An obligatory tree-hugging photograph whilst wearing an outrageously festive gnome-suit can only mean one thing . . .


Yes! The Snawpaws pattern is now OUT!


If you have a desire to sport hand-wear to match your heid . . .


. . . and fancy adorning your wrists with cute wee pompoms (these ones are a mere 1.5″ in diameter). . .


. . .then this is clearly the design for you!

The pattern includes instructions for both mittens and mitts. . .


. . . and if you have already purchased the Snawheid pattern, then the Snawpaws pattern can be yours for half price (£1.37 as opposed to £2.75).


To take advantage of this promotion, simply enter the code PAWS when prompted to do so at the Ravelry checkout.


We had a lot of fun when we were out taking these photographs — sometimes dressing up is all that is required to induce some festive cheer. I have to say, though, that we were certainly getting a lot of curious glances from onlookers — though I reckon that might have been due as much to the get-up of the photographer as my 100% wool tri-coloured gnome suit. . . .


What do you think?

Snawpaws can now be YOUR PAWS!

Happy knitting xx


38 thoughts on “Snawpaws

  1. You are so darling!
    Glad to know you’re feeling better, because you have a lot of friends who have to read your blog + knit your ridiculously cute apparel.
    =^;^= teri


  2. What a beautiful pattern! And your photography (and scenery) always makes me want to run across a grassy hill in some faraway land.


  3. I knew there was a damn good reason I’d stand with the Scots any day. Oh that Tom in a kilt. :) So glad to see you all up and about (and I do hope Bruce got to fetch a stick or two). I love (from a designer perspective) how you indulged your fancy for pom-poms; look how well it turned out.

    And yes, your skirt is pretty darn fine as well.


  4. Ah, what to comment on first………Paws, you both HEALTHY, gnome suit…most excellent and of course……….a man in a kilt!!! Ordered the Paws of course and I wish you both the Best of the New Year. Burns Nicht coming up :)


  5. I must have missed that glimpse of sunshine! Good to see you in my neck of the woods :) we were up there on Christmas morning…. Love the snawpaws – and the pompoms….


  6. Kate – I love the Snaw Paws – and your pictorial posts always make me so happy. I feel like I’ve been outdoors on your photo shoot. Thanks for all the happy knits and wonderful photos. Best wishes for a happy, healthy, and fibre-filled 2013!


  7. The top photo makes your eyes as green as your snaw-wear!

    I like the paws even more than the hat – if that’s possible. . .


  8. Love! Boo, missed the half price because I was too eager and bought the pattern after seeing your mention on twitter earlier today
    . Already knit two snawheids for Christmas!


  9. Happy 2013 and Greetings, Kate,

    I’m sorry to report that my book has still not arrived as of this email. I’m pretty discouraged because, as I mentioned after Christmas, my email was compromised and I lost the tracking information you sent when the book was shipped. As I have not heard from you recently, I just check daily for the delivery, but am afraid it may not happen. Are you able to track the book or resend another? Hoping all in your home are recovered from illness and unexpected surgery.


    Noelle Steele

    Sent from my iPad


    1. Noelle

      I don’t know where you live but I’m in Canada and it took quite a while for my book to arrive. I was getting discouraged too but it did arrive.



  10. What fantastic mittens, I need to learn to knit properly, I am just about to attempt the owl jumper pattern…!

    Gorgeous photos and your outfit looks great, that walk is my Auntie’s favourite with her teeny white dog!



  11. Was shown your website by a talented, but ridiculously modest, knitter friend of mine and have spent the last couple of days dipping in and out. Your entries are moving, heart warming, entertaining and life affirming. Inspirational, I should say so. Me….. I’m going to get knitting again.


  12. Your photos are so exciting to experience. And they look like fun as well. Book re’d safely shortly after Christmas, and now I am reading, reading. Many thanks, Lois.


  13. it goes without saying that i’m about to buy me some snawpaws pattern to match my hat-in-progress, but also, as so many people, including me, loooooove your skirt, would you mind telling us who made it?


  14. You make the most delightful gnome, and Tom is certainly the most handsome photographer I’ve seen in a long time. As I wrote yesterday, your clothes are never boring, and I mean that as a compliment.


  15. Is that your Tom in a kilt? I so wish my hubby would wear one! (Gott love a man in a kilt !)
    Great looking mitts and a lovely pics. So glad both of you are back in good health!


    1. Hey, I was going to say that exact thing :)
      She sure is getting a lot of use with her pom-pom maker x-x-x
      Time for us to get one, too, ay??


  16. Great photos, excellent model and photographer and a beautiful dog to bring it all together!! Is that your town at the bottom of the hills?


  17. Ordered the pattern, of course. I had to laugh at the fact that Tom’s outfit is shorter than yours. Just as a matter of interest, I am getting 2 copies of all your posts-is there a glitch in your system? I just delete one, but I’m sure you don’t really mean to send 2.

    Cheers and red wine, Hazel.


  18. Wonderful pattern……great photo shoot. I’m so happy to see you and Tom both feeling better.
    I am finishing up my hat today, and now I can move right on to the mitts. Thanks so much.


  19. Those mittens are one of my most favourite patterns ever! I actually went to John Lewis today to replace my pom pom maker but they had sold out. I wondered if you were the cause of that :)


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