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2014 has been very busy and productive year for me. In many ways, the past twelve months have been dominated by the creation of this book – designing and knitting the garments, researching and writing the essays, then working with my comrades on editing and production. Yokes has been a wonderful project to work on […]

I’m really pleased to introduce my first sock pattern, which is now available as a kit in my online shop. I knit socks all the time, but for some reason have never yet designed a pair…until now! This very seasonal design celebrates the Scottish New-Year tradition of First Footing, which, in Gaelic is known as […]

Hello! is I, Bruce — greeting you from The House of the Unwell. Unfortunately, it has not been a particular festive festive season in these parts. First, someone called Tonsillitis came to visit Kate. Tonsillitis kept Kate cooped up for days, seemed to make her very miserable, and definitely outstayed its welcome. Tonsillitis was finally […]

2011 was a pretty momentous year round here. My dad was diagnosed with, had surgery for, and has now fully recovered from, prostate cancer. He dealt with all of this with a steady dignity and equanimity. I continued the slow and difficult process of my own recovery from my stroke. There were many steps forward. […]

One year turned into another very quietly here. I am still convalescing after my latest evil wintry lurgy, and have been told to stay off the foot as much as possible. The foot does seem to be getting better, but overall I really do feel rather grim – my neurologist warned me that dealing with […]

Here is the first thing I saw in 2010 . . . . . . and here is the second . . . Tom preparing the first cup of tea of the decade — a welcome sight on an incredibly chilly morning. We saw in 2010 in a tent by the edge of Crummock Water. […]

You may remember that a year ago I decided to stop buying clothes for the duration of 2008. My decision to do this was sparked by a couple of things. I had been reading a bit about darning and mending and wanted to think about what repairing and caring for one’s clothes meant. Also, since […]