A cosy, slouchy hat, inspired by the colours of the Lothian landscape in Autumn, and the glowing sandstone walls of Tantallon castle.

Tantallon is available for £2.50

You can also buy Tantallon as part of the Hats of Midlothian Collection.

MATERIALS: 6 x25g of Alice Starmore Hebridean 2 ply in the following shades: Poppy (A), Whin (B), Selkie (C), Pebble Beach (D), Machair (E) and Solan Goose (F). The pattern uses less than 25 yards of each shade, so is good for using up leftovers from other colourwork projects. Small amount (25 yards or less) of soft laceweight yarn for lining. (sample used Orkney Angora 4ply.)You will also need ircular needles in sizes 40cm / 3.25mm and 40cm / 3mms, and 3.25mm dpns, or longer circular needle for working crown and icord.

7 thoughts on “tantallon

  1. I have the “hats of midlothian ” and have completed Caller Herrin which is beautiful, thank you. I love it.

    Am about to tackle Tantallon, but would like clarification:

    In the materials description it states 3.25 and 3.00 mm needles .

    In the in structions it specifies 2.75 mm to start with , followed by a change to 3.25mm. It probably does not matter too much, but which is correct?

    Msny thanks,


  2. Hi, like many others I love lots of the clothes you wear in the photographs. Do you make your own or can they be bought and if so, where please?


  3. Could it be, that there is a discrepancy in what needle sizes are needed? On the pattern, you are supposed to cast on and knit with 2.75 mm, but that size is not mentioned anywhere else.


  4. Hey! I live in Nova Scotia, Canada and near a community called ‘Tantallon’. Now, I always thought the name had a French connection, but now I’m wondering if indeed it reflects the strong Scottish influence we have here in NS. How interesting! Love your designs!



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