fat rascals! competition! adventure!

I am foolishly excited. This is because we are going away for a few days this weekend. Guess where we are going?

that’s right! Islay and Jura! As wild camping is a bit beyond me at the moment, Tom has hired a camper van in which we shall zoom about the islands in comparative luxury. What fun! He will be running the Jura Fell Race and I, of course, will be having a much more sedentary time. I’m sure, though, that I can manage some low-level walking and know I will really enjoy just being in these much beloved places.

I am also pleased because the mini-manu pattern is nearly ready to go and will be released as soon as I get back from our trip. I realised that I had 175g of the lovely spring green “St Magnus” Orkney Angora yarn left over – more than enough to make a toddler-sized cardigan – so I thought I would give the yarn away with a copy of the pattern when it is released. If you are interested in this “prize” from my stash, just leave a comment here between now and next Tuesday, and I will enter you into the draw.

Finally, my sister brought me some home-baked Fat Rascals a couple of weeks ago. They were very good, and I immediately nabbed her recipe and made some myself. For those who don’t know, Fat Rascals are a sort of cross between a rock bun and a scone, with the luxurious addition of dried fruit, spices, and peel. They are decorated with a wonky ‘face’ formed out of cherry eyes and blanched almond teeth, and are familiarly purveyed by Betty’s Yorkshire Tea Rooms. I particularly enjoyed the smell of grated citrus peel and nutmeg while I was making these (is there anything more mysterious-looking than the interior of a nutmeg?) and the finished result was very tasty indeed. Please to note: if this recipe is followed, your rascals will have a pleasing dome-like appearance, rather than the unusual mushrooms that you see here. Their odd shape is because I baked them in the type of tray that is meant to hold buns in bun-cases. And this, in turn, is explained by the fact that I got up at the crack of dawn on Sunday on a baking whim, and found myself unable to get into the cupboard that houses the flat baking trays due to wonky arm and leg. It was 6am, and Tom was sleeping, so it had to be the bun tray. Ah, the vicissitudes of post-stroke cooking.

still tasted good, though.

Fat Rascals

4oz plain flour
4oz self raising flour
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
pinch salt
5oz butter
4 oz caster sugar
2 eggs
1 lemon
1 small orange
small nutmeg, ground
half teaspoon ground cinnamon
5 oz currants
3.5 oz glace cherries
packet blanched almonds

Preheat oven to gas mark 5 / 375f / 190c
use a non-stick baking tray, or use some butter to grease a normal one.
grate the rinds of the citrus peel. Grate nutmeg and chop your cherries, (leaving 12 whole cherries for decorating later)
Rub butter into the flours, baking powder and salt.
stir in sugar, spices, rinds, currants, chopped cherries.
Beat the eggs. Add 2/3 of the beaten egg to the mixture (keeping last 1/3 to brush surface later)
mix to form soft dough. If mixture is too dry, add a little milk. If it is too sticky, add a little flour.
divide mixture roughly into twelve rascals and place well-spaced on baking tray.
cut your remaining cherries in half, and place on top to form ‘eyes’.
Add blanched almond ‘teeth’.
Brush with remaining egg.
Bake in oven for about 20 minutes (but check the oven, as they catch easily).

Eat warm, with butter.

Don’t forget to leave a comment if you want the yarn and pattern and also, do let me know what you think about the blog’s new appearance (I am overhauling things). You may recognise the header from the card made for me by Kowajy, which I love (I will get back to updating the correspondence archive next week) – but is the sashiko stitching round the edges too much / too twee? Do you prefer a cleaner look?

Edited to add: I got rid of the stitching. . .

See you after the weekend!

286 thoughts on “fat rascals! competition! adventure!

  1. I love the new header, Kate, but not so keen on the stitching. I do prefer a cleaner look, as I think it suits you more. Will try the recipe soon. Any chance we’ll see you at Gardening Scotland?

  2. Woohoo! How lovely! yes please, please enter me for your draw. Love the new look of your blog too and am feeling very covetous of that blue fabric with its petal shaped embroidery. Have a wonderful trip.

  3. I often think of writing poetry about the inside of the nutmeg; it’s so mysterious and beautiful. But then I finish the recipe and forget about it. But you just reminded me so I think I need to do it now!

    My daughter would love a green mini manu. And I love the new masthead – did you draw that?

  4. I love the header too, but love the stitching less . . . And those fat rascals are going into my oven this weekend!

  5. I finally found bicarb soda in Germany and now I’m coveting all recipes with bicarb soda – your Fat Rascals have been added to the list. Thankfully we have friends coming this weekend to eat all my “bicarb soda” baking!

    Love the new blog header, although I also loved your beautiful fair isle banner. Whenever I read your blog it always inspired me to tackle beautiful but slightly scary fair isle patterns. Have fun “camping”.

  6. I feel a bit bad coming out of lurkerdom just because I want the pattern and yarn, but I can’t help myself – both are beautiful. I like the new header too, but also think I’d prefer it without the stitching. Hope you have a lovely time on Jura.

  7. Ooh, a draw, exciting! my wee cousin is in line for a new cardi from me and mini!Manu is already in the list of possibles.

    I hope you have a lovely time on your trip – I shall keep fingers crossed for peaceful, recovery-helping times while I lurk in my tent watching the rain (I’ll be in the New Forest this weekend, myself, for the first of many camping trips. The weather forecast is not…optimistic… though, oh well!)

  8. love the new blog outfit, the embroidery is very pretty
    [reading a bit with you for a while]
    lovely for you that you having a splendid weekend trip!
    [am a bit jealous, always want to be in scotland]
    baking thins look yummie
    [am making rhubarb-cake at the moment, good aswell;)]
    happy weekend!

    love, pien[holland] :)

  9. I love the new blog look. I didn’t get the chance to see the stitching, so no comments on that. I’d love to enter the draw, of course!
    Happy weekend!
    PS: I still have the Azorean tea to send you, it is not forgotten!

  10. Wow! New look. Wasn’t sure I was in the right place at first…. Fat Rascals look yummy. Have fun on your trip this weekend. We are doing some faux camping in Vermont this weekend. We usually tent but with a crazy schedule between work and the kids we decided to take the easy route and rent a cottage in the woods. We’ll still hike and have a campfire but will only need to bring clothes and food supplies. Yippee!

  11. I love going away in a camper van. I am very jealous of going to Islay and Jura though, I’ll just have to make do with horse riding in mid-Wales.

  12. Well, I must say that your blog posts have inspired me to try wild camping, so while you zoom about in the camper, I will endeavor to do my part and trek around with a tent and thermos :)

    Please enter me in the draw, and thank you for the opportunity! And I think this brighter look is nice – but, like some others, I also miss seeing your pattern work as the banner of your blog!

