happy tortoise and hare day!

The tortoise and the hare is finished! I am pleased with it! I am not ashamed to admit that I had foolish ideas about an appropriate photo location, for which I blame a poster I saw a while ago advertising the LMS railway. The poster was from the 1920s, and like many of this era,… Read More

a local habitation and a name

(A familiar walk between St Annes and Lytham). I have written before about walking in familiar places. As I think about last year’s walking project, I realise just how important the familiar is to the particular pleasures I find in walking. Stomping the same ground is an important way of connecting with a landscape, allowing… Read More


I love the Fylde coast, and particularly love photographing it. We’ve been there this weekend, and I took a lot of pictures of Lytham, of St Annes, and inbetween. Here’s a selection from today. birds rising now sadly closed, despite a vigorous local campaign duck pedalos, wintering the most intriguing shop in St Annes. The… Read More