Hazelhurst is available for £2.50

This stranded colourwork infinity scarf was inspired by old-fashioned woven gingham. Knit in the round, and then grafted to form a loop, the scarf showcases a simple gridded check that is most often used as a background or filler to more complex colourwork designs, but which I think looks lovely on its own.

Ronnie Hazelhurst — meister of 1970s British light entertainment — gave his name to this design. I found designing and knitting this scarf strangely like a Hazelhurst tune – I just couldn’t get it out of my head. Thanks, Ronnie.


You will need 2 skeins (2 x100g / 734 yards) of Renaissance Dyeing Organic Poll Dorset in shades Carmine and Ecru. Short (20cm) circular needle, or dpns in size to get gauge. Waste yarn in a contrasting colour. Spare circular needle or dpns for holding stitches. If substituting yarn, you will need 2 skeins of sock- weight or light 4 ply in 2 contrasting shades. The scarf uses less than 340 yards of each shade.

14 thoughts on “hazelhurst

    1. Hi Trine – its from Toast – I believe its called the ‘promenade coat’ and they release a version every year. I customised mine with different buttons.


  1. Hi Kate,
    Your blog and your designs are top!
    I started to do Hazelhurst from Ohut Pirkka-lanka(yarn)colours 001 and 226( white and red), and had to make some changes, because the yarn is so thin.
    Can’t wait it’s ready. It freezing now here in Finland…


  2. Hi Kate ,I love your blog,designs and photos.I was thinking about my favorite theme,and since I don’t have t.v.and have to rely on my partner to watch any thing on the computer,mine is happy birthday to you.I means, its someone i loves birthday,I’ve baked them a cake,we get to sing a song in the dark ,(I know all the words to),and they get to make a wish!Thanksfor the opportunity to win something beautiful.Your post about the new slogan for wool got me thinking too,I was too late for it.I hope you post the result.Thanks ,Melissa


  3. I love the design, it is beautiful and looks so soft. I’m not sure how to enter to win but hope to get entered just by leaving a comment. I live in the US and we don’t get some of the lovely yarns there in Scotland so I hope to win!!! I guess my movie theme song would be from the movie Chocolate…with Johnny Depp…since I LOVE Chocolate!


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