  13. Have a wonderful weekend. Please enter me into the competition. Such a gorgeous colour, would love to make this as a wonderful present for somebody. The fat rascals have made me feel peckish!

  14. I love the new header, it’s fitting and cute and not to twee (in my opinion)

    I’ve never heard of fat rascals before but they look lovely.

    Enjoy your luxury camping! (and I have a toddler in mind if I win that yarn…)

  15. Thanks for the chance to win these goodies. I am going to try out the recipe on my 2 children who are bogged down with exams. Hopefully a couple of fat rascals will cheer them up. Enjoy your trip. X

  16. I love the new header! I’m not sure I like the larger font/width, though. I’m sure it’s much easier to read for most everyone else, so it’s probably a good thing overall. I just have a strange desire to fit as much on my computer screen as is humanly possible.

    Have fun with the camping!

    I’d love to be entered in the contest…my little nieceling will need a sweater for winter soon enough!

  17. Top marks, VG and star for wonderful new header and fat rascals recipe.

    I have been scouring ebay for campervans this week on a whim; dreaming of one since a short holiday a few years ago. The call of the wild…but not too wild. Have a lovely break.

  18. I love reading about your adventures.. Have a wonderful weekend, full of fun and — a little knitting too. Be blessed with wonderful weather. Please include this for your competition. Your new heading makes me smile….

  19. Everything looks so yummy in this post : yarn, islands, cookies, new layout, mini-manu…
    I’m drooling over my keyboard now and i’m pretty sure it can’t be good for my computer!

  20. What A good idea to rent a camper. My children i did alot of ‘wilderness’ camping when they were young. when I started dating husband#2 he wasn’t up for tent camping so we got a pop-up camper. a nice compromise. give it a chance you will enjoy it, I think.
    you also changed the comment section- I looked up from the keyboard and realized the printing is big enough to see with out my glasses..
    enter in your drawing too I love all your patterns.

  21. I love the new banner! Good luck tinkering with the redesign – it’s amazing how easy it is to just fiddle and fiddle and…

    Count me in for the contest. I’ve been working on a Lyttelton for about three weeks now and I’m having a lot of fun with it. It’d be great to try another of your patterns with the exact yarn you suggest. Fingers crossed!

  22. Hello Kate,

    I love the new header as well. It looks like you might be able to crop the header a bit more on the left side. (I can see past the edging on the left side of the image.) I also wonder if you might try a different title treatment above the header, or use the header for the title treatment? I always look forward to your updates, and to hear about your work and recovery. Have a wonderful trip!

    – a fellow kate

    p.s. I just made owlet for a friend’s baby. It’s so adorable it hurts.

  23. I like the new look! I love the drawing and the wider format is very nice too. I hope you enjoy a nice weekend relaxing outdoors. Jura and Islay look heavenly, maybe I should go one day. Please enter me into the draw! I am not such a knitting dynamo these days, but I do have a little girl who could fit into toddler sizes. There will just be that extra incentive to finish before she grows, if I get lucky in the draw.

  24. The Fat Rascals look like a fun recipe I could make with my 3 year old. The yarn is the same that I used to make wrist warmers and is sooo soft…I love it! :)

    Enjoy your trip :)

  25. Not foolish at all Kate , I’m jealous..green with envy ( mini manu green)…Islay is my favourite holiday place and I was hoping to drop everything and run away next week to spend time with my friend in Port Ellen..but..life happens. I have to defend our veg plot from a developer ..grr! Last time we were on Jura in summer we were eaten alive by midges and cleggs cos I forgot to take citronella mix.
    Haven’t knitted any of my Neepheid this week..too distracted by the defence task in hand to concentrate. I need Islay time to restore my calm…maybe the week after. In the meantime I can console myself with Fat Rascals, thanks for recipe
    I do like the new header but I miss the Neepheid one ‘cos I love that.Thought I was in wrong place.
    Oh and I have a new baby..erm.., friend I had lost touch with has….so I have someone waiting for mini manu.
    Have a lovely time. Good food in Jura Hotel and have a glass of Ardbeg for me …

  26. Have a wonderful weekend away in the wide open spaces!
    Like Whitney I have a perverse fondness for the tiny type, but your blog still looks beautiful

  27. Love the new blog look, and I’m jealous of your trip – I hope you have a fantastic time. I’d love to be entered into the draw x

  28. Please could my niece Saoirse and I be put into the mini manu draw – thank you ;o)
    Have great adventures on Islay/Jura. Your post has taken me down a memory trip of the months we spent tootling around New Zealand in a van. Happy times.
    Mmmmm….fat rascals….I think I’ll be baking this weekend! Thanks for sharing the recipe.
    Oh, and love the new look to the blog x x

  29. I like your blog new look. I like blogs written on a white background, they are so much easier to read. I love the picture at the top. Anyway, enjoy your time in the campervan, I can thoroughly recommend a nice relaxing weekend in a caravan. I would love to be entered into the draw. Thanks

  30. A camping trip to Jura and Islay is fantastically exciting! Best wishes to Tom for his race and to you for your camping adventure.
    Thanks so much for the recipe – my hunger was increasing as I read more and more about fat rascals.

  31. Have a lovely trip. Sounds positively dreamy! I completely agree about the inside of nutmeg. And thanks for the opportunity to win your pattern and the sweet yarn!

  32. I love the header although I must confess I did not see the previous one since I most often read blogs through a reader… You’ve been an inspiration for quite some time and I’ve been following your recovery with awe and admiration for your clearheadedness and courage. I’ve purchased the Manu pattern and hope to knit it soon, and would love to make a version for my daughter as well.

  33. I love the new header; I adore the ‘needled’ card by Kowajy and it is lovely to see it used here in the header. I like a blog overhaul every once in a while.

    Those fat rascals look absolutely amazing! Enjoy the Jura trip and good luck to Tom in the fell-racing! x

  34. I enjoy your blog so much. There is always something interesting to look at, read about, etc. Have a lovely time on your mini-hols.

  35. Great that you and Tom are Back To The Races ! Those Fat Rascals look quite inquisitive, think I might give them a try, and thank you for sharing the recipe !

    ~Jen from MtVeeder

  36. I love the header too! It’s all about you.
    And of course I would like to win the lovely Orkney Angora…
    I wish you a great weekend. May it be the first of many.

  37. I love the new header. I’d absolutely just love to knit my girls your cardigan. Have a wonderful weekend, sounds like great fun.

