The mucklemuff is available for £1.95

In Scots, “muckle” is an emphatic expression meaning much, or large, and this cosy colourwork skater’s muff is “muckle” in these senses. The name of this design is also a shout-out to Mary-Jane Mucklestone: the colourwork pattern I have used here is no.172 in her book, 200 Fairisle Motifs – an invaluable tome which should be on every knitter’s bookshelf. Thanks for the inspiration, Mary-Jane!

construction notes:

You begin by casting on provisionally, knitting half a lining, working from the chart, then knitting the other half of the lining. Most of the lining stitches are then grafted together; the gap between the lining and the ‘outer’ is stuffed with roving; and the final stitches grafted closed. Finished with icord edgings, wrist-loop, and optional strap the resulting mucklemuff is sure to keep your hands warm whatever the Winter weather!

You’ll need 2 skeins of Artesano Aran, 5.5mm needles, and some roving / combed tops to use for stuffing. The sample uses Artesano Aran shades ‘pine’ (c853) and ‘deep purple’ (3518)

4 Comments on “mucklemuff

  1. I had forgotten about muffs! I grew up in northern Indiana, USA and I had a white fur muff to keep my hands warm during winter. Thanks for the reminder and the pattern.

  2. It seems that the dark and light patterns are reversed in the chart. Are you going to provide a revised pattern?

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