Peerie Flooers is available as a kit from the Kate Davies Designs online shop, or as a stand-alone pattern for £3.25.

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“Peerie flooers” means “little flowers” in Shetland dialect.

In the Summer, Shetland’s coastline and moorland spring to life with the jewel-like colours of tiny wildflowers. These have wonderfully evocative names, such as “buggie flooer” (sea campion), “sookie flooer” (lousewort), and “lammas flooer” (eybright). This hat celebrates the colours of Summer in a happy riot of peerie flooers.

The pattern includes instructions for two sizes (small and medium – size ‘small’ is pictured) and full colour charts.

You will need 1 of each of the following shades of Jamieson and Smith Jumper Weight: 202, fc11, 14, fc12, 91, 9113, fc15; a 40cm/ 3mm circular needle, and a longer 3mm circ (or dpns) for working the top of the crown.






12 thoughts on “peerie flooers hat

  1. I’m getting awfully confused about the yarn I need … Don’t seem to be able it find the right match on J&S … Can h please govemesome guidanceofadehtersa y new kits available? Many thanks



    1. Hi Kate
      Do you do the kit in another colour way . So far I have knitted the hat and mittens in the original colour and it was pinched by my twin sister ! It looks totally tragic seeing identical twins as adults wearing the same so I’d like to do a different colourway

      Sent from my iPhone



  2. A very beautiful hat. Will there be more kits? Thank you for your wonderful patterns and your wonderful blog posts. I love the dog walks, the moors, and the visits to knitterly places. A very great treat to travel with you vicariously! Thank you!


  3. Love your hat and wanted one the minute i saw it on the programme with a pair of matching mits. Can you do this please&what are the costs involved? Hope you get better soon! Best wishes Norma


  4. Thank you, Kate! This is my first colour work project that involves 7 colours….in Jamieson & Smith’s 2ply Jumper Weight…thanks to you, I’ve finally conquered my fear of colour work! Focusing on working on 2 colours at a time, that I can handle…

    This helps me practice being in the present moment, focus on the row I’m working on, not the big picture :)

    Instead of repeating Chart B twice, I only repeated the first 9 rows – wanted to make to this for my little girl…finished it last night (started it the day before after lunch)!! It knitted up much faster that I had expected….teaching my left index finger to work is a bit trying, but all good.

    Turned out it’s too deep for her 8 year old head…so I’m starting a new one today…probably not repeating Chart B…or only work the first 9 rows of Chart B :)

    THANK YOU!!!!!


  5. Så vacker mössa = what a beautiful hat ( in swedish)

    Do you have a book that includes this pattern ?

    Inger Holmlund, Skellefteå, SWEDEN


  6. Oh it´s so beautiful! I really love your creations. You´re an artist. My fingers are tingling right now. A visit to ravelry may come soon :o)))

    Greetings from Germany!

    Btw: Thank you for the updatet Owlet-Pattern, too.


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