  38. I do hope you have a lovely week-end!! I can’t wait to try the fat rascals!!!
    Camden, Maine USA

  39. Kate, I love the new header and have a wonderful time in the wild west! I hope the weather will be as glorious as that we’ve had over the last week or so. Now, I’m clocking out to rush off home to make some fat rascals! Hope to see you back at knitting group soon. L

  40. Thanks for the recipe, now I need to hunt down some nutmeg and try these out.
    I am looking forward to the new pattern release to knit for my nieces, it is so cute.
    Enjoy your weekend away :o)

  41. I wish I could have been fast enough to see the sashiko. I’m curious now, even though it looks perfectly fine (neat, even) this way. I think this may just be my favourite blog post right now. There’s that strong and positive feel that you’ve been spreading all through this battle with your body, a contest that is almost too good to be true AND a recipe for cookies! How could I not comment? Really!? :)

  42. ps. Oh, the comment you wish to hear, about your new blog look. I preferred the other, (though I am envious about your friends drawing abilities ! ) , and in thinking *why*, I guess it’s because it seemed more ‘pro designer’ look. Whatever that is ! ;-) Unexplainable really, but I thought it admirable how you had your own micro-close-up of your own work. There’s my two cents. ~Jen , MtVeeder

  43. I like the new format! The header is whimsical and I really like the wider reading space. It also showed up nicely in my feed reader with an easy link over to the blog. Enjoy your weekend away – it sounds like a great time. I’d love to win a copy of your new pattern. It looks like a lot of fun.

  44. Kate, enjoy your trip. I am so envious, it will be a few months before I come home to Scotland again, and that photo is so lovely. Good luck to Tom for his run.

    I have a few young nieces and the mini-manu will certainly fit one of them, and that would act as a warm up for my manu (already have that pattern). I am intrigued by the yarn too.

  45. The new look is nice. I love reading your blog, but it usually takes contests to get me to comment. I just finished my paper dolls (in long sleeves, not quite the right season for it) . I love it and it blocked out lovely in the harrisville that I used. Wonderful pattern…thank you! I use every chilly opportunity to wear it.

  46. I can’t wait to try out the recipe! Also, your trip looks amazingly fun. Hope I can someday talk my boyfriend into doing something like that with me =)

  47. I hope you enjoy your trip very much.

    Your cookies make me believe you’re a better baker than I am and so I will ask for your opinion on something: Can you think of a recipe you love for baked goods of some sort which goes well with green tea? I was thinking maybe a lemon loaf? What do you think?

    1. argg I forgot to push the “email me when people reply to me” button.. If you see this and reply to my post… could you reply to this one? Because I’d hate to miss a response from you if I forget to check back in my current state of panicked running about like a ninny. Thank you ducks! (Though if you have no ideas/don’t respond I understand completely… given that I have no ideas as well.)

  48. Ooh I shall have to be good and resist baking those right this minute, as tonight energy needs to be on cleaning the house ready for a viewing tomorrow and NOT creating a creative mess.

    Enjoy Isla, look forward to mini Manu.

    Ooh and LOVE the new header!

  49. Those are the craziest cookie things I have ever seen. Brilliant! Have a great time on your trip … relax and enjoy … you certainly deserve it after all of the work you have done.

  50. Yum! As soon as the weather here cools down I’ll have to bake these!
    I hope you have a lovely weekend.
    — and here’s hoping for a mini-manu to make for my goddaughter!

  51. Ok ! I give it a try ! the yarn looks lovely and the design is so beautiful !
    I read your blog very often. It’s a good practice for my English and I like your style and interesting subjects.
    I wish you all the best with your recovery. I know how it feels not beeing able to do what you want (I have a chronic illness) and to cope with it.
    Enjoy your trip !

  52. Kate – the new header is lovely and the format is clean and easy to read. I already have yarn to make mini-manu as soon as it’s released but please do enter me in the drawing as I’d love to make 2.

  53. I am a relatively new reader of your blog (~ 3months) and thoroughly love reading about your adventures. The new look is lots of fun!

    Looking forward to the release of mini manu :)

  54. I really love the new header! What clever and cute sketches. And I would love to have the resources for a mini-manu. My niece would look great in it!

  55. Oh my goodness, I would LOVE to win that lovely green yarn and the mini-manu pattern! Thanks for offering the giveaway, how exciting!

  56. I hope you have a lovely trip, love the new blog style, will deffo be cooking the buns and would also really love to ‘win’ your ‘prize’. lots of love, Karen

  57. So thankful for the recipe, I had those while in York, brought one home to H and so now we’d love to make them! Have a wonderful time on your getaway weekend, it will be healing to just be out there! And yes, enter me in the draw, I’ve all sorts of little girls to knit that one for…Enjoy your time away…

  58. What great weekend therapy for you! To travel (in a bit more luxury) to some of your favorite places! Sounds like a perfect getaway. I can’t wait for the cute new pattern. The yarn would be a nice surprise, too!

    Have a great trip.

  59. I really like the wider format and the full white page. How exciting for you to be going on this trip! Hope it goes well for you and Tom. The recipe will be tried – they look delish – and just to be able to say that I am serving Fat Rascals.
    The Mini Manu is just what I have been looking for – my niece is having a daughter in June – and I would love a chance to knit with the Orkney Angora. I loved your pics for the photo-shoot with Freya – the colour, the sweet little pockets – Freya’s mum must be delighted.

  60. All right, there must be a good story behind the “Fat Rascal” name. They look delicious, and I’m going to make them as soon as I can find anything in our newly remodeled kitchen.

    Have fun this weekend, but please take it slowly.

  61. I’m glad to hear you’re getting a lovely trip in, wish I was too! I like how nice and big your pictures are now, and I would love a chance to win a wee sweater kit. Thanks, and bon voyage!

  62. Hi Kate

    I’m so excited to enter this competition. I have a granddaughter who is two and a half and I would make a mini manu for her. Have a terrific weekend. I love the road excitment of a road trip. Carla

  63. What a surprise to see the new layout! I was a big fan of the other (if you check out my blog) more so because I found it so much easier on the eyes than a plain white page. (Personal preference.) Please enter me in your draw, I have a niece who was the recipient of a knitted dress for Christmas (first ever knitted garment I made!) and I would love a chance to make a sweater. (Would you send to Canada?) Thanks a bunch…

  64. I like the art work of new header, and I love your font size changed, but I really love your old heading. Have a great trip, and looking forward to seeing your beautiful photos.

  65. The site is looking very good. Thanks for the Fat Rascals recipe – I love any baked goods with currants and spice! And of course, thanks for having the draw for the yarn and pattern – I would love to be entered in the draw.

