neepheid is available for £2.50

A jolly tam inspired by the allotment gardens of Edinburgh and the turnip — the quintessential Scottish vegetable.

You can also purchase neep heid as part of the Hats of Midlothian collection.

You will need 1 x 25g of each of the following shades of Jamieson and Smith jumper weight: fc12(gold-green), fc56 (purple), 27 (grey), 118 (dark green).

You may like to read more about the design here.

4 thoughts on “neep heid

  1. I did a double take when I read the name of your yokes in ravelry. The Cockatoo Brae I presume is the one in Lerwick. That was my stomping ground as a Bairn


  2. Kate, I have just saved a lot of your patterns and just love your colour sense and designs! I hadn’t realized until I went down the list of patterns that I had already saved some of your work to my Ravelry queue. I’m wondering, though, for this pattern, what jumper weight yarn would correspond to in our Canadian yarns. Well, not necessarily Canadian yarns, but yarns available here. Do you have any ideas? I love the idea of neeps on my heid! My Scottish grandfather would have loved this, and all of your patterns. samm in Canada


  3. Finished this tam 1 week ago Friday and have worn it everyday I just love it and have gotten lots of compliments on it.Thank you for a beautiful pattern. I enjoyed knitting it.


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