Last week, myself and the Rams and Yowes blanket, took a trip North.

The rams were returning to the place where they began . . .

. . . the Shetland wool from which they were knitted was sorted and graded here . . .

. . . and now they are home again.

If you have the good fortune to be near Lerwick, my blanket is on display at Jamieson & Smith HQ. If not, you could always get a kit to knit your own.

Meanwhile, I spent my days happily at the Shetland Archives, doing some work for the next issue of Textisles, which will be out next month. Surely there are few libraries that can boast a setting as lovely as this?

A piece of me is left in Shetland. I’ll be back soon.

28 thoughts on “rams return!

  1. I adore the Rams blanket design. The natural shades are divine. I intend to purchase the kit as soon as I have cleared the decks of all my other projects. Keeping focus and working on one thing at a time is very important to me.


  2. Kate, I truly love your desire was to visit Scotland,Ireland and all of the beautiful countries that I have yearned but now due to blood clots I doubt that i will be able to travel , I do in my books ,I`am now in Scotland in 1740 very interesting.iwould love to have your blanket kit,I have been trying to get on the mailing list of renaissance dying maybe i`am not going after it correctly.I`am new to your blog but get wait to get it.happy you are doing fine,keep it up .


  3. so…after reading your blog post, I hemmed and hawed and showed it to my husband, who ooooo’s and awwwww’d and I actually put off placing my order for about 6 hours…talk about restraint! LOVE the blanket and I know I will enjoy knitting it. My sister-in-law lived on Mull for several years – we are very happy to have her back home in Canada, but it was great to visit her in Mull and do a “tour” around Scotland! truly love it there!


  4. Kate – How wonderful to see the kit and that your knitting is on display at J&S! Your blog has continually been great to read over the years and I am very glad to see all your patterns that you have been able to publish now that you are knitting/blogging full time! Huzzah!


  5. I am thrilled that your charming blanket can be bought as a kit and will definitely order one. The next Textisles sounds extra special — looking forward to both!


  6. Lovely – and glad Rams and Yowes is on display in Lerwick; it should inspire loads of people who visit the showroom.

    Your shots gave me a bad attack of hiraeth (untranslatable Welsh for a sort of longing/nostalgia) for Shetland / the museum collection / Jamieson and Smith – sniff. Part of me is there too. Must go back, must go back….


  7. Yay! I’m quite excited to be stashing yarn for a Rams and Yowes in American wool. I hope I can take it to its mill someday too. :) I hope it turns out as lovely as yours!


  8. I am so glad your trip was a success and that you are home ( feeling good?) I confess to being very jealous so have just put Shetland on my ‘to do’ list. It’s official – i have to do it now.


  9. I’m wondering what sort of winter weather you have northern Scotland. (Weather is always a popular topic for us Canadians.) The blanket is beyond beautiful, and I’m glad to hear that your partner is starting to feel better. I didn’t know appendicitis could resolve without surgery.


  10. I felt that way about Shetland…..having been twice, I’m not sure if I’ll ever go again…..unless of course Shetland Wool Week calls! I’d love to see the new museum, that’s a reason in itself for me to to go back another time!

    Great photos as usual……


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