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Kate’s online shop stocks knitting kits for some of her most popular and fun-to-knit accessories, as well as print copies of her books Yokes, and Colours of Shetland.

You can purchase Kate’s individual designs as digital PDF downloads through her Ravelry Pattern Store , or browse through the design pages here.

If you prefer professionally printed patterns, many of Kate’s designs are now available to purchase through her Magcloud store.

If you are a bookshop or yarn store interested in stocking Colours of Shetland or Kate’s other products, Sign up for her retailer newsletter to be notified about new releases and distribution arrangements. Colours of Shetland is distributed in the UK by Kate Davies Designs Ltd and elsewhere by Fyberspates.

Stockists of Kate’s books and patterns

Kate’s books and patterns are now stocked by over 60 bookshops and yarn stores worldwide. Store names followed by (J&S) also stock the Jamieson and Smith yarns used in Colours of Shetland and Kate’s other patterns.

an cnoc (Crieff)
baa ram ewe (Leeds / Harrogate) (J&S)
Beshley’s Wool Shop (Bristol)
Bonhoga Gallery (Shetland)
Craft Days (Saffon Walden)
Cogito Books (Hexham)
Elena Costella (Perth)
The Fibreworks (Oxford)
Great British Yarns (Bath)
Hanks (Anglesey)
Iknit (London)
Jamieson and Smith (Shetland) (J&S)
Kathy’s Knits (Edinburgh)
Loop (London)
Loopy (Ulverston)
Marmalade Yarns (Frome) (J&S)
Meadow Yarn (Suffolk) (J&S)
Natural Wool Shop (Cowan Bridge)
Once a Sheep (Gourock)
Oxford Yarn Store (Oxford)
Purl City Yarns (Manchester)
Red Apple Yarn (Lampeter)
Ripples Crafts (Lochinver)
The Woolly Brew (Pittenweem)
Sanday Spinners (Orkney)
Shetland Museum (Shetland)
Shetland Times bookshop (Shetland)
Spins and Needles (Lincoln)
Stromness Books and Prints (Orkney)
Tangled Yarn (Stockport)
Twist (Woodbridge)
Williams Wools (Kendal)
Yarn Cafe (Coventry)
Yarn Loft (Nottingham)

Compagnie des Laines (Belgium)
De Afstap, Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Garniture (Denmark)
Lankakauppa Villavyyhti Oy (Finland)
This is Knit (Ireland) (J&S)
Renaissance Dyeing (France)
So! Fil (France)
Strikkinnom (Norway)
Trollenwol (Netherlands)
WollWerkstatt Kiel (Germany)

Book Man / Book Woman (Nashville, TN)
Fancy Tiger Crafts (Denver, CO)
Fiddlehead Yarns (Kenosha, WI)
Fiber Optic Yarns (Cincinatti, OH
Knitter’s Palette (Lakeville, MN) (J&S)
Linden Yarn (St Louis Park, MN)
Miss Babs
Purlescence Yarns (Sunnyvale, CA)
Schoolhouse Press (MN)
Trading Post Fibers (Pendleton, IN)
Windy Knitty (Chicago, IL)
Wool & Co (Saint Charles, IL)
Woolbearers (Mount Holly, NJ)
Yarn Harbor (Duluth, MN)
Yarn Therapy (Talahassee, FL)
Uncommon Threads (Los Altos, CA)
A Verb for Keeping Warm (Oakland, CA)

88 Stitches (Langley, BC)
Black Sheep Yarns (Port Moody, BC) (J&S)
Greenwood Quiltery (ON)
Gwin Gryffon (Kingston, ON)
Three Bags Full (Vancouver, BC)
Sheeps Ahoy (Nepean, ON) (J&S)

The Purl Box

New Zealand

Verandah Yarns

33 Comments on “shop

  1. I really can’t wait. I’ve signed up for the newsletter so will be ready to order as soon as I hear. Is there any way of finding out the colours you use in the book beforehand?

  2. Waiting keenly for further retail info as I can’t wait to stock this book! (Yes, I did sign up for the newsletter.)

  3. Received my book on Thursday and fell totally in love with it.
    Thank you very much for the great photographs and patterns.

  4. Hello Kate- I purchased the Sheep Heid hat pattern on Ravelry last night, but I am not sure that my PayPal payment went through….or at least I didn’t receive an e-mail confirmation.

