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So, I finished my spirograph — these pictures are of the item in its unblocked state, as I was in a rush to get outside and stick it on my heid. Like Anna’s original version of the design, my spirograph adds extra repeats to be more like a a lidless hat than a headband. It […]

Sarah came round for lunch yesterday. I made a pie. We ate the pie. We went for a breezy walk. . . . and Sarah had a suprise . . . . . no, Bruce, it’s not for you . . . . . . a quilt! For me! Sarah began making this lovely thing […]

I am sure you are about as tired of hearing about my health as I am of experiencing it, but it has not been a great few days round here. I had a seizure on Sunday which left me totally exhausted, and scuppered a long-arranged plan to pop over to Glasgow earlier in the week. […]

I do hope that all of you reading this blog realise, by now, just how important you have all been to me over the past year. It has been a very strange and challenging time for me, but you have all been there every difficult step of the way. It has helped me enormously to […]