    Enjoy your mini vacation

  66. I like the new layout and the fact that your photos are bigger due to the new width (or am I completely mistaken?). Great idea to use the postcard for the header, but it seems be slightly blurry. I notice that I keep refocusing when I look at it.

    If you have the opportunity, I’d love to hear where the name “Fat Rascals” came from.

  67. Please enter me in the drawing. I’ve already been fantasizing about which yarn to use to make a mini manu for one or both of my girls.

  68. I really like the new look, then banner at the top is sooo cute! I also absolutely adore the mini manu pattern

  69. It’s definitely a conspiracy – I’m still recovering from an excess of cake on holiday and everyone is posting delicious recipes!! Have a wonderful holiday – and yes, I too like your new look!!

  70. I’d love to make that sweater for my almost three year old little girl. Any chance you would be willing to mail it all the way over here? I live in Texas. I’ve really loved following your blog. I’ve been a reader for about six monthes or so. Thanks.

  71. I love the yarn and I love the little sweater with daisies…would love to make it for my neice. Fingers crossed. Have a lovely holiday!

  72. Am I crazy or are the pics bigger? Who would complain about the eye candy getting larger? As for the new banner, the texture of the paper and the brush work come through, giving this banner similar qualities to your pattern work from earlier – the detail, texture, and human maker evident. I think the change is great, refreshing, crisp, personal, and meaningful.
    Camper-camping! I hope you have a wonderful time! My grandparents traveled the US in a camper for 6-9 months at a time (for 10+ years), once retired. He’d track and photograph trains and she’d read like crazy, collect seeds and plants. They’d do all sorts of stuff together and separately, and must have seen every museum, mountain, lake, stream, and post office in the country; large and small, familiar and obscure. Every holiday the adults would set up a slide projector and screen in the living room, they’d mix Old Fashioned cocktails and we’d watch the slides of my grandparent’s trips. For me, as a little girl, it was how I learned the geography of our country. I can still smell the heat from the old projector and hear the fan running. (Somehow PowerPoint does not have the same effect as those old projectors.) To this day my 93 year old grandmother often says “I think I was born with wheels on.”
    Although it may not be your first choice for mode of transport I hope a camper offers you and Tom a new option for fun and adventure together.
    Good luck to Tom in his race this weekend!

    1. Oh I love this comment!

      I’ve always wanted to go off in a camper – really randomly.

      This whole thing is inspiring me to get off my backside and do it!

  73. And just for fun I’ll connect a few unrelated dots – I’ve just decided I will take my amazing and wonderful grandmother a batch of your sister’s Fat Rascals on Monday! Thanks Kate, for always helping to bring out the best.

  74. YAY for adventures, both the camping and the baking one! I wish you will have wonderful weather for your trip and for Tom’s race.

  75. Yeah a fat rascal recipe, thank you so much, doing a lot of baking at the moment to break up the marking. That green yarn is such a fab colour, maybe making a toddler size version will give me the confidence to launch into a adult size one for me. Hope you have a great weekend.

  76. I didn’t know whose blog I stopped by at first, the layout was so different. However, I rather like it. And the Fat Rascals. Love the name. Might have to make them just because of the name.

  77. The new look was a nice surprise – fresh for spring.

    So glad you’re getting away.

    And would love to be entered in for some lovely freebies – v.generous of you I think. Alpaca is my fave yarn and Orkney one of my fave places so it would be a delight.

    Looking forward to seeing pics of your trip.


  78. i like the new layout; the larger font is particularly helpful! please enter me in the drawing; my friend liz is having a baby in september & needs a mini-manu!

  79. Thank you for the recipe. I shall bake some ‘fat rascals’ this weekend when is school breaks up for half term. Enjoy your time away and please enter me for the prize draw.

  80. Don’t be sad not to be in a tent – camper vans are cool! I just got one and I love it. Taking off all the upholstery fabric to wash it was scary but it went back on fine and is a glorious mustard yellow, with a van a similar green to your mini-manu yarn. Sadly the seventies flowery curtains fell apart in the wash, but it was fun making new ones.

  81. Love the new appearance of the blog. So clean. And the header is wonderful.

    I’ll try the buns some time! (love me some new recipes)

  82. Oh goodie I’m really into baking things at the minute and these little fat rascals will be great for when i have the gang round for tea and coffee, now i have more of a reason to buy a cookie and biscuit stand i’ve be pondering over for weeks. How and a new pattern great i just recently finished your owls sweater which i’ve had queued for about a year now, it turned out fantastic thank you xx

  83. Sometimes when a tent is just too overwhelming, we will rent a cabin or a trailer. You get the beauty and fresh air, but can sleep on a platform instead of the ground… I like the new look but wasn’t in love with the border. Enjoy your trailer ~ all the comforts of home.

  84. Rock cakes! I used to make them when I was a kid because it was basically a recipe that you couldn’t screw up (because they were so hard anyway). These fat rascals sound tasty and I might give them a try! I’d love to win the Orkney angora yarn – I love trying out yarns from small local producers and that looks like one of them Plus the mini-manu is just too adorable for words! Blog looks great – though I’m curious what the stitching edge looked like!

  85. My sister is pregnant, and I hope she has a girl–I would love to knit mini-manu! Your blog looks great. Have a great time on your trip.

  86. I’ve never seen a recipe for Betty’s Fat Rascals – so thank you. I feel a baking session coming on this weekend! Love the pictures on your header – what a multi-talented person you are! Have fun on the islands and I hope Tom has a good run.

  87. Great new look to the blog. It’s always good to have a change. Very jealous of Tom’s fell race and would love to do it myself (although I would probably finish last!). Enjoy the views.

  88. I have to confess I haven’t the foggiest what the interior of a nutmeg looks like..

    Hope you enjoy your trip. I was telling my brother about your blog recently, about your frustration at not being able to do the things you used to do easily and having to be careful not too progress too fast and set yourself back. He’s in a similar position – not a stroke, but he’s had a severe problem with his left leg for the last two years which means he can barely walk even with a stick. He asked me to pass on his best wishes to you – he says he can really sympathise with the frustration!

  89. Ah, would love to be able to knit up a mini-manu for my brother’s latest littl’un. I love the new blog look, though a little sad I didn’t get here in time to see the stitching!

  90. Enjoy your trip, the landscape, walking, knitting, eating and just being there!
    I love your website and the header is perfect!

  91. I love the header, and I like the new design. And I would love to win the yarn and pattern although I suspect Manu would be too girly for my little nephew!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  92. Hello, I would love to go in the draw to win that beautiful wool, thank you : )
    I have been following your blog for a year or so now and have been really inspired by your life. It also amazes me how much of your countryside is like NZ’s!

