Funchal Moebius is available for £3.25

A dramatic stranded-colourwork wrap, inspired by the streets of Funchal, which are paved with stunning mosaics.

Using basalt and limestone, the town’s designers have created underfoot patterns that transform a simple walk into a uniquely graphic experience. The high-contrast design of this dramatic moebius wrap is inspired by the spectacular streets of Funchal. The wrap is surprisingly simple to knit and can be worn several different ways (see below).

you will need 1400-1500 yards of Renaissance Dyeing Organic Poll Dorset 4 ply. (2 x100g skeins shade ‘midi’, 2 x100g skeins shade ‘ecru’ (undyed)). If you wish to use an alternate yarn, please bear in mind that the fabric of the finished wrap is doubled – choose a fingering weight, light 4 ply, or sock yarn, otherwise the fabric is likely feel too heavy.

19 thoughts on “funchal moebius

  1. Hi Kate, are you aware your links have become cross-wired… I just clicked Funchal mosaics and got a French toilet company, not quite the sort of ceramics I was expecting .. hope it’s not too much of a problem to rectify…


  2. Thanks for the fast reply! The prize is still fine, I just didn’t understand the difference. Feal free to delete the entry, it does not seem to fit to the others as it has been more a technical remark!


  3. I love your site and the blogs are wonderful, you are an inspiration for me.I`am a weaver but do to blood clots I can not weave at this time. I haven`t knitted in 25 yrs and having a hard time getting back into it. you haven`t let your illness stop you and I feel like a wimp for not trying hard enough.Thank you for the get up and go.


  4. I have read your post on Funchal and in it you comment on how universal pattern is…I can’t agree more. When I first saw this moebius I immediately thought that the Japanese sashiko designs were your inspiration. The indigo and ecru colours were very much a part of that impression.


  5. This would be beautiful as a double-knitting pattern too – gorgeous! And those are my favorite colors too.

    Besides your designs, I enjoy reading your blog because I lived in Edinburgh as a CSV after college – one of my favorite periods of my life and a lovely city.


  6. Totally lovely! Simple, complex, eye-catching, practical. Looks woven, looks knitted. This is a wonderful departure from the usual moebius. Well done!


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