Inspired by the silvery, ovular shapes of Firth o’ Forth oysters, this comfortable, drapey cardigan is worked all-in-one piece, over an easy-to-memorise lace pattern.

The Firth o’ Forth design booklet is available for £4.50
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This is the second design in my Edinburgh series of garments inspired by the great Scottish city in which I lived for a decade. The first design in the series is Braid Hills.

The body is knit back and forth, and the sleeves are then picked up and worked in the round, using a nifty inside-out trick to minimise purling. The garment is intended to be loose-fitting — a sort of contemporary cardigan equivalent of a shawl or wrap.

Design booklet includes pattern, charts & schematics, photographic lookbook and essay exploring the history of the Firth o’ Forth and its famous oysters.

Finished sizes
40 (48, 56, 64) ins (Recommended to be worn with between 4 and 7 ins positive ease. Shown here in the first size, modeled with 7 ins positive ease.)

1710 (2100, 2410, 2740) yards; 1570 (1900, 2200, 2500) metres Great British Yarns Yomper laceweight (70% Falkland Islands Merino; 30% UK Alpaca; 600m / 100g)

Other materials
4mm / 80 cm needle (or size to get gauge) for working body.
4mm circular needle in your preferred length for working small circumferences in the round, or dpns, for working sleeves.
3mm circular needle in your preferred length for working small circumferences in the round, or dpns for picking up sleeve sts.
3.5 mm / 80 cm needle for working hem, cuffs and neckline.
Tapestry needle for weaving in ends.
Waste yarn for holding sts.








11 thoughts on “Firth o’ Forth

  1. Hello!
    Is this pattern “Firth o’ Forth” in the book “colours of sherland”? I love it!!!

    Have a Nice day!
    From Norway, Benedicte Stiansen 💞


  2. Hello Kate. I love your pattern, but even though I’ve bought the Yomper Lace, I swatched and swatched and cannot get it to work in any higher than 3.5mm needles. Given that the main is 3.5, what sizes would you recommend for the two smaller. Should I go 3.5, 3.25 and 3, or 3.5, 3 and 2.5? I ask because 2.5 seems very small. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks julie


  3. I absolutely LOVE this pattern but I didn’t find it until a week after I returned from the UK. The 1st 4 days were spent in Edinburgh where I went to college 50 years ago! Can I get the yarn in the USA or must I order it from the UK? Anyone who can help. Thank you


  4. We just camd back from England and Scotland and in Edinburgh saw this gorgeous pattern. Can it be purchased or must it be knitted? Would love some help and thank you


  5. This pattern is lovely. What kind of yarn would you recommend for knitters in America? I live in a rural town where we have limited choices, and few imported yarns.


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