o w l s

The original o w l sweater!

o w l s is available for £4.25 GBP.
Buy digital (via Ravelry)
Buy print (via MagCloud) Buy Now

A fast and fun knit, with a flattering shape, to fit anyone from a 30 to a 50 inch bust.

Sizes 1 30-32” (16 owls); 2 34” (17 owls); 3 36” (18 owls); 4 38” (19 owls); 5 40” (20 owls); 6 42” (21 owls), 7 44-46” (22 owls); 8 48-50” (24 owls).
Yarn requirements: 1(540), 2(570), 3(600), 4(650), 5(700), 6(750), 7(800), 8(850) yards of chunky-weight yarn that knits to gauge (13 sts and 20 rows to 4 inches).

Over six thousand o w l sweaters have been knitted and posted on Ravelry!
check them all out here

108 thoughts on “o w l s

    1. Hello Caitlin
      Have you found out how to knit yet?
      If not – I can recommend it – the rhythmic movement of the needles, the feel of pure wool through the fingers and the chance to try out some knitting maths – then the euphoric finishing of a garment – tinged with sadness as the project has ended. Then the excitement of starting the next project.
      Perhaps you have convinced your knitting friends to show you how to knit?
      Just do it!

  1. Hi, the sweater is fantastic! I am from Germany and I would like to know if the instructions are avaible in German too?
    Or did you published the insturctions in a book, which is avaible in Germany too?
    Thank you !


  2. I just downloaded my pattern and I am so excited. I can’t wait to start. Saw this sweater a while ago on Ravelry and passed it by reluctantly because it didn’t come in a size large enough to fit my ample bosom. Then I saw that additional sizes had been added and I couldn’t click “Buy now” fast enough!

    Thanks ever so,

  3. Hi, I have just bought your pattern and can’t wait to try it. The only thing is that I cannot seem to find what length of circular needles I need to buy. Can you advise on this, and also what size of two ended needles do I need for that cable.
    Sorry if I am being daft, but I am a newbie!

  4. Just uploaded pattern and very excited to knit two owlet sweaters for my girlies. Where do you find the cute eye buttons?

    1. I get eye buttons at Hobby Lobby all the time. Michael’s probably has them. Any hobby-crafty store. And they come in several sizes too.

  5. Hello I have just cast this on and I an so excited. I bought the pattern but now I can’t seem to find a copy of the download I am sure I put it in my ravelry purchases, is there a way to get the download again please? Thanks again I love your designs.

  6. I want to make this, but have no idea how much yarn to buy as here, yarn is sold by weight not length :( can you offer any advice?

  7. Hi Kate. Sorry to bother you, I purchased the owls pattern on 19th May (invoice#2221575) and the download link has expired and For some reason I am unable to renew it to get the pattern. Could you send the pattern again please? Thanks.

    Love the website by the way, you’re very talented.

  8. ? I am aware that the pattern is available for £3.95 and available in a range of sizes etc. I have already purchased it once but was not told that the download link would expire and I would not be able to renew it to get the pattern before I had chance to get the wool!!
    (For some reason it is not accepting my e-mail address). I was so excited about getting the pattern and was wondering if you would send it to me again please. Thanks.

  9. Looks like plagiarism is alive and well all over the world. I have seen art work, including fiber, that I know I’ve seen in magazines or shows or somewhere. I’ve had work “stolen” too and I don’t ever want to hear again that “imitation is the best form of flattery”. Hogwash!!

  10. When I saw pictures of the mass produced sweater, it made me sick. It is so utterly inferior.
    I love your Owlies “pattern” and will continue to make more!

  11. Hi – I absolutely LOVE these O W L jumpers…but I can’t knit! and surprising I studied textile design at university (oops, yes I’m a very naughty textile designer but perfer a Mac to knitting needles!)

    Think I may need to find a ‘knitter’ to knit me one.

    I really like cardigans….Is there a zip up or button up version?

