Kate’s book, Colours of Shetland, is available to purchase in print+ digital, or digital-only editions.

You can buy the print+digital edition from the Kate Davies Designs online shop, as well from selected retailers worldwide.

You can purchase the digital-only edition by clicking the button below.

Clicking this ‘Buy Now” button will also enable you to redeem the digital download coupon included on the inside cover of all print copies. (You can find step-by-step instructions on how to redeem the coupon here.)


About Colours of Shetland

With its beautiful photography, engaging writing, and signature hand-knit designs, Colours of Shetland will inspire you with the varied shades and hues of Britain’s most Northerly isles.

From writer and designer, Kate Davies, comes a book that brings the creative process of hand-knit design to life in an exciting new way. In Colours of Shetland, Kate takes you on a northern journey, exploring wild and beautiful island landscapes through words, projects and pictures. Situated in the rich context of the Shetland places, wildlife, objects and people that have inspired Kate, each design in this book has its own engaging ‘colour story’ to tell.

Through the pages of this book, you will get a taste of the heritage that makes Shetland one of the world’s most knitterly destinations, and be inspired to knit with yarn that has a genuine connection to the landscape in which it is produced. Showcasing Jamieson and Smith Jumper Weight, the flagship Shetland yarn with a marvellously varied palette, each project features the clear instructions and attention to detail that are hallmarks of Kate’s designs.

Alongside ten original patterns that are a joy to make and wear, Colours of Shetland offers the hand-knitter food for thought and a feast for the eyes.

59 thoughts on “Colours of Shetland

  1. Bought Colours of Shetland recently. Great book. Love the historical research behind the designs. Really interesting. And what should I knit first?


  2. Received my copy of Colours of Shetland today in the midst of a record setting snow storm in Ottawa, Canada. Such a wonderful treat to come home out of the wind and cold and read the book, savour the pictures and try to pick out a favourite pattern. What a dilemma! Thank you for all your designs and wonderful web site.


  3. You are an inspiration !! Such beautiful and amazing patterns! I am excited to buy and try many of them!
    I am 63 and had a stroke when I was in my late twenties. For years, every headache or anything out of the ordinary caused me great panic. Now I just figure “been there, done that” and go on about my business as you should!
    Thank you Kate
    Love from another Kate ( named after my Scotch-Irish great grandmother)


  4. Thank you, Kate, for a wonderfully made book, which is just a pleasure to touch and to look at. It was my today’s special when we returned home from Christmas holidays and I found THE envelope in the letterbox. All the best for 2013! Regards Claudia


  5. This is wonderful for you, and for everyone else! I can’t wait to order mine. I am so pleased with the patterns you’ve developed, and excited to get my book.


    1. Tanya, I think there must have been an error in the cart? We can certainly post a copy to Bahrain — please email me if you continue to have problems and I will handle your order directly.



  6. Early Xmas present for me too! Such a reasonable price for so much creativity and originality. Two more days to go. Thanks Kate. I love your blog, your patterns and your style. You’re an inspiration in so many ways. xxx


  7. Hi Kate. I just wanted to say that your work is remarkable! I’m starting on the o w l s sweater tomorrow. It’s gonna take some time to translate the recipe to Norwegian, but it will be worth it!
    I see that your book will be shipped throughout the world but will it also come in a translated version, or only in English?


  8. Dear Kate – is there any chance you could give us the quantities and colours of the yarn used to make the hat and shawl that you have shown us? I’d like to order the yarn before the book comes out so I can start knitting the beautiful shawl as soon as the book arrives. It will be so close to Xmas I’d be really sorry not to be able to get the wool before the hols – it would be such a waste of knitting time while I’m away for a week in Snowdonia…


  9. Amazing Kate- love the cover hat – what you accomplish is truly unbelievable. – look forward to seeing your new designs. – cheers pat j


  10. If the pictures we’ve had are anything to go by it will be beautiful. I will be buying at least one. Congratulations and all strength to your future work!

    Best wishes



  11. Oh yes, I love the hat on the cover… and I’m sure I will love everything in the book! Nice to be able to get a digital copy withe teh printed book, very comfortable for knitting. Can’t wait…


  12. I am so excited to hear this news…have been eagerly waiting for “Colours of Shetland”!
    Glad to hear that it is a printed book, and available for shipment internationally, too!


  13. Hi Kate!

    I am so looking forward to your book! I love your designs and have knitted several items from them.

    It is amazing how you managed to re-organize your life after your stroke. You have achieved so much, but what I really admire is how you manage to take care for yourself. It is so important if somebody has health issues, and it is so tempting to ignore one’s boundaries especially if you are successful und liked by so many people. You are a role model for me!

    Isis (knitter & ME/CFS-patient)


  14. Like my fellow Ontarians ( above) I also am saving my stash of Shetland wool and also a bit wary of airmail shipping….sounds pricey.


  15. Ditto, Can’t wait, nice to have the digital version for updates, but I am a person who loves the feel of a good book and good yarn in her hands :)
    Cheers Kate!


  16. If there were a “love” option, I would be absolutely mashing the heck out of it, I’m giddy with excitement, and can hardly wait for the release! Will be ordering my copy as soon as it becomes available.


  17. Darn, I cannot wait, but I guess I will have too, since the digital won’t be available for awhile. I wouldn’t be interested in the print version, shipping is too expensive, and I would rather buy the yarn for the patterns! But I love your patterns so I will be patient.


  18. The appetizers of the new book really make me look forward to end of November. Will the book be sold in your shop only or also in regular bookshops (working as a bookseller in Germany makes me curious)?


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