rams and yowes

The Rams and Yowes blanket is available for £3.95

This lap blanket features a handsome flock of 48 rams and 120 yowes (ewes). It is worked in all 9 natural shades of Jamieson & Smith’s ‘supreme’ jumper weight and celebrates the marvelous, many-hued variety of Shetland sheep.

Construction notes

This blanket is knit as a simple, steeked colourwork tube. When the body of the blanket is complete, the steek is cut, and stitches are picked up for the garter stitch edging. Increases and decreases create mitred corners, which fold to the back of the work, creating a neat facing inside which the steek is completely hidden. The blanket edge is then finished with an icord, for a professional-looking finish.

Yarn requirements/ other materials

376 yards of black and moorit (2 balls of each) 230 yards of yuglet (1.25 balls)
188 yards each of white, gaulmogot, katmollet, mooskit, sholmit, and shaela. (1 ball of each). 60cm/3mm circular needle for working blanket body and two 3mm/ 100/150cm circular needles for working edging. Crochet hook and waste yarn in contrasting colour for steek. Stitch markers of two types, a and b. Tapestry needle for sewing down facing and weaving in ends.

Finished measurements:

36″ x 36″

41 thoughts on “rams and yowes

  1. Another wow from me. What a wonderful blanket. I’d love to be able to knit it but it may be a bit ambitious for me even without the steek but I’m very tempted to buy the pattern anyway.

  2. that is my very favorite blanket ever. the colors are just beautiful and I love the sheep and rams. I haven’t tried colorwork, but I think I will give this a go. love reading your blog.

  3. I have begun this project, using a different wool which was easier for me to obtain here in the American West.
    Once it is complete, if I can part with it, I have an idea of sending it to work in the hospital with my husband. He is a neurologist seeing recovering stroke patients each day. I think that it would be tremendously encouraging for some of them to see what you have done and to hear your story.

    1. I have just put it on needles. It’s like a guilty secret pleasure.

      I have two sweaters which are not yet complete….and a vest which I am making at the request of a friend. I HATE having multiple unfinished projects, but I just could not resist this one any longer.
      You may hunt me down and kill me, as I have to knit it in alpaca….I have six kids who all react to wool. But it’s on needles in Blue Sky Alpaca silk….and will be knitted up in COLOR. it might take a bit, as I am going to move to another house, train a puppy, finish those two seaters and one vest and also make dinners and iron husbands shirts as needed.
      But I am so pumped about this beautiful project. You have a great eye for design, and I am so glad to have found your blog.

  4. Hello Kate, this design was love at first sight for me, and I’ve decided to make it my first steeked project. I’ve been reading advice of all kinds on steeks, and I was wondering if you have any recommended tutorials? I just bought the pattern and I see you recommend a crocheted reinforcement, but I was kind of hoping there would be more instructions…

    Now I’m off to buy my yarn at Jamieson & Smith, I really like the idea of using all natural shades of sheep’s wool. Thank you for a beautiful pattern!

  5. This is gorgeous! I’m going to make it for my sister as a token of appreciation for looking after my sick mum.

    You are very talented you know!

    This is also going to be my first steek project

  6. This is a fantastic design. I downloaded the pattern for this gorgeous blanket, as well as the Sheep Heid hat, just yesterday. The yarn has been ordered from Jamieson & Smith, and I’m just trying to keep my impatience in check until it arrives. I consider it an honor to knit your designs. You are a truly gifted artist with an impeccable sense of color.

  7. This is just crazy beautiful! I love the way you’ve mixed a very graphic design with traditional techniques and lovely soft natural palette.colours; it’s so evocative.

  8. Wow! I just love this and it looks so incredibly soft. I wish I didn’t have so many projects to catch up on but this one will be on my list next. I love the hat too, maybe I could slip that in and not feel so quilty. You are GOOD!!!!!

  9. Just bought this from Ravelry, it looks so gorgeous. Lucky enough to live in Lerwick so can nip up to the Brokers and get the wool this week. Not sure about the Skeeting but plenty of Shetland wifes who will give me a hand (especially the really helpful ones at the Museum) Really love your work and look forward to reading some updates from you in the near future, Thanks for amazing inspiration x

  10. Amazing work! I just downloaded the pattern! I can’t wait to find the right yarn, since I can’t get the kind suggested.. :( Amazing work!

