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Garden beginnings

One of the things that drew us to this house was the fact that it had a garden. Or rather, it came with a nice big blank expanse of lawn that might one day become a garden. I’m… Read More

you say “potato” . . .

Hiya! It is I, Bruce. Today I am here to tell you about a delicious and intriguing object: the POTATO. Also known as “tattie” or “spud”, and, often (for some mystifying reason) prefixed with the adjective “humble”, the… Read More

thyme and taleggio scones

Neither Tom or I are fond of food shopping, yet for some unknown reason we have never ordered our supplies online using one of the many delivery services now available. I finally tried this the other day, and… Read More

a few days in Cartmel

A pretty Cumbrian village . . . . . . festive windows . . . . . . and doors. Ben, the friendly cat . . . A fine local food market . . . And a wonderful… Read More


There is no getting away from the fact that I’ve had a rough few days. Please try not to have a stroke, people: the long term health implications of it are really bloody annoying. Sometimes the process of… Read More

thought for the day

I was after a needlecase, and found a nice old one on ebay. I always like it when these things contain their original threads and notions. But what really drew me to this particular case was its prim… Read More

kvikk lunsj

When Martha Joy left a comment comparing Tantallon‘s colour scheme to the wrapping of a Norweigan chocolate bar, I was intrigued. I just had to see it for myself. We agreed to a little exchange, and she kindly… Read More

happy tortoise and hare day!

The tortoise and the hare is finished! I am pleased with it! I am not ashamed to admit that I had foolish ideas about an appropriate photo location, for which I blame a poster I saw a while… Read More

Gie her a haggis

I’ve been marking Burns-themed exam scripts today, so this evening’s supper feels quite timely. This particularly sonsie incarnation comes from Crombies. May I heartily recommend the ‘great chieftan o the puddin race’ to those of you on the… Read More

twenty two

Cake time! Well, not quite yet: time, rather to apply the marzipan . . . then icing. The smell when we unwrapped the greaseproof paper was utterly delicious.