  93. It’s so good to hear you excited about your trip – have a wonderful time. i do like your new header, I was particularly drawn to this little sketch when you showed it – she has caught you perfectly (says me who doesn’t know you from a bar of soap!!) . I think I might have a wee baking session tomorrow – thanks for the recipe. Have fun and good luck to Tom for his race.


  94. I have been catching up on your news and I’m ever so amazed by your sharing of your ups and downs in your recovery path. You’re so inspiring, Kate. I hope your trip to Jura is fun and relaxed. It looks like I missed the stiches on your banner but I do like how it looks now. Please count me in for your draw. The cardie is beautiful (I’m a fan of the adult version) and it would be fun to knit it for my little ones! All the best, Luciana.

  95. Dear Kate, I’m so pleased to see you’re doing so well.
    I read your blog with much pleasure, only I never comment (I’m the voyeur…)
    But after reading today’s blog…I’m gonna have to!
    I’m sure my daughter Dora would love it when I knit her a little green Manu.
    And I would love to knit one for her.
    You are so kind. Have a great trip, Cheers for Tom from Holland!

    We’ll be baking the fat rascals tomorrow afternoon, makes my mouth water……

    groetjes Cindy

  96. My little Rhianna is going to look fanstastic in a Mini-Manu, and the green of your Orkney Angora would be perfect for her! Looking forward to the pattern in any case…

  97. Have a fabulous time out on the islands – I hope they work some healing magic to speed your recovery! I confess to being a wee bit jealous of your trip as we’re not heading out to the islands this year.

    And thanks for the recipe – one to try!

  98. I’ve been wondering what to bake to take to work on Friday. Looks like I’ve decided now :) I normally do cakes but they get rather rattled about on the way (road bike + Edinburgh cobbles = crumbs!) Tasty portable baked products are the way forward!

    Personally I’d enjoy your blog whatever it looked like, but I do think the new header suits you well.

  99. Not only did I not know what a Fat Rascal was, I didn’t even know what a Rock Bun is (and still don’t, actually … off to Wickipedia I go!) Looking forward to the wee Manu pattern and would love to be entered to win the prize! Enjoy your trip in the meantime.

  100. Love the new blog header and fresh new look – I am also overhauling the blog and it is very pleasing. I am sooo pleased you are off to Jura – the campervan trip sounds amazing. Enjoy it and hope Tom does well in the race.

  101. I knit for an adorable 2 year old, also called Freya who would look wonderful in this cardigan. Wonderful buns!

  102. Have a fabulous trip! How wonderfully exciting to be out in the world for you – enjoy!

    I am awaiting the release of the mini manu with baited breath, so I would be very pleased to enter. One of my dearest friends is pregnant with a girl and her first was a boy, so I had planned on knitting something girlish for her – the green would be perfect! Then I will go stash diving to make it for my daughter, who asks fairly regularly if ‘her pattern’ is ready yet :-)

  103. Hi Kate

    Really happy to hear you are going to places you love so much. Fat rascals look fab – I shall bake a batch to take on our annual pilgrimage to the Lake District next week. And I’d love you to enter me in the draw.

    I like the new look. I can read it without my glasses!

  104. I love the colour of the yarn – please enter me in the draw!!
    I’m going to make Fat Rascals tomorrow just because of the name!! love it!
    Have a great holiday


  105. I quite like the new header. Don’t know how I feel about the new large font though. For some reason I liked your smaller old font better. Also, speaking of your archive, it’s occurred to me that I think you have no direct way to get to it, other than scrolling back to the entry where its link is (and now maybe from this entry as well). Just an fyi. Also, I would also love to be entered in the draw!

  106. I like the new header! I also like the Fat Rascal recipe. I think I will try making them for the bank holiday weekend.
    Please would you enter me into the draw? I have a little person who would look lovely in a mini Manu!

  107. The new look is interesting. What I’m more interested in, though, is that race! It looks incredible. I’d loooooove to run a seven-summit 16-miler right now. Wish I lived on the other side of the pond!

  108. Have a well-deserved fantastic weekend. Nothing soothes the soul like walking familiar territory. Soak it in like Frederick the mouse. Enjoy.

  109. The blog looks good – I like the new header, and would love to be in with a chance to win the yarn! Enjoy your time in the islands – I’m very jealous – have never been there, but would love to go one day.

  110. Love your website & the recipe for the “Fat Rascals” Will be making them this weekend. Hope you have a lovely holiday, it sounds like a great place to visit.
    What a nice idea to set up this competition, perhaps a few more of us could do this with some of our stashes of wools we keep saying we will use “One day”!

  111. Those look wonderful! I’ve made Jane Brocket’s rock buns; I’ll have to try these next.

    I’m so glad you’re getting away for the weekend. Enjoy!

  112. Yum to fat rascals- one of the best things ever. Betty’s do a simnel version at Easter which appeal to my Lancashire lass heritage. No cherries (which i mourn the loss of) but lots of nutmeg and cinnamon spices.

    Have a lovely trip!

  113. Your site looks just grand!
    Saw the Mini Manu Daisy pics on Ravelry and fell in love. What a treat it would be to win your giveaway!

  114. Have a lovely weekend. Thanks for the recipe. Please enter me in the draw. The new look is very open. I loved the old look, but this is right for summer, perhaps.

  115. Thanks for the recipe. They look great!

    I’m very happy that you and Tom have a lovely weekend away planned. Do enjoy! We’ll look forward to your photos and vicariously enjoy the islands.

    I like the new format.

  116. Hello Kate,

    I’m so excited for your upcoming camping trip. Here in British Columbia, Canada, the Victoria Day long weekend always marks the first general camping weekend of the season. Yes, there are those you are a little hardier and go earlier in the year, but now is the camping time. I hope you have a splendid time.

    Your Manu sweaters, both big and little are lovely!


    Naomi aka Crystal Belle

  117. The drawing sounds fun-thanks for sharing! As for your new header, I’m a slow one for change when it comes to something I like. Your sight has always looked so different from other sites. I appreciated your effort in coming up with something so unique. So, I’ll hang in there and in a couple of weeks I’ll be onboard with the change. I’m so glad that you’re soon to be off on a pleasant adventure!

  118. Hello. I like the new but I really loved the old header design too. (sorry) Have a lovely time away and thank you so much for sharing your stories and recipe! If I may – would love to be entered into the drawing – I have a little niece who I enjoy making things for ever so much…

  119. I would love a chance to win the yarn along with the pattern. I have used this lovely yarn once before and it is positively one of the most pleasant yarns I’ve ever knit with. I hope to make both the child and adult someday.


