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Peerie Flooers kits

A happy Beltane to you! It being the time of buds and flowers and new growth, I have today released kits of what is probably my most Spring-like design. Yes, Peerie Flooers is a woolly hat, but this… Read More

hat at Hermaness

I’ve had a lot of queries about Peerie Flooers over the past few days, so here are a couple more photos of the particular hat in question. After being approached by the wardrobe folk involved with Shetland, I… Read More

steeks 2: reinforcing and cutting

In this post I’m going to show you my preferred method for reinforcing a steek before cutting. My favourite method is the crocheted steek. Other methods are available, and I’m definitely not saying that this one is the… Read More

peerie flooers mittens

Gloves and mittens really are bloody tricky to model successfully. As soon as you stick a pair of hands inside them the trouble begins. You have to give the hands something to do, and this is difficult to… Read More

mitten graveyard

Welcome to the mitten graveyard – where bad mittens meet their end. A place of misplaced thumbs . . . . . . cuffs of varying dimensions . . . . . . endless ends . . …. Read More

colourwork and crown decreases

I’ve been receiving several queries recently about how to read colourwork charts when shaping the crown of a hat, so I thought I’d write a quick post about it. A number of knitters seem to be making peerie… Read More

peerie flooers

I have surprised myself, and completed the pattern for the hat! Because I drafted everything up beforehand and was, in effect, my own test knitter, I was able to work from my own charts, tweaking everything as I… Read More