Brian Sewell and the Bluestockings

“Brilliant Women: Eighteenth-Century Bluestockings” National Portrait Gallery, until 15th June. On Thursday evening I stood in a packed room at the National Portrait Gallery. Men and women of all ages jostled to get a look at a three-quarter length portrait of an eighteenth-century writer. This was Catharine Macaulay, author of a radical history of England;… Read More


Titch is here. As usual, he is laden with intriguing Japanese snacks. He gave me one for my lunch. could it be. . . . . . . no, really . . . indeed, it *is* a green kit kat. It is supposed to be green tea flavoured but tastes more like a weird caramac.… Read More


We went on a jaunt to the National Museum of Costume outside Dumfries, to see the “Hip Knits” exhibition. In the Museum’s permanent collections, there were some fabulous nineteenth-century dresses and shoes on display, but my favourite thing of the day was this: incredibly fine linen whitework, backed with pink silk, and made by one… Read More

two cushions and a wip

I recently threw out several cushions (or in transatlantic parlance, pillows) that had suffered years of terrible claw abuse from Jesus (the cat). In preparation for making Belle’s quilts I have been practising piecing and quilting several new covers. My mother has a house full of cushions (or, as my dad calls them, creatures) most… Read More