  120. The new look is very nice. It gave me a brief moment of panic, but once I recognized your portrait in the header… :) The buns look perfect. It does make me want to try to add hair.. maybe coconut? Love the new pattern and I hope you have a wonderful trip!

  121. I went to Betty’s when I visited a friend in Yorkshire – it was fantastic – but I didn’t have Fat Rascals. I shall have to remedy that omission! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

    I like the new blog look – such a difference! Very Spring/Summer appropriate.

    Hope you have a great camping trip.

  122. Did it not strike you how much the Fat Rascals look like owls? Or could do, if their almonds were arranged just so? Enjoy your camping! I can’t wait to see the Mini Manu pattern–it is really a lovely garment!

  123. Love the blog, but love, even more, the fact that you’re going away for a nice little junket. I’ve enjoyed your blog and reveled in the fact that each day has brought improvement. I do hope that I am “struck by luck” in your drawing. I have a 3 year old grand-daughter, Ella, who it would suit beautifully! Regardless, I look forward to making one for her when the pattern is available.

  124. Thank you for the opportunity to enter your draw. I hope to one day make the cardigan anyway, for the little girl I have on the way. Have a great weekend away!

  125. I enjoy reading your blog regardless of what banner you have. The new one is cute! This new design is easier to read. And of course I like to win yarn!
    Have fun!

  126. The Fat Rascals look wonderful – I’ve made a note to try them. The new look is very clean and neat and I like it. Enjoy your jaunt – it sounds like great fun.

    That is all.

  127. I really like the new design – it’s clean and your personality comes through very well.

    I’d just love the pattern and yarn, my niece would look adorable in a mini manu.

  128. Have so much fun on your well-deserved trip!

    I’d purely love to knit up such a sweet little cardigan for one of my nieces – thanks for the giveaway!

  129. I really like the new banner – it says so much, and has a sweet bygone aesthetic. I’m planning to christen my new oven with those rascals. I have just decided on wool for big Manu, and would love to make little Manu as well. I really look forward to reading your posts. Have a fantastic time away.

  130. Thanks for the recipe – Fat Rascals look like fun to make as well as to eat!

    Have a wonderful trip :)

    I like the new design – it feels clean and bright.

    I’d love a chance at the yarn and pattern. How sweet – thanks for the chance :)

  131. Have a *fabulous* adventure on Islay & Jura. The camper van sounds wonderful! I’m very much looking forward to mini-manu – although having a tribe of small boys myself I’ll be on the look out for a girl recipient hereabouts! The new header is lovely – but I was too late to see the much discussed stitching ;-)

  132. Oh the paps! Had a very enjoyable Easter weekend on Jura a few years ago, camping in front of the hotel and celebrating my husband’s 30th birthday (he was just my BF then!). Would love to go into your draw – now have a 9month old redheaded girl who looks gorgeous in green….!

  133. Oh, I could really enjoy this give-away! Hope your trip is great fun, sounds like heaven – mini-van, tea on hand and lots of knitting time, bliss… Go well! Sue.

  134. I like the new look! And I’m looking forward to seeing the mini-manu sweater. I imagine that it is adorable!!! The yarn looks lovely too…

  135. Enjoy your island sojourne! I’m sure it will be absolutely wonderful. And thank you for the recipe (and the contest). I hadn’t heard of fat rascals but am a fan of rock buns; these sound delightful.

  136. Enjoy your trip, Kate. You are an inspiration.

    (I also have a fairy god-daughter who would look wonderful in your Mini-Manu!)


  137. So glad you can get away somewhere you love, it will be a real treat for you. I’m having a bit of a break too, and am heading off to North Fife.
    Love more white space on the blog and the illustration, not so keen on the serif typeface, like the cleaner one you had before, size is fine though. Have a lovely time in the wilds of the West coast.

  138. ooooh, those Fat Rascals look and sound lovely… I may or may not attempt to bake some, after a little baking-press shopping :)

  139. I read you regularly but comment rarely. However (just before I go off to bake some Rascals) I like the new style – especially the size, I found I was squinting a bit at your former one – but I too am not so keen on the serif font.

    Have a lovely holiday!

  140. I have to say I’m glad you removed the embroidery on the sides – but again I’m an architect, and tend to prefer the slightly cleaner look. Enjoy the camping trip, it is so important not to stop living the life one loves even if it needs some adjustments.
    And the insides of nutmeg, I always think it looks like really nice wood. Yarn and mini manu would of course be welcome

  141. OK, I love the pattern so much I’m quite prepared to consider having another daughter just so I can make it for her. Mine are 10, 13 and 15, so they don’t deserve one. A Manu, that is, not a sister.

    Thank you.

    (and the cutest little thing wearing it!)

  142. What a scrumptious blog entry. Just happened upon your new header–I remembered it from the cute card and it’s perfect. The yarn and recipe are equally delightful, and the beautiful scenery! Have a fabulous time on your camping trip. You’ll feel like you’ve come home, I bet.

  143. I hope you have a wonderful trip, and best of luck to Tom in his race. (I’m a runner, myself.) The new blog ‘do looks great. I agree that the larger font is much easier on my poor, aging eyes. And thank you for the give-away! My daughter will look so sweet in a mini-manu. And angora? Nom, nom, nom!

  144. I am really looking forward to the release of the pattern as I have a perfect little recipient in mind!
    As for the fat rascals, I’m too afraid to bake them as I’m pretty sure I would end up being the fat rascal having munched the lot of them!

    Enjoy your break it’s utterly beautiful on Islay and Jura, fingers crossed for a spell of dry weather for you.

  145. I wish you a wonderful weekend and the new blog looks great. I love the yarn you used for the mini-manu. Take care & have fun

  146. Love the new look of your blog and very happy to hear that you’re off to enjoy places that you love. Hope you have a grand time!

  147. I love the new look of your header. I didn’t see the stitches version, but I don’t need to–it’s lovely just the way it is! I’m surrounded by toddlers, babies and soon-to-be-babies and a mini manu would be a wonderful addition to the collection for the little girls. That yarn looks so yummy! I love reading your blog. Have a great time in Islay and Jura!

  148. Thank you for the recipe. As soon as I saw them I planned to ask for the recipe and was quite happy to page down and find it already there.

    I would love a chance of receiving your pattern. Hope you’re enjoying the islands. They look like a wonderful place to be.

  149. The recipe looks delicious – thanks for sharing! And thanks for doing a giveaway!

    I love the new header, but I’m not crazy about the new font.

  150. I will definitely be making these Fat Rascals!! I lurve them!!
    also – I left a note a few days ago… I have some things I’d like to send you if you could email me an address to send to. I think you will enjoy them… :)

  151. I do so wish I could come on that trip with you. Jura is on my (long) list of places to see and I especially want to visit the gardens at Jura House. I hope you have a wonderful time.