    Please do to let me know if you received the order notification. Will you send the pattern or is it downloadable?

    I can’t wait to begin, but I am just beginning to spin….so no hurry. (At least the wool part of it is easy; we raise Shetlands and so have all the colors). I just want to be sure that I will have this beautiful pattern!

  5. Good afternoon,
    I am using adds from an 18th century newspaper to sew clothes for a museum exhibit about runaway servants and slaves. Isabelle Pierce is a convict servant running away in March of 1745. She is wearing a mancks petticoat. I was wondering if you have any sources that might indicate what the material would have looked like or have you even just heard the term mancks cloth. I cannot find a source that mentions the material. I am assuming that the material comes from the Isle of Mann because I did make the connection that Mancks is the old Saxon name for the island and I found references to Mancks-language and Mancks-men. I am also assuming that Manx tweed might have some connection. I am thinking that the material might be a sturdy grey wool ,possibly felted, with weft that is twisted with some color. Do you have any ideas about this material and am I , at least, thinking in the correct direction?


  6. Hi there
    Kate received your book in the post last week. It is informative, beautifully researched and a real treat to look at. I’ve used Jamieson and Smith’s yarns since I was a student in the 60’s and have knitted quite a few shawls especially for my children and grandchildren. Yours is different again and I’m using some Icelandic yarn I bought when I was there some years ago. Thank you for the pleasure your book has given me –and yes — I did see your hat and and recognised the design.
    Best wishes Sue

  7. Just bought your book last night at LInden Hills Yarn in St Louis Park, MN (Minneapolis) Lovely – can’t wait to get started

  8. Hi Kate,

    Can I purchase a knitted jumper from you or do you have an outlet? I’m not exactly knitter material but my girlfriend would look amazing in one of your jumpers.

    Kind regards


  9. I would lika to but the pattern for Northmavine Hood. I read that “you can purchase Kate’s individual patterns as digital PDF downloads through her Ravelry Pattern Store” but i can only find that i can buy the complete ebook, which I am not interested in. Can you please explain how to buy individual patterns??

  10. Are you designing a pattern/kit for A Spenser Dress? I am very interested.

  11. I am french and fan of your knitting and i hope the translate in french of “colours of shetland” my english is basic and i have this book…
    see you soon

  12. Kate, I love your mitts at the top of this page. Is the design available?

  13. Do the stated kit prices include shipping, or would that be extra depending on the destination? I’m waiting for the Ecclefechan kits to be restocked but wonder whether I need to budget more for shipment to the US. Thanks in advance.

  14. Hi Kate, I purchased sheep head a while back, I can’t find the download anywhere. I have looked on Ravelry where I have bought other patterns of yours Wariston and neep heid but sheep heid it’s not there so I am now thinking I must have bought sheep heid direct from you. Please can you check if you have my details for this pattern.
    Regards and thank you
    Marjorie McLauchlan

  15. Thanks Kate, I have found my pattern sheep heid it was on my iPhone in iBooks.
    I will need to remember to save my patterns on Ravelry from now on then they will be easier to find in the future.
    Love all your designs

  16. I received the ecclefechan-mitts kit today!
    It pleases me so very much!
    Thank you for getting it to me in such a expedient manner.
    The project bag, the lovely printed pattern and the tea is much appreciated.

  17. I have been compulsively checking to see if there will be more of the mitt kits or toatie hottie kits, so I thought I would just ask if more will be available, or if there is no hope. Thanks!

  18. Hello Kate!
    It there a possibility that you’ll sell a “tortoise and hare sweater” knitting kit? I’m from Germany and it’s nearly impossible to get the required yarn. I’ve been to the Blacker Design homepage but it seems they don’t have the colours anymore. In Germany we don’t have comparable yarn, at all. What yarn would you recommend to substitue the Blacker 4ply? That sweater is lovely and I’d be so happy to be able to knit it =)

  19. Hi Kate, Our Shop is interested in getting The Colours of Shetland and pre-ordering your new book. If you could contact us, we’d love it!

  20. Thanks for ‘ Yokes’ It’ a wonderful mix of patterns and background histories as well as beautifully photographed…. And it arrived on my birthday!

  21. I know I won’t receive this for Christmas, but had to wait until I had finished shopping for others to see if money was left. Your beautiful designs will be a part of our celebration, however, because I’ve knitted sheepheid for my son and have another one on my needles now. What a joy to have found you!

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