  12. bonjour Mme Needle ! avez vous un lien pour que je puisse acheter le modèle de votre pull malicieux en traduction française ? J’aime tant vos modèles qui me sont malheureusement inaccessibles. Pensez à vos nombreuses amies françaises. J’espère que votre santé va mieux.
    Merci d’être là

  13. I have started this sweater in Berroco Vintage Chunky (a little lighter weight blend of wool for my Georiga US climate) in lovely purple hues. I have knitted shells, socks, wraps and baby garments etc, but this is my first sweater for an adult (me). I am having so much fun with it and the girls at the LYS love the pattern and I have sent the link to many who want to purchase the pattern. My LYS is waiting for a US distributor so she can carry it in the shop. I am going to use the magic loop method for sleeves so I can do both at the same time. :-). This is my Olympic project and I hope to have it completed by closing ceremonies. I so enjoy your journey in the blogs you write. Thanks for sharing the roads you travel and your passion for textiles. Wishing you good health, hugs to Tom and sweet puppy kisses to Bruce. Again, thanks for the inspiration!

  14. This is a beautiful pattern! I wish I could knit. So far though, I have only mastered crocheting. But my friend knits, and loves owls so I’ll have to pass this on.

  15. I have just finished my first Owl jumper and am totally in love. After admiring your design for so long I finally treated myself to your pattern and some scrumptious cream chunky wool and got cracking, I finished it in super quick time as it’s a really straight forward pattern once you get use to knitting on the round which I haven’t done for a jumper before only socks and leg warmers! I shall be treating myself to a lot of chunky wool in a variety of colours so that I can make another couple for the winter. I’m also going to buy the Owlet pattern and will get cracking on some lovely little jumpers for my twin girls. Thank you for your wonderful designs i’m in love with them all!

  16. Hi again Kate! Just to let you know that I found the email – it was under Ravelry downloads and emailed back in February. Thank you so much for sending out updates – that is so awesome. I’ve just purchased your BMC (Betty Mouat Cowl) pattern and looking forward to creating that. Thanks for your wonderful blog and designs. Jo-Anne

  17. I love the owl sweater and can’t wait to start it. Where can I purchase the buttons for the eyes??

    Thank you in advance for your help!

    Judy Johnsen

  18. Have just finished knitting the owl jumper for my daughter (she’s 19) who is a bit owl fan! The jumper is gorgeous, easy to knit and very quick. I had never knitted in the round before and am now a complete convert and looking for more jumpers to knit in the round. Thank you for this wonderful pattern.

  19. Dear Kate Davies
    Greetings from Denmark!
    Today was the day when I finally got my O W L S sweater made by my mom: I bought the recipe from you and send it to her a couple of months ago hoping but not asking her to make me this faboulus peace of clothes. She loves to knit but her English skills are not the best. My dad helped her figure out measurements and then she went ahead and made it.
    I went to my parent’s on Saurday when it was almost finished: The only thing missing was one single owl eye as the shop where she bought the eyes had only 49 owl eyes – she needed 50! So she ordered one owl eye in the shop and it came today. This afternoon she mounted the eye and this evening I went by to pick p the sweater. Oh, I love it!

  20. Merci Kate pour ce patron du pull hibou… original et bien proportionné.
    Je vais de ce pas m’y mettre pour l’offrir à Noël !
    Merci pour votre créativité et le choix de matières, tout est beau.
    Une tricoteuse de France

  21. Love this sweater! I have read rumors somewhere, that you have had the pattern translated in to Danish? Is it possible to buy this?

  22. Kate, this is lovely! I definitely want to make it when I am finished with my current project. However, it looks like it will be a bit short for me (I am a similar size to the model (you?) but I like my sweaters long). Will it be possible for me to just add a few extra rows near the bottom to make it longer?

    1. Hi Lyndsay — certainly – the sweater is easily lengthened. Just add extra rounds before you start the waist shaping – or if you are long waisted, you can also work extra rounds between the shaping.

  23. Hello! About to buy the pattern through ravelry (will be my first sweater ever!). Was wondering wether the sizes were the final size of the jersey or the size of the wearer?

  24. Soooooooooooooo lovely. I downloaded the pattern, even as I am an absolutely beginner in knitting and even as I don’t know all the vocabulary as I am from Germany. But there must be a way for me to make that pullover. I am absolutely in love.

  25. Hello !!!!!!!
    je viens d’acheter les explications… et je me lance maintenant dans un gros travail de traduction. Ce chouette pull est mon premier ouvrage en anglais… j’espère que je vais m’en sortir !