  152. I loved the old header, but this one is also very sweet. Thank you for the recipe, the monster treats look wonderful. I will have to try this as I love cherries. I wish you a wonderful time on your week-end holiday!

  153. Love the look of the fat rascals… may have to steal the toothy almond smile idea, though I really cannot stand baked peel, so the recipe will be highly edited!

    My mother works with quite a few stroke victims, so I’ve sent along your blog. I really hope that your insight into the feelings and thoughts of a young and highly intelligent person suddenly thrust into a new life-narrative will make her think. She tends to lean quite a bit towards the “isn’t that a sad story, we must do all we can for the poor darlings” mindset.

    Enjoy your vacation! What a lovely way to stockpile mental energy :)

  154. The drawing is a lovely idea, but it is the Fat Rascals that grabbed my attention, although finding peel in Maine when its not Christmas can be challenge! Enjoy your trip to Islay and Jura, I hope the weather is fine.

  155. Please enter me in the drawing for the mini manu :) I have enjoyed reading your blog for several years and have been rooting for you from afar through your stroke recovery. Your courage in the face of extreme adversity is very inspiring!

  156. Am really looking forward to trying out MiniManu! Love the quicker pace of a kids cardigan, and so many wee ones around these days that I am sure I can find a lucky recipient without any problem.
    Have a wonderful time camping!

  157. How lovely Kate!

    I like the layout of your blog, and the new header. Also, thank you so much for sharing such a fun and delicious recipe, I will definitely try it soon.

    I love the yarn, but I think it would be kind of unfair to ask you to enter me in the draw, as I bought your Manu pattern already, as soon as it came out…

    Well… you decide… have I mentioned I love your yarn…?


    I wish you and Tom a wonderful trip to Islay and Jura, one of your favourite places.

    Cheers hugs from Toronto


  158. I haven’t commented before but I love the Manu and mini-Manu patterns and would love to be entered into the competition. I certainly enjoy reading and really like your designs.

  159. Sigh.

    Islay & Jura? I’ve been jealous of your living in Scotland for quite some time now, but the thought of being so close to all that peaty whisky has tipped me over the edge. I hope the van trip allays some of the non-walking frustration – sounds like it will be gorgeous. Have fun.

    Leah xxx

  160. I’m so glad you’re feeling up to a trip. Let us know how the camper-vanning goes, and how it compares to ‘tenting’.

  161. oohh Fat Rascals? I will be one if I make them – they look yummy. Have a fantastic trip to the islands. :)

  162. I like the new cleaner look too . For a moment I thought I was in the wrong place . have a wonderful weekend. Can’t wait for the baby manu pattern.

  163. The new blog header looks great.

    I can’t wait to try out the Manu pattern – as I’m about to have a baby, knitting child-sized garments has been on my mind lately.

    Have an excellent trip!

  164. Good Morning Kate,
    I love the new look , it is so light, bright and whimsical. I hope you have a great time this coming weekend even though it is different from what you usually do. It is so refreshing to get out of town from time to time, away from the daily grind. I can’t wait to try the Fat Rascals. I love the name!

  165. So glad you will be getting out and about. The Mini Manus are great, I want a full size for myself. I have been wanting to email you about sizing, the 1, 2, 3 sizes are a bit vague. Will email. Enjoy. The cookies look great.

  166. You are a marvel the way you live life joyfully, purposefully, and packed with all things I love! Thank you for the new recipe, the possible yarn win, and what I hope will be a free trip via your amazing photos.

  167. I love the header. My Mum and 4 yr old daughter made Welsh Cakes the other day, I ate several fresh off the bakestone (if you don’t have a bakestone, you can use a frying pan). They were wonderful and one of my favourite things to eat.

    I’d love to be entered for the contest. Also, I’ve been meaning to ask you for a long time if you’d be interested in a vintage Clothkits kit for a yellow/gold blouse, it’s a UK size 12, IIRC. Let me know and I’ll send it to you when I dig it out of whichever cardboard box it’s hiding in.

  168. Goodness, HOW many comments?! I am usually put off adding one as you have so many already, but I can’t resist saying that I do like the new look and the wider width of your blog. The previous version was immensely stylish and individual: this one has a different feel, more friendly and fresh.

    Hope you have a wonderful, refreshing time on beautiful Islay and Jura. Btw, the green Orkney angora looks delicious and the cardigan is darling but, as I can’t knit (oh, the shame!), please don’t enter me in the competition.

  169. I did love the hat, but the hew header is clean and bright and just as individual. I would love to knit one of the cardigans for one of my grandchildren so am looking forward to seeing the pattern. My very best wishes for your continued recovery.

  170. I’m preety sure you are going to have a great weekend! Those places seem marvelous!
    The new header is perfect, it’s so “you” ;)
    As my sister loves baking I’ve already printed her your recipe… so I smell a very tasteful weekend!
    And as my best friend is pregnant, your new pattern is going to be the perfect gift for her little girl, so please enter me in the competition!
    Have fun and please take a lot of photos!!

  171. Love the new blog design. The mini manu looks fab, I can’t wait for it to be released. I just need to find a baby to knit for (else the boyfriend might run a country mile!). Enjoy your trip and good luck to Tom for the race.

  172. Darn I missed the stitching (no pun intended). I like the new header, Kate. Change up is good and your latest has lots of personality. Thanks for the recipe. My friends and I have a cake and craft meeting coming up and Fat Rascals will be my contribution. You saved my butt.

    Hope photos are to come from the van trip. Best wishes to your runner.

  173. Fat Rascals — love the name! Sounds like you will have a lovely time, and you will feel so much “better” just getting away to relax LOL

    and thanks for the contest!
    a fond blog reader,

  174. I do like the new header (seem to have missed the brief appearance of sashiko stitching; do like sashiko itself, though).

    I’d love to win the yarn and pattern and know just the girl for them (and she lives in Edinburgh!) Whatever, I’m sure she’ll appreciate the fat rascals I shall make her either way.

  175. Have a good weekend and thanks for hosting the yarn prize/contest.

    I really like the new header – lots more personality.

  176. Fat rases = me and my odd brain some how combined the tray-incident with the appearance and name and now I think they are wonkey rascles. Please put me in the drawer for the yarn, so perfect for a mini cardigan : )

  177. I do like the new header of your site! Looking forward to knitting mini Manu in the future. I’m in the middle of doing Manu for myself and I can’t wait until it’s done! So glad that you and Tom are able to get away this weekend. I hope you have lovely weather and a relaxing, happy trip.

