Kate Davies Designs

Port o’ Leith

Here is the third garment in my Edinburgh series – the Port o’ Leith gansey. This garment has twisted stitches and cables, that are reminiscent of maritime nets and rigging. It also features a deep, cowl-like collar, which… Read More

of pleats. . . and i-cord

At some point toward the end of last semester, I became distracted in a meeting. There is nothing novel in this situation, except that the source of my distraction was a cardigan. My colleague, Kate C is a… Read More

black and white

One of my birthday gifts was this lovely skirt designed by Rob Ryan for. . .yes, Clothkits. (I am so predictable). I made it up a few weeks ago — cutting and sewing it neatly and without hitches… Read More

reading & knitting

My favourite Elizabeth Zimmermann book is the Knitter’s Almanac. When I first encountered it a few years ago, I remember being very struck by the passages on reading while knitting (in the ‘April’ chapter). At the time I… Read More

east linton

East Linton is finished. I am very pleased with it indeed. Apologies for this next shot, in which I appear to be thanking the god of felted tweed . . . . . . but you do get… Read More


Over the past month or so I have been embroidering this: A crewel-work cover for my parents’ old piano stool. The flowers that to me say thrift and yarrow have their origins in two different Katherine Shaughnessy designs…. Read More