  26. Hello Kate: I am about 1/3 of the way done with your sweater, using Bravo Knit Picks yarn, really nice! However, I have noticed what I think is a mistake–At side increases (#4), it refers to increasing before first marker A and then again after second marker A. However, in reading and re-reading the pattern many times, it only refers to initially placing one marker A and two marker B’s. I am assuming if there are to be two marker A’s, they should be placed halfway through the first large length of stitches (in my case, I am making a size 4, so half way through 57 stitches?) If you are able to respond to clarify, that would be great. I don’t want to guess and then guess wrong.

  27. I have bought this pattern on line & I am an experienced knitter. However I don’t have a clue how to knit or read a pattern on circular needles. Is the pattern available to knit on 2 needles? I am so excited & cant wait to start.

  28. Hi, I bought this off ravelry, I’m up to the 14th row of the owl chart and my pattern has completely disappeared, including of ravelry (I checked my craftsy account too) does it expire after a set amount of time?

    Ps, it’s lovely!!! I’ve got one in purple an making another in green :-)

  29. I made this sweater in red wine with gray-brown for the owls, and it is the most stunning sweater I have ever made! The owls are adorable and unique, and the sweater was surprisingly easy and fast to knit(3 days!), and it is very flattering. I am from South Korea, and I’m looking forward to winter so I can show off my owls to my knitting friends! Thank you so much!

  30. I’ve just started the sweater……I had the same question about 2 A markers……..Do I understand it right as the beginning marker counts as one A marker…….Think Someone else had same question………..Think I understood it as beginning marker counts????????????

  31. Wow. I have only gone back to knitting recently and I was looking for a nice sweater pattern – this is so beautiful and so “me” that I couldn’t stop myself from buying it straight away!

    I can’t express well enough how much I love it. I hope I won’t make an arse out of it and it will be as lovely as intended ;-)

    Thanks so much!

  32. Oh, I just love this! Sent a link to my Friend Who Knits, offering bribes of monies and cookies to make it for me. If she says yes I’ll be back to buy the pattern! If she says no I may have to learn to knit. :D

  33. I love this but need to ask my mum to get one of her WI friends to make it for me. If I buy the digital download can I print it to give to someone who knits or do I need to buy the printed version?

  34. I stumbled upon this Owl sweater pattern last winter. Just had to make it for my “owl nut” daughter. It whipped up super quick. I made an adult small for my then nine year old. It was mini skirt length and she wore it with leggings. (I want her to get years of wear out of it.) What made it super fun was all the vintage buttons I had for the eyes. Thanks for such a fun pattern. I just signed up for a class to make this super cute sheep carousel tea cossie. Small world that again it was a pattern from Kate Davies. Instantly knew this is going to be a fun class.

  35. Hi Kate, I was just wondering if you could answer a very quick question for me, please? – is this knitted in the round or on straight needles? Thank you so much!

  36. Hi Kate, I’ve been eyeing this pattern on Ravelry for ages now and am hoping to have a go at it. I just wanted to ask about the owls eyes, are the sewn on after or is it a sliding them on the wool construction?? Hoping its an after as I’ve never used beads or owt in my knitting. Thanks Kerry

  37. Um, would it be OK if I pinned this to my pintrest board? (I just started, so I will not, at least at first, be taking but much bandwidth– probably ever, realistically.)

  38. Hi Kate,
    first of all, I wanted to congratulate you for this beautiful pattern ( I know, I don’t say somthing very original… ). Then, I wanted to know : the yarn you recommand is the Rowan British Sheep Breeds Chunky Undyed, but, as it is ‘undyed’, I can’t find any purple or blue yarn, color I’d like to use, and that you also used as I can see. What is the yarn you used ? =)

  39. Thank you for showing your lovely sweater with the owls. I was looking for the owl done with cable. I had a pattern over 30 years ago with the owl. I had my 4-Hers knit bean bags with the cable owl design. It was a simple project to teach how to do a cable. I have lost my bean bag and was looking for a photo of one. Thank you so much for displaying it on the net. Deb

  40. I would love to make this for my sister! She would just die of happiness. However, though I have knitted sweaters before, I’ve never knitted in the round. Do you think I would be able to do this, or should I try an easier project first?