  11. Kate I fell in love with your beautiful pattern so bought it from ravelry, was so excited when the yarn arrived could hardly contain myself, made a start and have nearly finished, I have to say that it has been scarey in parts (my first fair isle project and first attempt at steeking). This blanket has been an absolute joy to knit from cast on up to just about ready to complete. Ladies you must knit rams & yowes you will not regret it. A huge thank you to Kate you are a star.

  12. I purchased this amazing pattern for both the hat and the blanket. However, I can’t seem to find my copy of the hat anymore. Any suggestions on where I should look? I got this in May and can’t seem to remember how it was sent to me. Thanks!

  13. I live in Australia and I have been knitting since I was about 6 years old. My favourite patterns are fair isle. I would love to make the “rams and ewes” blanket. Do you know if a retailer sells the wool I would need in Australia? Can’t wait to start knitting now that we will soon be going into winter. Just love your patterns. Hope you can help.

  14. Just starting my upside down Yowes, so well over half way now, and totally loving this project. Everyone keeps asking me if Im scared about cutting it, well not bothered at all, more daunted at the huge number of stitches in the border to be honest !! Have done this blanket whilst been off work with stress and it’s been my sanity, and it’s definately fired my love of fairilse, cant wait for the next project. Thanks Kate for a brilliant start to my fairilse obsession :-)

  15. Hi Kate,
    I’m just coming to the end of knitting up the Sheepheid/Rams and Yowes kit. My tension is correct but the kit doesn’t contain quite enough yarn to complete both projects. Fortunately I have some Jamieson’s yarn in my stash from doing previous projects and I have been able to substitute yarns in similar, but not quite the same, colours to complete the border of the blanket. I’ve contacted Jamieson’s about this.
    Also I’m not sure what I’ve done wrong but I think I would have been better knitting the border in 2.25 or 2.75mm needles as on the 3mm needles the border seems a little big and baggy! I can’t bring myself to unpick it, do you think it will be better once I have soaked it?
    I’m now looking forward to knitting the Scatness tunic.
    Thanks for your beautiful designs,

  16. Just love this blanket, are you still selling kuts to make it? Would be happiest to get it from you! Hope you are enjoying your new home!

  17. I have purchased (last year…umm) your pattern and I also purchased the proper wools from Sheeps Ahoy in Ontario, Canada. I would love to start the blanket by doing the beret (Sheep Heid Hat?)! I thought that the pattern for the beret/hat was included but can’t find it after I downloaded everything. Do I need to purchase it separately or did I just miss the instructions? Looking forward to starting!

  18. Being owners of two Border Collies, with whom we herd sheep as a very nice hobby, we absolutely love this pattern! I’d like to have a thick sweater/garment with this pattern, to wear when we practice our hobby! But I can’t knit… 😭
    Greetings from the Netherlands!

  19. I have just finished this gorgeous blanket, but like one of your other knitters I found that the garter stitch edging is a little baggy. I also bought the kit and found that I ran out of one shade but had an unused ball of another. Still it is the project of a lifetime.

  20. Dear Kate, thankyou for this marvellous ‘rams and yowes’ blanket kit. As soon as it arrived I sorted out my circular needles took a deep breath and began knitting your excellent pattern. Had a few struggles here and there but after 6months I triumphantly tied off the final stitch on the border. It is much admired by family and friends and just about all my friends want to start ‘makkin’ one for themselves. I hope they do, it’s well worth the challenge. love from Polly Cooper New Zealand xx

  21. I chanced upon this beauty while looking for info on steeking, well I got the info I needed and fell in love with the blanket so bought the kit from Jamieson and Smith. Though I am a novice knitter I just finished a hat knit in the round with some colour work detail so I think I wlll manage just fine if I take it slow. Many thanks for such a fine piece of work. All the best, Cornelius, France.

  22. I DID IT!! Love it! I loved the way the pattern was written..I only wondered if the ICord edge was to be picked up with right side facing? The kit does leave one short on 2 colors..This project takes you to the next level..and everyone will think it was VERY hard……then you can smirk and thank them for the compliment!

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