This fun-to knit seasonal sweater covers 7 sizes from 32” – 50” bust.

Boreal is available for £3.95
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Two gauges are given in the pattern – the smaller sizes are knit at 4.5 sts to the inch and the larger at 4 sts to the inch.

Yardage: 1(580), 2(640/720), 3(710/800), 4(760/850), yards of Artesano aran in shade 8316 (A) and 1(380), 2(420/470), 3 (470/520), 4(500/560), yards in shade c853 (B) (Italics indicate second gauge range.

To make this sweater, you should be a fairly confident colourwork knitter, happy reading charts, and able to maintain an even tension with an aran-weight yarn.

You may wish to read this post, in which I share my top colourwork tips for knitting this sweater.

18 thoughts on “boreal

  1. It appears as though a French plumber has hijacked your link to when I click on the “this post” link above the page opens to “Debouchage Toilette Ile France.”


  2. this is truly beautiful and inspiring! can’t wait till next winter so will wear it instead of a jacket the rest of the year


  3. I live in Wisconsin and sometimes our winters seem 6 months long. I love being indoors, cozy and warm, with a supply of yarn and knitting patterns, some good books and lots of soup in the freezer.


  4. I love this pattern. The best thing about winter is when the weather is foul outside and, I am snuggled up inside, with a new bag of yarn, a hot latte and some chocolate.


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