sheep heid is available for £3.25

A celebration of Shetland sheep shades for Shetland wool week!

This tam features jolly sheep around the brim, and horned rams atop the crown. It uses all 9 sheepy shades of Shetland Supreme jumper weight, showcasing the variety of fleece colours in this marvelous yarn.

The tam takes about 190 yards in total, and you’ll need 25 yards or less of each of the 9 shades of Shetland Supreme.

Gauge is 7.5 sts / 8.5 rows to 1 inch on 3mm needles

27 thoughts on “sheep heid

  1. Hi Kate,
    I love the shape of your sheep heid in the picture. I just finished knitting one and am wondering if you used any tool such as a baloon, bowl or other device to block the hat. Thanks for this beautiful design, I am onto heid #2!
    Warmly, Katie


  2. I saw your beautiful tam and blanket and ordered the patterns but when I was through the order said denied! Please let me know if It did go through. Thank You SD


  3. Hi Kate,
    We met when you were working the Midwest Yarn & Sheep Show in Ohio last year. My cousin, Storm, and I stayed in the same B & B. We also took a lace class from you later on. I have two questions: First of all, while working my sheepheid I seem to be running low on a couple of colors. So far only 07 has been problematic, but I am only beginning my decreases, which brings me to the second problem. Each time I attempt to reach your tutorial on crown shaping I am led to a French toilet destributer. Your goes straight there! Go figure. Please give me some advice.
    Thanks so much,
    Marilyn Goodrich


    1. Hi Marilyn, I’ve now fixed the crown shaping tutorial link (there’s something amiss with the textisles url) . . . but I am mightily confused by your comments as I did not visit the Midwest Yarn and Sheep show and therefore have no idea how you could have thought you’d met me, taken a class, or purchased one of my patterns . . .


    1. Hi Susan,
      if you and your friend are on Ravelry, the easiest way is to “gift” it to her / him? That way the file is stored in their library and any updates are received automatically.


  4. Q – In my spinning class, we are spinning different colors of Shetland to turn into a project. I wasn’t a follower of your blog when you posted this. I saw the hat on display in Missoula, MT while on a visit last week. Had a picture of the hat ready to share with my spinning class yesterday when another student pulled out the completed hat to share! Shows that here in San Diego and in Montana your had is a hit! Absolutely stunning.


  5. On April 3rd, my local yarn/quilt shop emailed out their newsletter with a picture of sheep heid and information that they had kits. I was thrilled with the picture and went immediately to the shop but didn’t buy a kit rather the whole 9 balls of yarn! It was very easy to download the pattern and away I went with knitting. Tonight I have finished, except for the weaving in and soaking which will happen this week. I love this hat and all the Kate Davies designs!! Thanks for sharing your beautiful work and inspiring us!! I will definitely be making more of your patterns. I think Lyttleton will be next…


  6. Just want to add how impressed I am with Jamieson & Smith’s service. I live on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada, and the kit got to me in a very short time. Also, I thought the kit would contain just enough of each yarn to complete one sheep heid and I was delighted to find a full ball of each yarn – enough for multiple tams. So now I can make one for myself as well.


  7. Just got as far as the sheeps’ faces – have never done this kind of knitting before and have had a few scary moments like casting on, joining in the round and immediately changing colour twice! I keep going to the internet for ideas but would love a basic Kate tutorial on how she manages her loose ends or avoids getting them in the first place. Good news is sheep heid is looking pretty darn good so far.


  8. This is the cutest sheep hat – can’t wait to knit it! i just got back from a trip to Scotland, England, Wales, and Ireland and this reminds me of all the sheep in the fields (and on the road!). Thanks for this great pattern!


  9. You do the most beautiful stranded color work !!! Can you give me any tips on tension??? I try and try but there is always an odd pucker here or there or some stitches that don’t stand out!!! Thank you Heather


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