The Tortoise and Hare Sweater is available for £3.95

This pattern includes full colour charts, schematic, and instructions for unfamiliar techniques (vikkel braids; Sunday short rows; steeks). The design is inspired by Aesop’s fable of the tortoise and the hare, which has assumed a singular relevance for me as I recover from the stroke I suffered early in 2010.

Sizing:Size 1 (30-32 inches), Size 2 (34-36 inches), Size 3 (38-40 inches) Size 4 (42-44 inches)

yarn: Blacker Designs 4ply Shetland in 4 shades: 1(760), 2(950), 3(1050), 4(1150) yards of Main colour; 1(180), 2(190), 3(210), 4(220) yards of colour 1; 1(180), 2(190), 3(210), 4(220) yards of colour 2; and 1(70), 2(80), 3(90), 4(100) yards of colour 3

You may wish to read this post, in which I discuss designing and knitting the sweater.

Have you seen the Tortoise and Hare gauntlets?

7 thoughts on “tortoise and hare sweater

  1. Hi Kate ,
    I am nearly completing the Gloves version of your Tortoise and Hare Version and have loved every minute knitting it. Very enjoyable it has also been a learning curve experience as I have never made part fingers on gloves it has been challenging for me. Once doing it , found it quite easy. Just getting my head round how to do it.
    I am looking forward to learning to steek as I have never ever been brave enough to do it so I am going to try doing it first on a scarf one of your designs in Insipred by Islay- Singing Sands.
    Then attempt on a cardigan :)



  2. Your designs are beautiful and my daughter loves her owl jumper. Does the tortoise & hare pattern have an option for long sleeves?


  3. hello,

    all your creations are wonderful !!! really.. I love all them !!! and your photos are always so beautiful with these marvellous landscapes !! thank you to share this with us…<3<3


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