  41. Hi Kate,
    I’m just knitting owls as my first sweater (it’s my first English written pattern, too).Everything went well, but now I’m stuck at the side increases. If first marker A marks my start of round, where do I start the round? There are instructions to be followed before first marker A and I’m totally confused :-(
    Maybe you could give me a hint how to go on. I love this pattern and can’t wait to finish my sweater! Thank you!

      1. I read about it in One of the groups at ravelry. Of Marker A is the beginnig, it’s also the end. You just start after the marker and follow the instruction of you come near to it at the end of round. Hope that makes sense?

  42. Hi! Thank you for answering!
    The sweater is already finished ! It was really easy! and it was a funny knit ,too!
    I love my owl sweater!

  43. Can anyone recommend a shop in the UK to buy the buttons for the eyes? Looked around and struggling to find anything suitable. Cheers.

  44. Sorry I’ve just realised how this works I missed the sizes and details above as page hasn’t opened. Many thanks

  45. Hi, Kate: I’m knitting the Owl sweater for the first time. I’ve moved the underarm stitches to a holder but can’t figure out how I would proceed once the sleeves have been knit. My main issue is that the start of the next row would be at the stitch marker, which is now in the center of the underarm stitches. How do I get all of the body stitches back on one cable needle, graft the sleeves and proceed? Am I over-complicating this? Any help would be much appreciated.

  46. Not sure if my last post worked so sorry if it comes in twice: I bought pattern on Ravelry. I’ve done top down patterns (2x) and this is my first bottoms up! I’m confused about the sleeves. Do they get knit separately or are they attached somehow. I know this is probably a dumb question, but I am a pretty new knitter and I get confused easily…LOL. Thank you. Nice pattern for a beginner by the way. It is knitting up quite quickly and I can hardly wait to begin the owls!

  47. You knit the body first, and leave it on either scrap yarn or a spare needle; this is called leaving the stitches live. Then the sleeves, leaving those final stitches live too, then you take a long circular needle and pick up the live stitches as it says in the pattern (can’t remember if it’s left sleeve first, front body, right sleeve back body or if you start in the middle somewhere).
    The pattern is so clear and well written that it’s REALLY easy to follow, the markers for the back increases and decreases can be a bit confusing, just remember A = side marker, B=inc/dec markers and there’s two of each.
    Above all, don’t panic. I bought and knitted my first Owls when I had just learnt to knit and it was such a gratifying project once finished.

  48. Dear Kate Davies
    I bought your digital pattern from Ravelry – and am now knitting away with the owls themselves. Such an easy pattern to follow. From start my intention was to alter between The Owls and the Bohusknitting The Red Light during the autumn and winter, but… I also would like to take this opprtunity to thank you for your blog. It is an inspiration for one who is neither a great knitter (although an eager one!) nor a great outdoor person (due to bad health). I can stop at your photos and just drift away in ore of the beauty that surrounds you.
    Thank you for sharing all that.

  49. Dear Kate. I started the short rows and realized they were on the front of the sweater. I’m thinking that I must have placed the sleeves and front and back pieces the wrong way on the needles. Any thoughts? Thank you!

  50. Dear Kate,
    I dont know how to knit….do you think its possible to try it as my first sweater? I dont find annyone to do it for me and i am so in love with the sweater (i’m an owlfreak :-) )
    My normal size is (in Belgium) 38-40 (M almost large).
    What would you recomend me?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Angelique, I know many knitters who have made this as their first sweater – it is a very simple pattern – learn to knit, and give it a try!
      I would measure your bust, and make the size closest to that measurement.
      happy knitting

    1. Je suis vraiment désolée, mais il n’as jamais éxisté une traduction français. Il existe des groupes très sympas sur le site internet Ravelry, où les tricoteuses s’aide à comprendre les modèles écrit dans les langues étrangères, s’il y as des phrases clés que vous ne comprennez pas:
      Par exemple: http://www.ravelry.com/groups/excuse-me
      Il y a aussi d’excellents articles sur le tricot en anglais: http://intheloop.fr/tutoriels/tricoter-en-anglais/tricoter-des-modeles-en-anglais-pas-a-pas-12/
      J’éspère que cet information vous aiderez.

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