to face the same situations after my car accident and the major brain and body injuries resulting from it. The point (problem ?) with brain injuries is that you tend to constantly be on your own planet – limbo spirited, and these comments hold you back to a certain reality in a very unpleasant way. And you never, never, never feel prepared to hostility right at landing from Mars. I did have difficulties to cope with nastiness, wickedness or stupidity – including at work which can be extremely annoying for the office atmosphere – as I felt angry to be pushed into something I was not interested in and also felt tired in advance to get into this nasty thing and had some difficulties to put my thoughts and feelings in order. God, these brain traumas are so complicated to deal with, and you are tired all the time, and even thinking is exhausting. It is now all simplified to a matter of social game, I know now where I stand and I never let anyone get into my own self unfairly. I have become an expert at dodging grossness and I must admit that my sense of ridicule is often tested, but now I am OK. Not that I don’t grumble from time to time, thinking of a much better line than the one duly hurled… I totally suscribe to Acaliforniagirl’s post, she is so right. Please do not feel sad because of others more than the situation deserves it and after all please don’t be sad (quoting my 3 years old son). You need to rest, your grey matter needs a rest for some more time. Save your energy to fuel your constant efforts in all matters. Get to know your drives in order to use them for the best. You have made spectacular improvements and you are a beautiful and courageous person. Things will be better and better as your condition will capitalize on these improvements, just be patient and be nice to yourself. Please believe all the friends whom tell you so, especially from their own experience. I do hope I am not boring you with these comments, cultural differences may lead to misinterpretation and all of this is so dramatic.

    Anyway. I have no idea of who Ronnie Hazelhurst is, I am a child of the (late, please) sixties and this may explain that, but am going to find out !

  30. This is a great looking scarf! It looks like it will be done really fast. You must know me very well to design such a thing: I like to read while I knit, but I like to demonstrate my virtuosity as a knitter too. This may be just the thing. I will have my admirers of my fashionable life wowed, but I will not have to put down my book or lose the thread of what I am reading to count stitches or read charts. I hope you are doing well!

  31. Lookin’ GOOD ! The whole concept of Infinity Scarves just seems so refined in it’s simplicity. It can’t get any more glamorous an diverse as that ! Lovely design. Scrumptious !

  32. Gorgeous as always. I especially love the way you’ve reversed the pattern halfway- it adds a lovely dynamism.

    Sorry to hear people are being stupid but glad you’re feeling the love from elsewhere!

  33. I totally agree with Cecile, a few posts up. We can’t let tactless people infringe on our lives and make us miserable. March On!! The scarf, buttons, and coat are lovely–you really know how to put a look together!! Being on “this side of the pond” I have no idea who Mr. Hazelhurst is, What the Toast show was but I sure do like reading about all your adventures. The house behind you in the photo is amazing!! Is it inhabited, museum, boarding house, what? I just finished reading the Book you recommended about Shetland women. Such a thorough job on everything. It makes me wonder how so many of them actually made it into old age as well as their children. I have ordered the Estonian book you also recommended and will have it soon. Thank you for being you.

  34. Another amazing design. I have been reading your blog for years and your work has always been inspirational, even more so in these past two years, hope you’re feeling more chipper soon. Thanks for sharing with us. Hugs from Australia.

  35. That is a beautiful design. Congratulations! I am constantly impressed at how much you produce despite the difficulties you are encountering with life. You are amazing.

  36. Oh such graphic gorgeousness!
    And the buttons, the buttons!
    People say stoopid things. They really do. Don’t waste your energy on them – save it for knitting! ;)

  37. Glad you’re back and OK. Fab scarf. Reggie Perrin – my other half read the book on the train from Cornwall to London many years ago, and kept breaking into serious hysterical giggling. And Borgen – oh YES! We were invited out to friends’ house for dinner on Saturday – bad news, missing Borgen – good news, still have two episodes saved up for iplayer. The best news is there are two more series.

  38. stunning!! love the scarf, love the buttons, love the scarf! I’ve now got terry and june tune going through my head, thanks!! love borgen too :D

    Keep up your great and inspirational work and thank you for sharing your ups and downs.

  39. I have just bought some yarn to knit the Shetland tunic but I think I may put that to one side for the moment and make the scarf,its gorgeous. If the unkind comments came from your previous academic life then I do think they have empathy issues generally. My sister is an academic and finds them all an uncaring bunch of b*******s.

  40. Now I want to search out vintage buttons, and sew them on the thrift coat I found a few weeks back. Not nearly as lovely as your coat, but brightened up my dull winter… New buttons though, will make me very happy.

