Textisles Issue 2
is available for £4.95

When purchasing this issue you receive:
* Two original knitting patterns (Betty Mouat Sweater, and the BMC)
* Four original feature articles (Three by Kate Davies, one by Susan Crawford)
* Meet the Maker interview with Griseldis Schmitthuber
* Links to resources, further reading, and video tutorials
. . .all in a single download.

(When you click on the “buy now” button, you will be taken to a page where you can pay securely with your debit card, or by paypal. After this, you can immediately download the PDF file containing your digital magazine and pattern(s)).

Issue 1 (July, 2011) contains: 2 feature essays exploring the history of the English smock; an interview with Claire Smith about working with historic smocks and smocking techniques and the pattern for the smock-frock inspired Warriston sweater.
Textisles Issue 1 is available for £3.95

18 responses

  1. What an enjoyable magazine! I especially loved the story on bathing suits. There are a series of pictures on page 31 where the location is listed as unknown, but I believe they may be from Washington, DC. I live right across the river in Virginia, and pass the Washington Monument on my way to work every day…that obelisk in the background of the pictures looks just like it. And I found one of the images on Shorpy (http://www.shorpy.com/node/3311). DC used to have a beach near where the Tidal Basin is today. There are even pictures from the early 1920’s of the “bathing suit police” checking the hem lengths of womens’ suits (http://ghostsofdc.org/2012/01/18/bathing-suit-police-at-the-tidal-basin/). It’s amazing to think we’re less than 100 years removed from those cultural mores. And here in the U.S., it feels like some are trying to get us to veer back towards them.

    Thank you so much for your wonderful contributions to the knitting profession! I look forward to seeing future issues of Textisles.

    • Ha! I got so excited about the pictures I didn’t finish the article, and see you have the bathing suit police in there already — my apologies! Note to self: always double-check everything before hitting send.

  2. Wow! What a lot of amazing research. So well-written! So entertaining! Thank you so much for this – I have to agree with other posters that 3.95 is way too little. I’m determined to knit a bathing suit now (right after my Betty Mouat sweater, that is).

    Totally fascinating peek at our heritage.

  3. You have some amazing designs. The colors and unique patterns are just fabulous. My husband and I hiked the WHW and biked the GGW. Wish I would have seen your website before we did this. Summer 2014 will be LEJOG, passing thru Scotland. And hitting the yarn places you mention. Many thanks. Will be buying more for sure.

  4. I love your work! All of it. I can’t help to feel glad that I just now discovered you because I can anticipate all the pleasure to come in knitting your designs and reading all the wonderful information you so lovingly share with the world.
    Sincere thanks from Miami, Florida

  5. nice collection of knitting patterns, i got because of you. i want some help from you regarding designing of various knitting patterns.

  6. I know you’ve been super busy this year, but when are you bringing out your next issue of textisles? I wait with baited breath!

  7. Hallo Kate, I bought a print version of Warriston more than a year ago but have only just found out about it’s link to Textisles 1. Could you send me a copy please? My discovery of Textisles 2 online was my introduction to your designs – the Betty Mouat Cowl was my first attempt at cockleshell lace. After a recent Fairisle workshop I was thrilled by Caller Herrin and wear it everyday. Just about to start Catkin. I love the attention to detail of your patterns that helps me to learn new techniques and the history and skills of the women whose expertise I am completely in awe of. Thankyou

  8. Hi kate – decided to buy your “Textiles Issue 2″, but when I came to pay for it, the price had mysteriously increased to £4.95. Is this a mistake ?

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