  178. I am going to have to stop reading blogs whilst talking to my children; I’ve just been reprimanded for inadvertantly calling one of them a fat rascal (apparently she’s actually a little rascal). Have just treated myself to the owlet pattern but would love to win the stash yarn – no reason not to have two projects on the go!

  179. Hello from western Canada. Have been following your amazing progress and would like to add my best wishes for your continued recovery. Your weekend away sounds great, looking forward to the photos.
    A recipe and a yarn and pattern draw, Happy Friday, count me in !
    PS. the new header is personal, fresh, and cheery looking. Change is good.

  180. I’d love the yarn! I really want to make my own Manu, but alas, high-school budgets are prohibitive… this would be perfect for my cousin, though!

  181. Thanks for the fat rascals recipe. I’ve not heard pf them and will try them out this weekend.
    Enjoy your trip.

  182. So glad to hear that you’re able to head back to a beloved spot! I’d love to be entered for the yarn and pattern. Have a great weekend!

  183. The holiday sounds great – I hope you have a brilliant time. I love the new look blog very fresh and summery. No need to enter me into the competition as I just wanted to say have a good time, I’m working on a big Manu so the litle one is far to cute and would be distracting me into casting on!

  184. The mini manu sweater (and the sweater model) are adorable. Would love to be entered into your generous drawing. Thanks!

    Enjoy your camping trip, the pictures are beautiful.

  185. Have never heard of Fat Rascals, they look like fun.

    And thank you for the chance to win the Mini-Manu yarn and pattern. I really enjoyed the pics of Freya modeling the sweater. Very cute!

  186. Wow Kate, what a journey you have had for the last few months. I hope that every day brings joy, new beginnings and peace.

    Oooh. I would love to win this wool! My relatives are from England/Scotland/Shetland Isles and I have a lovely little celtic (read red-head) that would suit both the wool and the pattern ;-)

    Love and healing from New Zealand…


  187. My plan for tomorrow was: get up, bake a cake, go to work. Now I suspect I’ll be making Fat Rascals which sound delicious and look wonderful.
    I’d love to have a chance to win that beautiful yarn, it looks yummy.
    Have a great trip, it sounds restful and invigorating all at the same time.

  188. oh my goodness! the yarn looks amazing, and i would especially love it as i am part scottish! i have the manu pattern and am thrilled to know i’ll be able to make a wee version for my little one. thank you for the chance to win!

  189. Your patterns are wonderful so of course I would love to participate for the chance to win the pattern with your lovely yarn!!

  190. Found your blog recently; what an extraordinary story you’ve lived – and what an extraordinary way you have of telling it to your readers. I’d like to see a title by you someday amongst the books you listed – I’d buy it in a heartbeat.
    I spent a summer on the Orkney Islands; one of my fave cardies comes from yarn I purchased at a farmhouse shop.
    Thank you for sharing your story :)

  191. I enjoy reading your blog and the new header looks great. Please enter my name in the drawing. I would love to make the mini-manu for my little red-headed granddaughter.

  192. i’ve been doing plenty of pregnancy induced midnight baking, but none that early!

    I’m due this weekend. If it’s a girl, I’m sure she’d love to sport a mini manu.


  193. Have a lovely trip Kate – a change is a good as a rest my Mum always says! I hope you take some pictures for us (my husband always loves to see your scenery! especially the “ale” shots ;) I’ll be knitting that Mini-Manu no matter what – but would love to win that amazing yarn as well. Take Good Care, Kim in Pouch Cove, Newfoundland

  194. I was so interested in reading I didn’t even notice the fresh new digs until you mentioned it. Gack! One hopes it would have been noticed eventually. I like the new blue color of the back ground. Reminds me of stormy skies.

    The little green cardigan is precious. I’d understand not wanting to mail the yarn overseas but the pattern?…

    Enjoy your luxury camping trip. The photos of the area are beautiful!

  195. Have a great weekend I’m sure a trip to Jura and Islay will lift your spirit.
    Off to make Fat Rascals, yumm yumm.

  196. I hope that you have a wonderful time. Too rainy here for much outdoor time. I’m following you on a map.

  197. Traveladventures, baking and knitting are my favorite things! I hope you had a great trip and I will be sure to make some of those fat rascals this week.

  198. First I spotted your recipe for Fat Rascals and then some lovely natural cherries in Real Foods at Tollcross. Fate…..
    I had to wait until today to get the oven on (decorating to be done first, it is a bank holiday after all), and now I am sitting surrounded with their wonderful aroma having seconds! Yummy, yummy. Definitely a recipe for the favourite folder.

    Thanks, as always for sharing, and hope you both had a wonderful weekend.

  199. I love your pattern and would be excited to win. It almost makes me wish that I still had little ones at home, almost.

  200. so, my 3rd attempt to post — my computer doesn’t like wordpress at the mo… I do hope both don’t show up. At any rate, a briefer response – the rascals look divine; the yarn and pattern would be lovely, you are quite generous; I do hope you enjoy your caravan trip and have a chance to relax and recover.

  201. I’ve been on a knitting hiatus for a while now, despite receiving a set of circular needles for a gift a while ago and have several projects in the wish list. But the second I saw your mini manu pictures, I thought the design would be perfect on my cousin’s daughter and vowed to make it for her before she gets too big. I shall have to track down some daisy buttons as they are perfect for that yarn.

    I have been reading your blog for at least a year now and this is shamefully my first post. I’ve been meaning to send some physical correspondence, but must admit that I’m a little intimidated by what you’ve already received, as shown in your archive.
    I shall convert your recipe to my baking speak and try it out this weekend. I like the idea of a bun cross scone.

    Thank you for all your inspiration.

  202. Hi, well i just popped by to see what you’re up to, and saw those delicious looking Fat rascals, I’m afriad if we bake them we will all be fat rascals in this house!!!
    Freya looks gorgeous in the mini manu and the wool is to die for, so what ‘s not to like?
    I hope you had a good weekend away and the best of luck to you in your journey to full health…

  203. I only just recently found your blog and absolutely love your mini/ Manu pattern. Very generous of you to offer the yarn and pattern as a prize. I hope you have an excellent weekend away! Thank-you.

  204. Hello Kate –

    I love the new format of your blog. It’s so bright and airy. Please enter my name into the contest. I hope you had a lovely time away. xj

  205. Yes, please enter me in the drawing. I know just the little girl for the manu. Hope you had a grand adventure.

  206. I like the new look (though the old one was good, too!). Bigger pictures are nice–you’ve got me salivating for some Fat Rascals.
    Have I come in too late to enter the Mini-Manu draw? If not, count me in!

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