  41. You have such an amazing sense of individual personal style and design balance. I absolutely LOVE all your designs and am totally lusting for your closet! You have this way of taking something small, and what I would think would be inconsequential, and turning it into a masterpiece. This new design is no exception. Glorious! So far as someone saying something thoughtless and hurtful to you, well, unfortunately there are far more people in this world who are enamored of their own voices much more than they are of the impact of their words. Ignore the thoughtless clods. They have the misfortune of having to live life as themselves. I think you’re great ! :)

  42. Love the scarf! Will have to look for a knitter in Switzerland who can follow English instructions ;). Great idea with the buttons on the coat. You’re so VERY inspirational. Thank you!
    Were the pics (love them, too) taken on a walk along the Water of Leith?
    Take care, H

  43. Kate- the scarf is beyond gorgeous! Kudos Girl! I love the colour combo- but then again I would- I love RED! And I love the Buttons- you never fail to inspire me. Must try that on a coat- if I can find one as lovely as yours :) Hope you are able to rest up and feel better!

  44. Quite wonderful and pleasing simplicity.
    And the coat is fabulous.
    I only have one complaint; now the theme for Are You Being Served is stuck in my head.

  45. I love everything you do. Must do this scarf. The list of your designs that I want to attempt is becoming endless! And I do like what you’ve done with the buttons of your new coat. Love unusual buttons.

  46. Hi Kate! Fabulous design, great color scheme, beautiful scarf. Not only you are a talented knitter, you also are a very good “sharer”. Thank you.
    My friend/collegue has a say: “life is already too short to spend enough time with the people you love and the people who love you, don’t bother with the others!”

  47. “Ground floor, perfumery, stationery, haberdashery – going up” Arrfgh! See what you have started! (I am actually a child of the sixties, man, but only by about three months, so I know who Ronnie is). It is a very beautiful scarf, and the styling and photos are wonderful. I wanted to buy that coat, but the orangey version was all gone by the time I got to the sale (I “heart” orange). The buttons are completely fantastic!
    I am sorry someone hurt your feelings, I hope it wasn’t intentional and just thoughtlessness or akwardness on their part, if not – well, some people are just not very nice, which is always a hard thing to deal with if you are well-mannered and thoughtful yourself.

  48. Shocked to hear you are on the receiving end of hurtful comments! Why would anyone be that mean? Even though it sounds like there is more than one person out there making these comments, please remember they are in the minority.

    I am always in awe of the way you deal with what happened to you and how honest you are about how you are feeling. I know you have bad days, but if you look at the archive of your blogs over the last couple of years, I hope you’ll get a sense of how others see you.

    Besides everything else, you are a cracking knitwear designer – love the scarf. And the improvements to the Toast coat – I’d have bought it in a heartbeat if it looked like that on their website!

  49. When someone says something unkind ask yourself, do people from as far away as New Zealand log on to their computer everyday to be inspired by them? I log on everyday to see if you have posted. When you have my day is a better day. I adore your work, you are an inspiration in so many ways. Take heart, you are very good at what you do.

  50. Your scarf is beautiful. It reminds me of the antique woven coverlets.
    I’m so sorry some have said unkind things,I only know you from your blog, but have enjoyed your musings, reflections and knitting. Thank you for sharing.

  51. the scarf is brilliant and the red is very becoming on you – looks warm and cozy. the buttons are fun and really jazz up the coat. some people just can’t help being mean spirited – I wonder why they feel so nasty?

  52. I just love you. Not in a creepy, stalkerish way, just love you. You have fantastic style, are extraordinarily talented, and are endlessly brilliant. I want to be you when I grow up.

  53. oh, I fear I may have said something that was misconstrued and got my comment zapped off

    if so I humbly apologize

    I adore the scarf and but I was waiting to see what you were going to post about a kit: your beautiful pattern and wool together

    your patterns are breathtakingly beautiful and your blog a treat to read

    I truly apologize if I said something offensive, it was completely without meaning too!

  54. Once again I am completely blown away by your simple but elegant design coupled with your sense of style. Not to mention the wonderful photography. Thanks for being such a source of inspiration!

  55. Such a beautiful scarf – and what a gorgeous outfit! Every detail in place.

    Some people say mean things on purpose, and some blurt out hurtful comments, only realizing afterwards how they sounded. Let’s hope the people who hurt you at least were feeling bad afterwards.

  56. i saw the pattern first on the Rav patterns page and thought “wow- that looks like a kate design. copycat.” and then i clicked on it and realised it was you. :)
    gorgeous job, as usual! i hope to find some suitable yarn soon. and of course the coat is outstanding- i cannot get enough of those swan buttons! what an inspiration.
    have a lovely rest of the day and take good care!

