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steeks and swants

Anatolia by Marie Wallin So, have you seen Rowan Magazine 54 yet? I finally got my hands on a copy yesterday and there are some wonderful designs in there. My two favourites are probably Anatolia by Marie Wallin… Read More


Ok, before I begin, allow me a moment: I think that this is probably the best photograph I have seen of myself in ages. I like it because I look comfortable and physically capable — concepts which, a… Read More

steeks 1: introduction

This is the first of three posts looking at steeks and how to reinforce, cut, and finish them. I thought I’d start right at the beginning: what is a steek? Put simply, a steek is a small bridge… Read More

twenty two

Twenty two is . . . . . . the circumference in inches of my new millinery block. I have been on the look out for one of these for a while and am extremely pleased to have… Read More

rams and yowes

Hmmm . . . do I spy . . . some sheep? . . . . many sheep? . . . and many rams? 120 yowes and 48 rams?!! Yes! It’s the rams and yowes lap blanket! In… Read More


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