  57. Kate,
    Sparklycat used the words “stylish grace,” to describe you, and I think all of us would agree. I think of you as my knitting sister across the pond, and I am so glad to have found you. You provide DAILY inspiration to me for so many reasons! Please remember that your spirit flows into all of ours. We need your words, your style, your grace, your imagination and your COURAGE!
    Thanks and gratitude from Dixie.

  58. great scarf design – and the pcitures are fab, as always! What a cool idea to exchange the buttons, love all three types of them, especially when combined. I still wonder if i should try to listen to Hazehurst songs :-) (but the Reginald-thing seems too tempting)

  59. Oh my! This is just gorgeous! When I pulled up your blog today, this scarf just stopped me in my tracks. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent and your beautiful work with us. I do hope you feel better soon. Thank you.

  60. Hello from chilly Canada, where I have not seen anything green in far too long…and won’t for far too long, sigh…Any hoo, just want you to know that I think you are fabulous (absolutely) I stalk you on line. Love your designs and will soon spend a small fortune on your lovely patterns…dam you….if you know what I mean..I want to knit your stunning blankie, your cowl, most of your hats etc. Don’t let evil thoughtless people get to you, I have had my share of them too and they are not worth it. People who have never met you are very fond of you and wish you well. Cheers from Ottawa!!! Lulu x p.s give Bruce a cuddle for me.

  61. Why are people harsh to folks who are all soft wounded centre without a hard enough shell to deflect yet another blow? Sigh. You need a mob armed with knitting needles and enough yarn to garrot a whole army? Just say the word.

  62. I have checked back a couple of times hoping you had said something to us; I am so glad you have appeared again, and I Love your princess- line coat, and the vintage swan buttons, and scarf, whole outfit really. I’ve had a princess-line Vogue designer coat pattern sitting in my cupboard for about 20yrs, still didn’t sew it, the price of wool, and worrying that I may not get the lapel correct on expensive material. Such a timeless beautiful design, and that is what suits you Kate.
    I agree with what Acaliforniagirl says also.
    I am chemically injured (MCS) and suffer because of it. Even some who know how sad and ill I get when hit by artificial chemical fragrances say things.. there is only so much one can take when one is striving and striving, and has already taken the limit, but still trys to please, cater and continue under sufference, often getting more ill later, and when the chastising and cruel remarks come..out of the blue, ‘cos one cannot do something due to the impact from another toxic source…well the lack of understanding, and hurtful comments cut so deep, when one cannot breathe. and knows they are being impacted on further, healthwise.
    You have come back up and shown coureage, grace and dignity, and that gives me strenght too. Take care.

  63. I don’t know what I like best,your coat, the mobuis or your hair…and those buttons!
    You are wonderfully put together :)

  64. I have read your blog for years now, and have made several of your design, and loved every stich of them. Never left you comment before, but just realized that is was loooong overdue. You are such a beautiful person and your creations are just amazing. This infinity pattern is on my needles very soon, Thank you!!!!

  65. Such beautiful simplicity – so pleasant and satisfying to look at – your scarf design is impeccable! The combination is truly classic.
    Dear Kate, there are always insensitive people who are so self-centered they can’t even imagine the hurt they do with their words. I am sorry to read that you, like many, have suffered under such callous remarks. Try and put the hurt behind you – I regret every day I let such painful memories eat into the time I could have used to read, knit, listen to music… Try not to let those people who lack empathy, kindness and caring rule your thoughts!

  66. I’m so sorry to be reminded of those horrible earworms, ugh. But, I do love me a good bit of subtitled Danish to knit to (Hare and Tortoise-ing to Borgen is the latest thing I’ve been trying, and more tortoise than hare as a – predictable – consequence). And that pattern is very striking (as is the glorious coat, which reminds me of a Cacharel one I loved, and wore to shreds years ago. I thought it would last a lifetime: the Cacharel salespeople seemed shocked I’d wanted it to last more than a single season. They gallic-shrugged at my distress, and I learned to recover buttons and turn sleeves…).

  67. Revisiting this post: I love how you switched out the buttons on the coat ! I do this a lot myself, having a reputation of buying a garment from discount or thrift (rarely new , but yes, it has happened) … and always, always, always over-dying, altering, and/or changing buttons. Pure Brilliance from you, as usual, regarding the coat. & buttons to show off the scarf !

  68. I’m watching Borgen every thursday on french TV, and I didn’t know that I had to knit this scarf !!!! I love it, and Borgen too, I begin next thursday ! Thanks !

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